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Frankening is a term that many people are not familiar with. However, if you are a nail polish fiend like myself, you have heard of and have done your own frankening.

Frankening or Frankensteining your nail polish means to mix polishes or polishes and pigment and/or glitter together to come up with a new and hopefully unique nail polish color. People have been frankening ever since there has been nail polish. For example, there used to be a deficit of grey creme nail polish colors so people tried to create their own. There used to be a deficit of glitter colored nail polish so people, yep you guessed it, made their own. Now that there is a bevy of every color you can think of available for purchase from one retailer or another, some people don’t need to franken as often as they used to. But that doesn’t mean that frankening has gone the way of the dodo. No. Much the opposite in fact.
With the introduction of ManGlaze Franken Juggs, the franken revolution has taken fast hold of my heart. These glass jars have a super wide opening for easy pouring of different nail polishes. The jugs hold about as much as two full polish bottles so even then I have a lot of room for corrections (because I am a relative n00b when it comes to frankening.) and additions. Each jar comes with a decent brush attached to the lid and a single ball to put into the jug to help mix the polish. They retail for a mere $1.38 each! It’s so easy to pop a few in your shopping cart when you are on ManGlaze.com buying the latest Mayonnaise or Fuggen Ugly or any other product they sell. Please note that when I was shipped my last order, the balls to mix the polishes for the Franken Juggs were taped to the inside lid of the shipping box…so before you start to freak that they forgot to include your ballz look in your packaging again! Now some people may leave comments that you can buy empty jars for much less, but I challenge you to find jars with the huge open mouth and able to hold as much volume as these Franken Juggz from ManGlaze. Oh and those labels? Freakin HOT!

Having not franken'd a polish for a few years I did a little research on blogs. I found my new favorite which is Dr. Frankenpolish. Now this clever girl has not had a chance to update her blog in a little while, but she has sooooo many different examples it’s a great read if you want to get some ideas for colors. She also has a Franken Polish 101 which is super helpful. She’s a lot more careful with her mixing than me. I just go where the color takes me…while she actually tests stuff out before she mixes everything together. I have also learned that using some pigments like MAC pigments or Fyrinnae Pigments with a clear base or glitter base make for awesome and unusual colors. I plan to buy some Fyrinnae pigments soon to make some neat polish colors in the future!

OK. So here are three frankens I came up with. Mind you this was all trial and error. I have learned a lot during this testing period. I have learned what works and what doesn’t. I have decided I really like the idea of using pigments to get the color I want and I like the idea of adding glitter to frankens but HATE having to remove it so I probably won’t do as many glitter ones in the future. I also want to venture out into holographic frankens and I have a few ideas to make that work as well.
OK. The first one Is a simple Sally Hansen frosty white polish I was never going to use and an eyeshadow pigment I was never going to wear on my eye. I mixed the two and Viola! Awesome bright blue nail polish. I put in a few drops of Milani Silver holo, but not enough for a holo effect…it looks mostly like glitter. This is 2 coats of the polish.

The 2nd polish was an Eyeko coral which I thought would look better with gold glitter so I picked up a gold glitter polish to mix in. Then I remembered that I had this really neat Red Coral Jelly polish that had glitter in it and thought that would give it an almost translucent look which might show the gold glitter more. The result? A meh red corally not really jelly like color with some shimmer. I’ll tell you right now. This ain’t my favorite. I might use this for a pedicure tho.

Last and not least my Purple Franken. Because after all, how can I not franken purple right? I took an old Sally Hansen HD polish that I felt was too sheer and mixed it with a light lilac glitter polish that had a clear base. I then mixed in a few drops of black polish to deepen the color as well as some other random purple polishes I had around. The result? An interesting purple, but not the best thing I have ever seen. I like it and I’ll wear it, but I don’t think it’s anything to go crazy over.
All in all I learned a lot with my first few frankens. I learned that glitter bases are better for blending pigments. I learned that some polishes with turn your glitter base invisible and aren’t worth the trouble of mixing and also that mixing Big 3 free with non Big 3 free polishes doesn’t always turn out for the best. But I also learned that I have a ton of other creative ideas for polish colors and I plan to franken a bunch more colors in the future.

So. Do you think you will take a crack at Frankening?


  1. I frankened some Fyrinnae pigments and LOOOOVED them. TKB's duochromes are pretty awesome too. I have yet to use actual nail polish to franken though. What does "Big 3 free" mean?

  2. Hmmmm ... As a big fan of DIY projects, I am intrigued by the concept, but I don't know if I'm picky enough about nail polish to give this a whirl myself. Yours look fabulous, and I LOVE your purple one! Loff eet!

  3. This post was like a shimmer feast for the eyes! <3 it! I love the blue glitter combo... i need to start making my own stuff more often!!!

  4. This looks totally fun! I have a buttload of pigments that I'm not going to use and some nail polish colors that I don't quite like. This could be a new hobby for me. :)

  5. Your frankenings look awesome! I tried to franken once and failed miserably. I think I put in way too much eye shadow.

  6. Very pretty. My fave is the purple one. I've thought about frankening, but haven't took the plunge yet. I think at some point I will though.

  7. This is so, so impressive, but I personally have no patience for this LOL, but I do love nail polish as it comes :)

  8. Definitely the purple....the blue's hot too. Fierce colours, girl...

  9. I imagined you writing this post with lightening in the background, evil laughter and bolts sticking out of your neck. Is that wrong?

    I love this! I'm so ordering some Fraken Juggs.

  10. I'm curious about what "Big 3" means as well.
    The first one, the Teal color, is gorgeous, and the Purple one is very nice!...


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