Friday, October 29, 2010

Review by Joeybunny - NARS Melusine Duo

Sometimes, I feel as if the reviews I do here on Pink Sith are monotonous. I’m either reviewing something that’s purple, or something from NARS. I am sorry that I am both boring and predictable, truly.

With this apology in mind I bring you one of my latest acquisitions from NARS: the Melusine duo from the Holiday collection.

NARS Holiday was quite lovely, and I was incredibly tempted by much of it. Of course, financial constraints led me to pick just one piece from the collection, and Melusine it was.

Just a random factoid: I had no freakin’ clue what a melusine is. Thanks to Wikipedia, I now know that Melusine is a figure of European legend, who inhabits bodies of freshwater and has a serpent-y or fishy bottom. So basically, Melusine is like a mermaid.

Anyway, the color combination of Melusine doesn’t strike me as something Holiday-ish. When I think Holidays, I think of reds or greens or blues or golds or silvers. Not usually purple! However, I love purple so I cannot complain. Of course, NARS has produced another beautiful piece of makeup with this duo, as both the colors and the textures are divine and easy to work with.

On the left side of the duo we have what appears to be a shimmery/frosty greyed lilac color. Of course, no NARS color is ever that easy to describe. In fact, I’m going to have some trouble describing it, so this is the best I can do: Have you ever seen MAC Vex eyeshadow before? Now, imagine MAC Vex with a glowier, softer texture and a more purpled base. That’s the color of the lighter side of Melusine. There is a subtle hint of green that mingles with greyed lilac base. It makes my eyelids glow. The texture of the shadow is so soft as to almost be a cream, and it applies without the least bit of frost. Honestly, the effect is eye-opening without being obnoxious. The color works well on its own, which is the beauty of this duo: the darker matte shade functions well as a companion shade or as a liner shade.

Let me discuss the darker matte shade with you all - does anyone remember NARS Daphne from the Fall collection? I remember being so excited about Daphne, a deep royal matte purple. And then I swatched it. It was chalky and streaky and made me oh-so-sad. Well, the deep matte purple in the Melusine duo does not disappoint. It’s a more red-toned purple, similar to MUFE (Makeup For Ever) #92, but not so ultra bright as #92 and not so red-toned as to be unwearable. It is slightly wine-tinged, if that helps. This shadow is special because it is an usable matte, which are very hard to find. It blended into my crease like a dream, creating gorgeous depth in my eyes. I imagine this shade would make for a great liner, too, but I haven’t tried it yet.

I find this duo very easy to wear on my MAC NC40 skin. The lighter shade I slapped all over my lid, and blended the darker color into my crease. Those with smaller eyes would probably be wise to concentrate the deeper color along the lashline.

So here’s another winner from NARS. Did you get anything from the Holiday collection?


  1. PURPLEZ! I hope this duo gave you cuteness +5. I love using dark purple shadows for liner. <3

    I've never tried a Nars shadow. Which means I'm lame and need to get one immediately from the Sephora FF sale, right? I think so.

  2. I love purples including Nars'Daphne & Mufe 92

  3. Yes, I got this one, and Etrusque (definitely a Holiday color, but gorgeous, and Sex Appeal blush.

  4. I am so glad to see this review. I saw this duo in an email yesterday, and was quite intrigued.

    And there is no such thing as too much purple. :)

  5. What a gorgeous duo and great review. You had me at "makes my eyelids glow." Yep, I need this:)

  6. that silvery/lilac color looks unbelievably pretty! the purple looks great as well, i think this might be one of my favorite nars duos!

  7. I just saw this in person today, and it's really a pretty combination!

  8. I love that silver if this is duo comes with black and sliver i will buy it for sure

  9. Lovely color amazing purple i wanna give it a try

  10. NARS Daphne is meant to be used as a layer either over or under another color. I pair it with the grey shade of Tzarine from the Fall 2010 collection.

  11. Oh my gahd, finally a Star Wars buff with a sense of style! I love it!


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