Monday, December 13, 2010

Review by Joeybunny- Wet n' Wild Night Elf Palette

I have a bizarre affinity towards drugstore makeup even though I much prefer to buy higher-end cosmetics. I don’t know why. I think it’s something like being surround by a ton of cheap, brightly wrapped candy: everything looks fun, everything is cheap, and once in a while something is seriously delicious.

That’s the way I feel about the revamp of Wet n’ Wild Cosmetics. When the eyeshadows - singles and palettes alike - were redone, I could not believe how awesome they were. Mind you, I owned all of the original eyeshadow palettes (remember Sand Castle and Paradise Cove?!), but gah - the new shadows are really great for the price. Either here or on my personal blog I need to do reviews of the Greed and Lust palettes.

Anyway, Wet n’ Wild released Holiday-themed versions of their eyeshadow palettes, and they - but especially the Night Elf palette - have taken the blogging community by a veritable storm. There are four of these Holiday palettes: Golden Goddess, Sugar Plum Fairy, Snow Sprite, and the aforementioned Night Elf. Each has a different color theme, and each comes with an eyeliner pencil (which I should find and test out, haha!). Night Elf is the palette that just won my heart (and everyone else’s heart too). How could it not? LOOK AT IT, EVERYONE!

Luckily, my darling Amy over at The Beauty Chick managed to snag me one, since I have yet to see these palettes in Manhattan.

Let’s discuss the colors, shall we? There’s a freakin’ red. A RED. Who the hell ever, EVER does red in a drugstore makeup palette?!? Oh, and it’s an incredible red, glazed over with a faint strawberry shimmer. Just look at the MAC Club dupe - a perfect blue-red-brown duochrome. And for the sweet love of everything holy, the golden taupe that’s in there is just resplendent. Finally, I cannot leave out the other three colors: a pretty shimmery ivory, a bright and happy silver, and a very pigmented black with rainbow glitter that actually sticks to the lid when applied.

In order to show how pigmented and perfect these puppies are (alliteration, how I adore thee), I did my swatches sin primer. Impressive, no? Yeah, those are the swatches of a $4.99USD eyeshadow palette. What a bargain!

Clearly, I recommend this palette if these are colors that appeal to you. I realize that not everyone can pull off reds, and that I’m a odd bunny for loving reds on my eyes, but whatever - look, it costs $5 and experimenting is always fun. Why not go for it? If anything, the other three palettes are (from what I can tell) much more wearable. Pick one up and give it a shot!


  1. I totally thought of you with the red shadow Joey. Now I have to see whether my local CVS still has these palettes (darn you joeybunny!).

  2. I like this palette..and i wanna go get them now!


  3. "Experimenting is always fun!" how right is that! I love the colors in this palette and appreciate the pigmentations! Love your review, thx!

  4. I have this palette and love it. I've been really impressed with the palettes from WnW and the black creme liner I have from them. They've stepped up their game.

  5. Yay, glad to hear you liked the palette! I managed to find every LE holiday palette by Wet N Wild, save for this one. I seriously searched every Walgreens within a 10 mile radius too. Fortunately I found someone who was willing to swap for it, so I am eagerly awaiting mine in the mail!

  6. I just found these palettes last night at a Duane Reade actually. Maybe they're restocking? I grabbed the Night Elf and the Golden Goddess, and I can't wait to play with them!

  7. I look at this palette every time I go to the drugstore, but the last time I used a Wet'N'Wild product was 19(cough)... and I figured the quality would be lousy. I may have to pick one up, though, based on your review... that red is calling my name!

  8. Oooh, I know red is big this year but it's really hard to make it look flattering on eyes. I love silver or gold this time of year!

  9. Sarah - I'm flattered you thought of me! <3

    Charming Vanity - Get them!! =)

    A Shine Bunny - Experimentation is the best part of makeup! I'm so glad you enjoyed my review, thank you =)

    Phyrra - <33333 I have the purple gel liner, it's awesome!

    MatryoshkaDoll - WOO! So glad you were able to swap for it =D lemme know how you like it!

    Yao - YAY! Lemme know how you like Golden Goddess.

    BFB - WnW quality is SO much better now...get this palette

    Eyelash Tinting - Red is one of those colors you need to experiment with to find out your best way to wear it. Try the WnW Golden Goddess palette if you want golds instead =)


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