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Sephora: Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer

image from Sephora.com

In my recent Sephora.com order I used a code to get a free sample of the new Sephora: Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer. I love trying new shadow bases and I love finding ones that work...but not as much as I like finding ones that don't!

Does that make sense?

I like bashing products that suck because it makes me feel like I am performing a public service. I am essentially saving you $15 plus tax, because after you read this review you will clutch your Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance or ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base and promise to never stray.... At least that's what I did, after I was done test driving this Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer.
First off. I cannot comment on the packaging of the product because I received a sample size, however looking at the photo, the Sephora: Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer looks like your standard concealer packaging with a doe foot applicator in a straight tube. Hey, at least the tube is straight and CLEAR so you can see how much product you have left. That's pretty much the nicest thing I can say about this product. It's clear so you can see how much you have left, e.g. how much you are going to waste when you buy a new eyeshadow base because this one sucks.

Let's start with the obvious problem. It's an eyeshadow base that is also touted as a concealer. It is tinted a light greyish peach color...so pigmented that if anyone with lids darker than a MAC NC25 wears it, the base will show up as a greyish white peach color on your lids. Attention women of color. I may be pigmentally challenged (read: lilly white) but I have not forgotten about my sisters that are dark and lovely. This eye base that is also dubbed as a "concealer" is so light it will make your lids look ashy. Who wants ashy looking lids? I digress.

The real problem with Sephora: Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer is that is DOES NOT WORK! Seriously. My shadow creases AND fades so badly when I use it that I would be better off NOT using a base at all.

The first time I used the Sephora: Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer, I wore a Chanel liquid shadow on top, went to see the movie Toy Story 3, and cried my eyes out. I came home to creased and faded shadow. I assumed my shadow disappeared because I was crying and because it was a liquid shadow.

I cleaned up my lids and applied a new coat of the Kat Von D shadow base and then a MAC eyeshadow over it. (Satin Taupe to be exact) I went to grandma's house with Darthypie, played at the park and on the drive home I noticed that my eyeshadow had creased and faded after 3 short hours of wear. I chalked it up to high temperatures and unusually high humidity. I told myself tomorrow will be different.

Well tomorrow came and I used the Kat Von D Shadow Base a third time. This time I used my trusty Bobbi Brown eyeshadow. This stuff NEVER creases on me...even without a base. I look at my lids after 4 hours of wear and not only is the shadow creased but it's completely faded! I am in a nice cool and dry office environment. I have not been rubbing my eyes or applying overly oily eye cream to my lids. This is not the fault of the shadow because I have experienced almost 15 hours of perfect crease free/fade free wear from this shadow in the past.

My highly scientific (insert sarcasm here) experiment has led me to the conclusion that the Kat Von D High Voltage Eye Primer is a suckfest of the highest order.

Do you NEED this? Hell no. Steer clear of this farce of an eyeshadow base. I am not afraid to tell you when a product sucks. This is one of those times when I advice you to save your money and in fact SAVE money and buy ANYTHING but this. (OK not anything. The Too Faced eyeshadow base in First Base is pretty terrible too.)

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  1. I totally understand what you mean about finding products that don't work, haha. It's always good to save other people the trouble of trying it out themselves, I suppose! Really great review--I will for sure steer clear of this product!

  2. Thanks so much for letting us all know. I have greasy lids as it is (hence my love of UDPP), so this sounds like an extremely bad idea.

  3. cue in slow clapping....bravo! Coming from a med-dark and lovely reader I salute you!

  4. Ahahahaha, fantastic.

    Seriously, I agree, these are the most fun to read. Public service onward, lady!

  5. i am looking for a new eye primer and had looked into this product as well. however, many told me it didn't work and you just confirmed it yet again. glad i didn't order it from the states. i have tried both UDPP original and sin and not very impressed so i am stook looking for a new one.

    this is a great review. your usual funkcy writing style made me read it twice!

  6. Why on earth would they bother calling it a primer? Did the guys making it think primer was just so we could have something to slather on before our eyeshadow applications?!?
    Thanks for saving me monies! :D

  7. Mellie: Ha. Yeah. I'm happy to help you save money so you can spend it on better stuff!

    PoorCollegeStudent: With a name like that it sounds like you needed to have this warning! :-)

    Michelle: Oh yeah. this stuff wouldn't have lasted 2 hours on oily lids. Have you tried Too Faced Shadow insurance yet?

    laxi920: I love the slow clap buildup! You rock!

    Jen: Glad you liked it! :-)

    Jojoba: Hi! You should try Too Faced Shadow insurance. Let me know if you have any problems getting your hands on it. OH by the way. Now that you live in Australia you have access to Inglot cosmetics. Seriously awesome eye shadows, you need to check it out!

    KittenMittens: I know. My thoughts exactly. WTF were they thinking? And you're welcome! :-)

  8. haha, great review! I will be steering clear of this one...


  9. This is one of the best reviews ever!! Thanks for the heads up on Kat D cosmetics!

  10. Hah! The Kat Von D line seems really over priced for what it is. I haven't tried much of it other than a quick arm swatch at the store, but it seems like it would be junk too. Awesome review, thanks!

  11. I am a first time reader and I love your writing style! You cracked me up through that review. And whats the deal with Toy Story? My mom saw it and said she cried too...LOL Great review, er uh...public service announcement! :-)

  12. This has been the greatest review I've ever read in my life lol. love it. I've never had an interest in Kat Von D's products because I never thought they were meant for WOC. This product shows just that.


  13. I have a sample of this and it does the same thing on me...really bad fading. I get less fading using NO primer than I do with this stuff. And it's SOOO thick and hard to blend out. Yuck.

  14. I will be the lone dissenter, and respectfully disagree. As much as I love UDPP, this is *soooo* much better. I apply it in a thin layer with a concealer brush (as with *all* doe-foot applicators, so as to prevent contamination), and my shadows stay put until I take it off. It also makes the colors really pop.


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