Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Sephora Friends and Family FAQ

What is the Sephora Friends and Family (FF) sale?
Originally started as a 20% off discount to friends and family of employees, this sale has expanded over the years to include anyone that has the code to receive the discount.

What is the Sephora FF code?
The code is FF2010.  It will give you 20% off all your purchases made on line though This code is not valid for in store purchases and only works on line at There are special cards that a Sales Associate (SA) at Sephora may give you if you are her best buddy, but they are rare so don't ask for one because a lot of the SA's play dumb and act like they have no idea what you are talking about.

When is the Sephora FF sale?
October 22, 2010 - November 3, 2010

Is the Sephora FF valid in Canada?
No. As far as I know it is United States only. Apparently Canada does not believe in giving its citizens discounts to makeup, but they do have a great health care system and excel in Ice Hockey so you really shouldn't complain.

Is $50 minimum purchase for free shipping calculated before or after discount?
Before. Or After. I'm not quite sure. Last year the $50 free ship was AFTER the discount but some are saying that this year it will be before.  Either way it's a great time to stock up on $5 Sephora Brand Lip Liners icon or a $3 Sephora Brand Pencil Sharpener icon or $10 Boscia Blotting Linens icon. Any of these can probably get you to the $50 mark after the discount.

What if something I want is Out Of Stock (OOS) During the Sephora F&F sale?  Will they restock?
Sephora will not issue a "rain check" for the sale. In order to receive the discount you must purchase during the sale period and use the sale code.  If the item is OOS during the sale there is little to no guarantee that they will restock before the sale is over. Last year my beloved Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil mysteriously went OOS before the FF sale and was never restocked during the sale time line.  Same with a nail polish I really wanted from Dior.  F*CKERS!

Can I still use ebates ( - cashback on certain purchases if you use their specially encoded link) with the Sephora FF Sale?
Yes. Although ebates has a disclaimer that using promotional codes will SOMETIMES void your cash back, the code has safely worked with ebates cash back.  If you are not immediately credited with your cash back, give it 30 days (it is ebates policy, payouts are quarterly, oct/nov is in the middle of a cycle anyway) DO NOT PANIC, and enter your info in the ebates "Where's my cash back?" Section and they will work on crediting your account.

I'm not a registered user of ebates and I want to give YOU credit for referring me because I'm just that giving and wonderful.  How do I sign up?
Click on this link
By clicking on this link , signing up and making a purchase though ebates, you give me a credit that ebates will add to my account. The credit is $5 a referral (no money will come out of your account) However I don't expect you to click this link to register.  You can simply go to and follow the registration guidelines without having a referral from me.  I have been using ebates since 2007 and since then I have earned $357.41 in cash back! And I have religiously used it for Sephora FF. Each time I get my little cash back check in my paypal account (you can get a real check if you like) I get all giddy...and then spend it right away.

What are you getting from the Sephora FF sale?
Well if you must know I'm on a budget and I'm only going to get some Clarisonic Replacement heads and Shiseido Cotton.  WHAT ARE YOU ALL GOING TO GET?  Oh and if you live outside the US and cannot participate in Sephora FF I don't want to hear your sob stories. You probably have a) Superior Health Care, b) Access to a wider variety of cosmetic brands,  c) More attractive Nordic Like Alexander Skarsgards or rugged like Daniel Craigs in or Sexy Takeshi Kaneshiros in your home land, and/or d) Have a more stable I don't wanna hear it.

Any other questions?

Oh yeah. One more thing.  I like to watch the chaos erupt at about 1:00 AM and 9:30 AM on the first day of the sale when the Sephora website crashes and all the people on Makeup Alley dot com start to flip out.  You can play a fun drinking game by taking a shot every time someone asks "What did you get from FF?", or "What is the code?",  or "OMG the Sephora Site has Crashed!" and then in the days following you can take a shot for every post complaining about how their order was either a) Canceled, b) Not confirmed and/or c) Not yet shipped.  It's great fun...but don't expect to be vertical for very long.

Special thanks to iwannabeakennedy from MUA for many of the details in this post.


  1. That was beautiful! I havnen't laughed so hard in a long time!

    (On a serious note - good information!)

  2. Lol, we still complain, cause it wasn't our choice not having the discount for Canadians. It's all Sephora's fault, we pout!

  3. I'm on a budget too & the RBL sale is coming so I may actually pass altogether as UD's naked palette is still not in-stock online.

    p.s. if you're a glutton for punishment you can call the b&m's and sometime an extremely kind s/a will ship with the discount but per the 800# they aren't suppose to do charge sends at all anymore.

  4. So glad this was the first thing I read this morning, gave me a great laugh. Why is it I always stock up on the Shiseido Cotton during the Sephora sale? Did you ever try the Chanel Cotton that you tweeted about months and months ago? I still have no clue if I'm even going to get anything from Sephora's F&F, bah! I suck.

    LOL "I don't want to hear your sob stories..." Love it, thanks!

  5. I'd like some Make Up For Ever shadows. I was thinking of calling customer service, because with three shadows you are supposed to get a free palette. The only problem is that there is now way for me to apply the code for 20% off and the code for the free palette. Maybe the phone rep will take pity on me lol.

  6. LOL this is hilarious! BTW, last year, about ten minutes before FF was over, I tried ordering something that was about $50 before the discount, and it did ship for free. So *shrug* This year, my list is so long that I don't have to worry about before or afters.


  7. I intend to play the drinking game with you mentioned using our Superior Canadian beer, which has a higher alcohol content then yours. I plan on becoming so drunk that I won't even care that I don't get 20% off, but who am I kidding - in the end, I will cry piteously into my beer, turning it into the watery substance that you Americans so enjoy at which point I will curl up into a little ball and just die.

    :-( Lisamarie

  8. LOL @ Lisamarie.

    Elvira, I'm buying a fat NOTHING this year b/c I have no spare cash whatsoever. :( Sephora, you can take your FF and keep it!

  9. You are HILARIOUS!!!

    Great post... so very true!

  10. For Canadian Customers the Friends and Family event in store and online is November. I was just in Sephora in Toronto and she told me we would be getting an email soon.Canada has always had Friends and Family. Even when a US blogger has announced it we are free to order online for shipment to Canada. Yes in Canada we do have it all!!!!! You should really check your facts before you post!

  11. Dear Anonymous. Thank you for your GRACIOUS and HELPFUL comment. Your comments make all Canadians proud. What I did mention in MY Sephora F&F FAQ, is that CANADIANS ARE NOT participating in THIS sale that is going on during the Oct 22-Nov 2 time period. I did not say that Sephora NEVER EVER offers Canadians all a F&F discount. Note I was using sarcasm and hyperbole to make the boring FAQ just a bit more entertaining. Next time Check your reading comprehension skills before you try to be snarky. HOWEVER THANK YOU for the additional Information about the Canadian upcoming F&F sale. I hope you are able to buy some exciting items. Best!

  12. Looks like we don't only have the same taste in make-up but in men as well! =)

  13. Actually, from the way the FAQ article is written I understood that the F&F sale is not available in Canada, period. I am glad for the verification. And glad I read into the comments...
    Can't wait for November :)


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