Monday, September 13, 2010

Gabrielle Faust Mineral Eyeshadows by Overall Beauty

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I recently had the pleasure of trying out a new collection of mineral eye shadows by Overall Beauty. This is one of the first collections inspired by Author, Poet and "Gothic Fashionista" Gabrielle Faust. The collection includes 8 unique shades, most of which are a velvet/matte finish, but some have the extra shimmer that gives the overall collection that extra oomph!

Those of you not familiar with Gabrielle Faust should check out he Eternal Vigilance Vampire Series or perhaps some of her poetry. You can learn more about Ms. Faust HERE

As for the eye shadows. Overall Beauty brings you the Gabrielle Faust collection of 8 vegan shades. What's nice about ordering from them is that they always have a discount code somewhere, the customer service is top notch and the product is excellent. They also sell a line of nail polish that I have been dying to try (BB Couture) but being that there are over 100 shades to choose from, I'm taking my time in ordering.

As for the colors we have:
“Love Lost” (deep rose) This is a shimmery deep pink shade. It looks great as a blush too! Frost Finish

“Vampire’s Kiss” (sangria red) A warm Red Based Purple. Matte/Velvet Finish

“Karmic Knight” (dark eggplant purple) A neutral deep purple. Perfect for a smokey eye or a liner. Matte/Velvet Finish

"Misanthrope” (ashen violet) No only my favorite name for a color but also my favorite color. This sooty purple really is a stunning addition to a crease color or a way to punch up a drab black smokey eye. Matte/Velvet Finish

“Indiscretion” (charcoal gray) A neutral blackened grey, almost sooty, this is a nice alternative to harsh black liner for those fair haired ladies out there. Matte/Velvet Finish

“Aftermath” (burnt umber brown) This is a super brown. not red based, which I find ideal, this color stays true and looks stunning when paired with "Love Lost" Matte/Velvet Finish

“Sanctified Snow” (opalescent white) An excellent highlight or all over wash. this white isn't harsh at all. It's very transparent and gives just the hint of shimmer. Frost Finish

“Hourglass Sand” (golden cream). A neutral shade that is a knock out when paired with vampire kiss or Karmic Knight. It can also be used as an all over color or highlight. Matte/Velvet Finish

Each color can be mixed an matched for day and evening looks. Achieving a smokey eye look in purple is so much more stylish and hotter than your standard blacks and greys!

The mineral shadows are vegan, hypoallergenic and contain no dyes or carmine.

The set is available in 5 gram and 10 gram jar sizes. You can order all 8 samples for $18 or order just a few samples for $3 a piece. Also, don't forget to use coupon code: VAMP2112 to take $2.00 off your order!

Do you NEED this? Well I really find mineral shadows not my cuppa tea, but the color choices are so pretty and so "NOW" that I really fell in love with the whole set. I say yes. at a hefty 5g sample size for only $3 how can you not try at least one!?

Now here is my LAME attempt at a purple smokey eye, but I suggest you check out Phyrra's excellent craftsmanship with the Gabrielle Faust eyeshadows from Overall Beauty HERE


  1. I don't know who this Gabrielle person is, but I love these colors. I tend to like my eyeshadow more on the, um, "muted" side, so I'm off to check 'em out!

  2. ooooh, I didn't realize it was cheaper to get the whole sample set in 1 shot and that they were bigish samples. I assumed you got a baggy for $3. I'll have to take another look!

  3. Aww, thank you for linking to me! I really like the finish on these :)


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