Friday, June 11, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - Paul and Joe Eye Glosses

Hi everyone! I'm back with another installment of "Joey Loves Paul and Joe Beaute!" I kid, I kid – although really, it’s true. I love Paul and Joe Beaute and am constantly raving! I digress…

Today's featured product happens to be one of my absolute favorites from Paul and Joe: the Eye Glosses. The Eye Glosses really are one of the star products from Paul and Joe Beaute due to their versatility and overall gorgeousness. There are five shades (retailing for $24 USD), each meant to be either used alone or over or under other powder or cream eye shadows. I own two of the five shades: #01 Celestial (a gold) and #05 Murmur (a deep silver-brown-taupe that is perennially sold-out at Bergdorf Goodman, where I purchased both of these products).

(#01 on top, #05 on the bottom)

The texture of the Eye Glosses is slightly runny and liquidier (really, almost gel-like) than other non-potted cream shadows that I have used (i.e. the Eye Glosses are more liquidy/runny than the Laura Mercier Eye Basics or the Creme Eye Colors). However, it is their texture that really makes them so magical. Although they are so liquid-y, they are not so sheer that the colors cannot be built (if you wanted to just wear one alone, like how I usually wear Murmur); they are sheer enough, though, to make them incredible eye shadow transformers. What I mean by this is that when these shadows are layered with other colors, they change the other shadows' color and the effect of the look. I love Celestial for this reason. Alone, it gives my eyelids a very shimmery glazed effect – perfect for a quick but finished eye look. With other colors, it has a ‘taupe-ening’ effect - it warms up whatever I pair with it! My favorite is to layer it with purples for a sultry, shimmery, smoked effect.

(#01 swatched thickly, #05 swatched thickly)

(#01 blended out, #05 blended out - notice how opaque #05 is even when blended!)

The other colors in the line are just as gorgeous and useful. #02 Neiges is a silver-white color, #03 Moonlight is a cool lilac color, and #04 Halo is a gorgeous light pink (I will be picking this one up soon!).

If I would recommend any of the colors, it would definitely be #01 Celestial (although I’d tell Elvira to get #05 Murmur!). You could never go wrong with gold! For another person’s take on it, please see my love Tali’s review on The Gloss Goss – it’s gorgeous on her as well!


  1. They look extremely pretty, and that's coming from someone who doesn't really like wet shadows. x

  2. I haven't been a fan of wet shadows either, but these look gorgeous! Great review. :)

  3. Hot Damn! I NEED NEED #05 Murmur! and that pink one, Halo, sounds awesome as well. I might NEED that too! Awesome review...because if you can convince someone like me that I need a liquid eye color you have done a good job. I never have liked them but your description makes me want to rethink my stance on liquid eye color!

  4. great post this will enhance the reader.very informative articles.
    thanks for sharing.

  5. Ive been using them since i was 16 they are my signature product lol.. i always give them as a gift to new friends in my life! LOVE them but prefer the old school colors from 4 years ago to the new versions! :( Also prefered the old color of the packaging!

  6. Thanks Joey~ I would have avoided these if I went to the P&J counter without having read this!! But wow, those colours really pack a punch!

    How does it wear in terms of creasing? My eyelids are a little oily, so I normally avoid eye glosses like the plague!

  7. You can get both of these in the Urban Outfitters online shop now :)

  8. VampiressDoll and Mellie - Thanks! I love wet shadows and these are just exceptional. Give them a run!

    Slutbutt/Elvira - get #5 right now.

    Body Contouring - thanks!

    Tali - Hi love! I remember reading on your blog that you give these out as presents! You're such an awesome friend. The Princesses are lucky to have you! xoxo

    Jian - My lids are pretty oily too but these hold up even without a base underneath.

    Megan - Hey thanks for informing everyone about that! I just found this out too, and you can see real-life pics of the products!!


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