Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Pinkberry

I'm going to be the first to admit that I have always considered Estée Lauder brand cosmetics for old women. Now all you old women out there, don't get your panties in a bunch over that statement. It's just that in the 1980's when I was first forming my opinions about various cosmetic companies Estée Lauder was associated with old ladies. There was always a gaggle of old cronies around the Lauder counter whenever I walked by. Their overly powered faces showing all the signs of age an overly powdered face can show, only stood out more by the bright gash of lipstick smeared across their thin wrinkly lips. Let's not mention Youth Dew perfume which smelled like a funeral home on a busy Wednesday, I was turned off by the brand entirely.

Fast forward to the 2000's. I start hearing about Double wear makeup. I start hearing that it's a super foundation. I tried it and loved it. You can read about it here. Then I see Michael Kors has a cosmetic collection with Estée Lauder (I really like his fashion and shoes!!) then I see Estée Lauder signs one of the top and most sought after makeup artists, Tom Pecheux! I had to change my opinion of Estée Lauder and I had to change it fast.

During a gift with purchase promotion I purchased a full size bottle of the foundation and was eligible for the GWP...which included among other things a lipstick in the color Pinkberry. Now the first thing I judge a brand on is usually lipstick. It's the most accessible item and the one with the most colors. Have a crappy lipstick and you run the risk of having other crappy products as well. Since I had already discovered my love for the foundation, I had high hopes for the lipstick. Guess what? It didn't disappoint!

image from esteelauder.com

The lipstick freebie in my GWP was Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Pinkberry. Pinkberry is a soft pink nude. Very light but not sheer. It is a great nude pink that does not turn orange on my like so many pink nudes do. I like to pair this with a dark smokey eye to tone down the rest of my face and avoid the red lips/smokey eye Addicted To Love Robert Palmer vapid back up band look.

image from esteelauder.com

ANYWAY. I cannot comment on the case, but the product image shows a gold case with a clear bottom to show the product color in the tube. That seems good if you happen to have several of them in your purse at one time. I currently have over 10 lipsticks floating around in my purse at any given time. Granted, they are all different brands, but being able to see the color could be helpful. (Obviously, I have issues)

What I can comment on, is the lipstick itself. I'm not a fan a scented lipsticks, but some scents don't bother me. Estée Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting lipstick is scented with fig is a scent I can deal with. ...or as the website likes to say "Delicately fragranced with a delectable fresh fig scent." Yeah...um I don't want to eat this lipstick, but I understand that the guy in marketing working copy for the web has to "punch up" the description. The lipstick has an ever so slight taste to it but I can't tell if it's me tasting the "scent" of the fig or if I'm just hungry.

The lipstick in the tube has just an ever so slight shimmer to it, but it doesn't seem to show up once applied. The color is described almost as a matte and upon first application is has a nice sheen to it but I wouldn't call it shiny. The pink color is fairly light and seems to have a satin finish to it. Almost matte but not quite. The color stays true and does not turn orange or hot pink once applied. The lipstick is VERY pigmented. One swipe and your lip is covered. Pinkberry gives a nice opaque finish that if desired, could be blotted for a more sheer look or have gloss applied on top to add more dimension to the color.

The application itself is smooth and creamy. The lipstick has excellent slip (which means it glides across my lips easily) but also imparts a creamy texture upon application. If you don't like heavy feeling lipsticks then Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick might feel a bit heavy on you, but once it is applied it seems fine to me. The formula feels creamy on my lips and does seem to last a while...but since it is such a light color it's hard to tell when the fading begins versus a darker/brighter color fading. My lips never felt overly dry while wearing this and upon initial application the lipstick felt almost like a balm.

Do you NEED this? Well I can't believe that I am saying this, but Yes. This is a really nice lipstick. At $22 a tube it's priced slight higher than a MAC lipstick and slightly less than a Chanel Rouge Allure and you know what? I think the quality is higher than MAC but not as moisturizing as Chanel Rouge Allure. However, its a nice enough lipstick in a pretty enough color to be worthy of a full tube purchase. But thankfully mine was free! MUWAHAHAHAH Now I want to check out more of the Estée Lauder line. Once I got over my bias I have a whole new line of cosmetics to try!


  1. Ok, this is one of my all time favorite lipstick colors. When I was a MUA for EL I sold TONS of this stuff just by wearing it. It's a REALLY great color and hardly ever gets noticed on the blogs!!

  2. Very nice color I may have to fight my way through all the thin lipped ladies to check this out.

  3. My mommy and aunts totally love this brand...they call NARS and other stuff overpriced..and they hate the name Urban Decay...lol!
    The color is beautiful and I like that they have so many GWP. Time to get something during those GWP days..

  4. Hi!

    I really love Estée Lauder's lipsticks. Although they are a bit pricy I think they are totally worth it. To get off the "old ladies" image you should try their new Pure color gloss stick line (I love them).
    Oh, and guess what? I have an Estée Lauder graphic color (vintage violet) with 2 taupe eyeshadows!!! Think about it.


