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Review by Joeybunny - An Introduction to Le Metier de Beaute

I’m not sure if you all remember my post from last fall about Edward Bess, but if you do, you’ll remember that I stated that I had been afraid to approach the Edward Bess counter initially. The high price points plus the luxe feel of the line made me feel wholly unworthy of even testing the makeup.

Well, I felt the same way about Le Metier de Beaute. The Bergdorf Goodman counter, helmed by the entirely too attractive Dustin Lujan, scared the hell out of me. Sabrina (of The Beauty Look Book) and Gaia (of The Non Blonde)’s posts about the line teased me, tantalized me. I wanted to try the line, but with its high price points ($30 for an eyeshadow, for example), I couldn’t afford such an expensive addiction.

Then one day, I caved while perusing Bergdorf. I approached Dustin timidly, and before I could introduce myself he warmly said, “Oh hello Joey, I’ve been waiting for you.” I kid you not! I knew then that, with such an introduction, my resistance was futile. I was going to buy something. I was going to fall in love - and I did. I fell hard, especially after Dustin gave me a quick but lovely makeover.

Anyway, a quick intro to Le Metier de Beaute before I tell you about what I’ve acquired from the line so far: Le Metier was founded in 2007, a joint effort between Joanna Austin and Justin Henry. From what I know, the products in this line had been worked on for years; the quality of each and every item, from the texture to the packaging to the ingredients, is a true testament to the dedication of those who helm the line - as well as a justification of the price of the products!

Everything I have tried from Le Metier has been truly fabulous. Sadly, my collection so far is very tiny but I’m hoping to expand it very soon. So, here’s what I have (or have tried so far!):

Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe; retails for $125, whoa! This is a tinted treatment fluid that comes in two shades: Light/Medium and Medium/Dark. The shade Light/Medium would suit most skin tones; it is a fraction too light for my skin right now but it is fine once I powder it. The finish is very glowy, and I noticed slight shimmer on my fingers after blending it into the skin. Peau Vierge covers like a foundation but feels lightweight - it sinks right into the skin like a serum. The consistency is reminiscent of a very fluid liquid foundation. According to Gaia, Peau Vierge has retinol, SPF 20, and silicones so you don’t need to use a primer underneath it. Awesome! It has held up miraculously at work, but I did set it with some Chanel loose powder. When I apply it, I make sure to focus on the areas that are red, have dark spots, etc. - I will be curious to see what difference it makes on my problem areas. Le Metier says that Peau Vierge is clinically proven to be 20x more effective to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fade skin discoloration, smooth skin, and improve texture (20x more effective than what, I don’t know). Apparently, there was 12 years of research put into Peau Vierge, and it has 12 patents worldwide. Results from using this are said to be visible after 7 days. I’m on day 3 and my skin looks a little more even and less red than normal! I’ll keep you posted about further results. And yes, the price tag is a bit shocking but when you consider that this is a tinted moisturizer AND skincare, it becomes more justifiable.

Lip Creme Lip Gloss in Peche Creme; $36, again, whoa!

$36 is hard to justify for a lip gloss, but the Le Metier lip glosses are luxe. The taste and smell is divine, as is the texture - glossy but not overly so, not goopy or sticky in the least, and incredibly moisturizing. Also, it lasts a few hours, which impressed me. Peche Creme is almost clear, but has a peach tint to it. It warms my lips up just the slightest, and just adds a pretty polish to my face whenever I apply it. Since it does not have much color, I use it to balance out more dramatic eye looks. There are many other colors I want, but I do balk a little at the price-tag. Knowing me, I will still haul a few!

True Color Eye Shadows in Corinthian and Plum ( first picture courtesy of Sabrina); $30 each.

Corinthian eyeshadow is heaven in a pan for those of us who are obsessed with taupe. My first visit to the Le Metier de Beaute counter lead me straight to this eyeshadow. I actually gasped and clutched my chest when I saw and swatched the tester. This is one of the most complex taupes I have ever seen, a truly beautiful neutral silvered taupe. The texture and pigmentation is out of this world: it’s creamy, and the shimmer makes it look like it is molten. On my eyes, Corinthian is not so shimmery or frosty that it’s OTT - instead, it just makes my eyes glow. I actually emailed Sabrina right after I bought it and told her this was the most gorgeous taupe I had ever laid my eyes upon. She bought it immediately (along with Le Metier Plum). You can see her blog entry about it here. I actually ended up buying Le Metier Plum from Sabrina because we had agreed that it wasn’t exactly her cup of tea. Plum is a blue-purple with a very subtle shimmer. It goes on with a satin finish, but the shimmer does begin to appear if you layer the color. What I love about Plum is that, despite the scary blueberry color in the pan, the application starts off sheer. The color can be built up to the intensity seen in the pan. Here’s a picture of me wearing one sheer layer of Plum (my lip color is Peche Creme!).

Red Rapture Kaleidoscope; $95 (for four shades of lip color).

I have to be honest with you here. This gorgeously constructed palette of four lip colors, all in different shades of red (which are meant to be layered), is just so pretty that I haven’t swatched it yet. I just can’t bring myself to mar it. I’m going to link you to Gaia’s review so that you can read more about the Red Kaleidoscope and see pictures. When I do finally use it, I'll update this post. For now, I'm just going to admire it from afar (afar being my dresser, ha!). I'm not sure if this was limited edition or not - I need to find out for you all!

For more information on Le Metier, check Gaia and Sabrina’s blogs out!


  1. You are killing me here! Seriously! I DIE!

  2. Yeah because of Sabrina's review of Corinthian - this is now on my "WANT" list when I go to Bergdorf's next month. Looks like I'll have to check out the glosses too, sadly....

  3. Thank you so much JoeyBunny- I was very curious about this brand and next time I come to NYC (once a year but alas not this year ! Wah!) I will certainly check it out, although the prices are very steep... Also am VERY interested in Edward Bess's line!

  4. Josie grosie ! I saw my boo Dustin today and he adores you ! He was like "I had NO idea u knew Joey" lmaooo. I'm so glad you're finally joining Le métier de beaute wagon. You MUST check out sweet creme and framboise lip cremes next time.


  5. Elvira, DON'T DIE BITCH!

    Lexi, Sabrina bought it because of me. So if I got it, and Sabrina got it...that means you need to get it too. The glosses are gorgeous!

    Nemesis86, you're welcome! I love Edward Bess, as I'm sure you know. You'll love the products as well!

    Panties - GIRL I FUCKIN' MISS YOU! Haha I adore Dustin too! I feel like everyone knows me. I'm so popular haha! Seriously though, I miss you! I hate that you have a normal work schedule now, though, because I can't see you!! *cries*


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