Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - Raw Minerals makeup

A few weeks ago I received a lovely bunch of products from Raw Natural Beauty, a skincare and makeup company that touts itself as “an eco-friendly, natural line that never sacrifices performance.” I received five products, but this review is only going to focus on the three makeup items I was sent (I’m currently waist-deep in skincare that I’m trying out, and I only have so much skin to apply product to, so the skincare stuff will have to wait!).

Raw Natural Beauty makes three key claims about their makeup: it is restorative (the products contain “revitalizing active botanicals that nourish, protect, and defy the signs of aging”), it is sustainable, and it is natural (the company says it never “uses harsh chemicals, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, or artificial fragrances that can irritate skin and clog pores.”). Ok then, sounds nice enough - basically I have good for me and good for the earth makeup. Yay, right?

Well, sorta yay. Let me explain...

Just a reminder to any new-ish readers: I have some whacked-out, nutty skin. My skin is incredibly dry, and incredibly sensitive. I’m also acne-prone. My skin looks great, yes, but that’s because I’m incredibly careful with it. I pamper my face. I am loathe to anger my face, because my skin will peel, become red, and break out. Oh, and itch. It itches a lot.

Anyway, Raw Natural Beauty sent me three products from their Raw Minerals line: the Active Veil SPF 18, the Mineral Glow, and the Blush/Shaping Brush. I love bronzers and face powders, so I was truly thrilled to try everything.

Now, I really loved the Blush/Shaping Brush. This retails for $35, which I found to be pricey for a company that isn’t high-end, but the brush really feels quite luxurious. The bristles are incredibly soft and silky, so it feels like a dream to brush across my cheeks. The shape of the bristles are flat yet rounded, so you can either just dab a pop of color across the cheeks, or you can fit the brush into the hollows of the cheekbones for contour. The brush picks up color wonderfully, and is very effective in buffing out and diffusing the color as well. This was a win!

It was the Mineral Glow and the Active Veil (both retail for $25) that gave me some issues. I don’t know what happened, but the first time I tried using both products, my skin reacted. I had a ton of little red bumps pop up along my face, and I was itchy as hell for a few days. I have no idea whether it was the two products or something else that caused the reaction, so I decided to not use the products again until my skin calmed down.

After using both products a second time, I decided that it must have been just some random fluke, because my skin was just fine the second time around. Without the bumps and itchiness to distract me, I had some opportunity to evaluate the makeup, and here are my thoughts:

(The Active Veil SPF 18)

I definitely preferred the Mineral Glow to the Active Veil. The Active Veil is meant to be a finishing powder, used all over the face. If so, why is there so much glitter in this product?! I don’t mind a slightly shimmery face powder; hell, I love La Mer’s translucent powder because of the glow it gives me. However, the Active Veil has visible glitter in. I looked like a goddamn Cullen. A CULLEN. Excuse me, I’m Team Jacob, so an allover glittery face in daylight is not acceptable under any circumstances. Despite this, I found that I actually really liked this powder on my decollete and on my legs. Go figure!


The Mineral Glow is less shimmery/glittery than the Active Veil, and it is a lovely brown-toned bronzer. It didn’t look fake or overdone when I used it all over my face; instead, I just looked like I had spent a few hours in Central Park reading on a beach towel (a favorite hobby of mine). Also, the bronzed glow lasted all day. Win! I think it would be great as a contour powder, or even used all over my legs and arms (mixed with lotion, of course).

(The Mineral Glow - less orange and more brown IRL)

So, there you go. In a market inundated with mineral makeup, Raw Minerals tries to hold its own. The brushes are phenomenal, and while I didn’t quite enjoy the mineral powders as much as I had hoped, I bet that the rest of the Raw Minerals line is great - I would definitely be willing to try some other products! What are your thoughts? If you're interested in trying anything, you can use the code BLOGREVIEW at checkout and get 20% off of anything from Raw Natural Beauty on!


  1. Oooh. I'm a sucker for blush brushes. I might just have to get this one!!!

  2. Clever blog name! I love it since I'm a huge Star Wars fan!

  3. All mineral makeup is NOT created equal. From looking at the ingredients in Raw's makeup, I don't think I would try it.

    Bismuth Oxychloride is the main ingredient in their Active Mineral foundation. This is known to cause itching. Yuck.

    I wouldn't touch that.

  4. Phyrra - ITA, not all stuff is made equal. I'm sure for someone else, this would be fine though. But mineral makeup is definitely something that people need to experiment with before trying. I'm like you, I tend to avoid Bismuth like the plague! =)


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