  5. I totally concur with the Estee Lauder persona and to me the perfume line smells like the bottom of an ol' ladies handbag...ha Except the fact i find her Projectionist mascara the best out there! I find myself gravitating to her cosmetics counter..
    love yer blog

  6. Gah Elvira! First you call me an old lady (even if it is true) and then you call me vapid! I don't know if we can be friends anymore unless you give me your EL Pinkberry lipstick to make up for your rude remarks.

  7. I pretty much had the same opinion of EL as you: old lady makeup. Of course, now I'm jonesing for this lipstick AND the lash primer, so I may have to just hop my old lady self on over to the EL counter.

  8. Wow, that is really pretty and dainty looking. I just love the smell of Estee Lauder lippies, so yummy.

  9. Wow, this is really pretty on you! I consider Lauder to be an old lady brand too, the packaging of their skincare isn't doing them any favours.

    Though I'm being slightly swayed by the Pixiwoo girls, as I've become quite obsessed with their videos lately. I'm actually considering picking up some of the Double Wear cream shadows when I go on holiday :O *gasp*

  10. Kristy: I had no idea you used to be a MUA for EL. Glad I could give some attention to one of your fave lipsticks!

    Hell Notes For Beauty: Thanks! I think it will be worth pushing down some old broads for this lipstick!

    resham: Yeah. Nars isn't any more expensive than EL for some things...and to be honest I think the quality is the same. A GWP is going on at Macys right now if you live in the US.

    Sandra: Thanks for the tip. I will definitely try the gloss stick! I have a weakness for such things...and I did spy a few pretty taupes when I was at the counter!

    Gail: Thanks! It's funny how one perception can perpetuate for so long. I think EL is turning the corner and getting a much more youthful image. I'll have to check out that mascara!

    Cindy: You are hardly vapid. *wink* and I will NOT share my pinkberry lipstick with you. You'll have to get your own!

    ASDmomNC: We can both drag our old lady butts to the EL counter. I want more stuff now! I take it the lash primer is good?

    VampiressDoll: Thanks!! They do smell nice don't they?

    SilhouetteScreams: Thank you! OMG I agree, the packaging sucks! Watch out for those pixiwoo girls they have sold me on a ton of makeup! I picked up a EL DW cream shadow this past weekend. The stuff wears like iron. Seriously waterproof, smudge proof, flake proof, it's not going anywhere!

  11. I thought I commented but perhaps didn't click submit the right way. This looks amazingly hot on you. I must check it out even though I detest the EL fig scent. Perhaps I can make myself stand it - if it looks as good on me as it does you.

    You've induced a lemming.

  12. The lash primer gets good marks at makeupalley, so I figured why the heck not. :D

  13. *dies* Wannit!

    It looks beautiful! And as far as old lady lines go, there are some real winners to be found if only people could see past perceptions ... I've found some incredible jewels in lines like EL, with another love being Elizabeth Arden ... true story LOL!

  14. Get thee to the EL counter and buy the primer. I absolutely love their primer and mascara. By far it is the best I have ever tried and I have tried a LOT of primers. The cost is a little high for me right now, but as soon as I get a chance I'll have my beloved EL back in my hands.

  15. It's funny about the perceptions, considering EL owns essentially everything now, don't they? I wonder how much difference there is in color formulas between the different brands in that company.

    Estee Lauder came out with a "hollywood" le, was it Michael Kors? I came late to that party and all the beige nail polish was sold out. I actually considered stealing the tester. They have some quality stuff in that brand

  16. I love pink nudes so I'll have to try this one. I think Tom Ford's nude collection for EL impressed me.

  17. Wtf is the point of saying "don't get your panties in a bunch, old folks" if you're just going to go on to insult older people at great length in the following paragraph?

  18. Sabrina: I have found that the colors on my skin look cooler on me than they do on you. Plus, that fig scent is pretty strong. Just sayin'

    ASDmomNC: GAH. I guess I'll have to get that primer then! Thanks for the tip.

    Lipstickchick: Thanks! Yes. I have gotten over my incorrect perceptions on this line and I'm ready to get more from EL!

    Storm: Aye Aye Captain! I'll get that primer ASAP! I know the feeling about having to wait for getting MU b/c of the cost.

    Ruthlessrocks: I know. It's silly how I perceived it even though they pretty much do own everything...except what L'Oreal owns. LOL. It was Michael Kors line that EL came out with. and that is what attracted me. I love MK.

    Ammie: I love pink nudes too! I missed Tom Ford's collection. :-(

    Anonymous: You just don't get the joke. Calm down. It is just a makeup blog and HAD YOU READ the entire post you would have seen that I had misconceptions about the brand and OH BTW I'm one of those Old Ladies myself. Jeesh. Lighten up!

  19. This is an older post but I am commenting anyway. ;D I *just* got this yesterday with the latest EL GWP and it looks PURPLE on me >.< Not like grape purple...more of a pinkish lilac, a lot like how it looks in the stock swatches. I flipping love love love how it looks on you! Sadly I am still on the hunt for that perfect soft pink nude. Praline in EL is the closest I have come.

    I never thought of EL as an "older" brand. It was actually the very first MU company I fell in love with when I was 20 because I loved that "fig" scent! Which I never knew was suppose to be fig...Thanks...you kind of ruined that for me. I hate figs.


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