Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Revlon Fire and Ice Lipstick

 Today I bring you part two of my review of the Revlon Fire & Ice™ collection.  Yesterday I talked about the nail polish and today I'm talking about the lipstick.

Remember my PR quote from yesterday?

"In 1952, Revlon launched its iconic color collection Fire & Ice™, with matching lips and fingertips in a bold, fiery red. This fall, Revlon brings back its Fire & Ice™ collection for today’s woman – who is as bold, confident, and glamorous as ever."
I believe that the lipstick may NOT be the best part of the collection.
Red lipstick is one of my favorite things in the whole world (next to taupe eyeshadow) but this red. This Revlon Fire & Ice lipstick is a bit tooooooo red, even for my taste.

Let's first examine the press for the Revlon Fire & Ice™ collection shall we?

First off Revlon Chose Jessica Biel for their "Iconic" model.  In 1952 Revlon used the beautiful model Dorian Leigh.

Is she not beautiful?  I love her eyebrows.  And while the photo quality isn't as crisp I think she looks completely glamorous.

Now let's turn to Miss Biel.  It's not her fault that they photoshopped her to death. I'm sure she is quite beautiful despite the dead behind the eyes look that they shopped onto her face.  But glamarous?  No. She's "Girl Next Door" pretty. She's not glamorous.  Glamorous is Dita Von Teese. Glamorous is Iman, Glamorous is...heck...even Kate Hudson...when Rachael Zoe dresses her.   But this ad? It actually scares me.  It's her eyes and unholy perfection to her skin and lips.  It's the strange Tron like blue background it's...well...a hot mess.

OK. On to the lipstick itself.

Revlon Fire & Ice lipstick is RED
OMG could my inner arm be WHITER? Jeesh I need some sun!

Fire Engine red is prettier than this color.

This is almost neon red.

Sorry for the messy application.

It's not tomato because it doesn't have orange, but it also does not have blue...although the picture of the lip swatch looks a tad blue on me.  It's pure red.

It's not a red for everyone. Trust me.  There are probably only a few that can pull off this color without looking like a 1980's prostitute. I am NOT one of those women.

The formula is creamy and the wear time is decent although I must say I only wore this around the house because I really didn't think it was fitting to go grocery shopping...perhaps I was wrong...but I'll take that risk.

Do you NEED this?  Um...it's very very red...and as much as I love red lipstick. and I really do, I cannot recommend THIS Revlon red.  Oh and Revlon? If you are reading this? Ease up on the Photoshop. I hardly recognize Jessica Biel or Halle Berry any more.


  1. Yea... Jessica Biel is no Dorian Leigh :-/ We don't have much of that natural glamour anymore. I see what you're saying about Dita Von Deese, but even she looks so 'done', there's something a bit more natural about the Leigh picture and her expression. Perhaps it's the blurriness of it, no idea. Interesting post :)

  2. Whoa, that lipstick is really, very red. I till want the one in the vintage looking case. :) And Dita Von Teese would have been so perfect for that ad campaign. Jessica Biel always looks like a kid pretending to be an adult to me.

  3. you're right. the jessica biel pic just creeps me out. The makeup makes her appear too masculine.

    LOL at the "Tron like blue background" I didn't think of it till you mentioned it.

  4. It's lovely, but I could never pull off that red.

  5. 80's prostitute - hahaha, yes!!!

    I'm wondering if I can pull this red off but I have a feeling it would look very orange on me. No es bueno!

    That's not a messy application - Robert Smith style is!

    Yeah, not feeling Jessica Biel as the Revlon definition as Glamourous. Was Halle Berry unavailable?

  6. Yeah, I agree with you about Biel. The photoshop makes it horrible. I remember when Maidenform did an ad campaign replica of ones from the 50s and that turned out much better. No nonsense involved.

  7. Wooo, mama, that is red! I'm going to go swatch it...

  8. Great post! My "red" lipstick is more berry than tomato or whatever this one is trying to be. It's getting to be that I can't look at the model on makeup ads for any item because the person is a) unrecognizable and b) creepy. What do the companies think we woman want to look like?

  9. Jessica is so dead in the face it makes me wonder how bad the other shots must've been to make them choose that one.

    I don't wear red lips or nails but i love the vintage logo on these.

  10. I love a great red lipstick, too, but I'm not so wild about the shade of red that this has. And I totally agree that Dorian Leigh is absolutely gorgeous in the 1952 ad!

  11. Messy application? Trust me you're no Collete Reardon--LOL! Totally agree w/the Jessica Biel observation--she looks like a mannequin. Jennifer Conley looks fab in red lipstick and has more of a "classic" look.

  12. As soon as you said "This Revlon Fire & Ice lipstick is a bit tooooooo red, even for my taste.", I was like "I WANT IT"

    Also, Jessica Biel looks soooo creepy. I love how they tried to make her pose more 'natural' and then shopped her face to death!

  13. used it for the first time this morning and I love it! Im NC20, asian for reference. I only applied it lightly and Im loving the effect. The CREAM formula makes it easy to apply.


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