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Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild Palette

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There is something about a Chantecaille palette that draws me in and I have no strength to resist.  The siren songs of the Les Dauphins Palette and Sylvie's Personal Palette have cause me to smash into the rocks on the shore leaving me with less money on my bank account every time. The Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild Palette is nothing different from the other two palettes in terms of unwanton desire and lust.

Chantecaille's latest palette is similar in structure to the other 4 pan palettes. Am all over lid color, a crease color, powder liner color and blush or an all over lid color, a highlight color, crease color and blush.  All pans in this collection are embossed with a picture of a Bengal Tiger, one of many threatened species on this planet.  Part of the proceeds from the purchase of this palette will go to an organization called TRAFFIC.  TRAFFIC is a wildlife trade monitoring network that works to ensure that trade in wild plants and animals is not a threat to the conservation of nature  TRAFFIC is working hard to stop the illegal trade of tigers and other species on this planet. Being fortunate enough to live near the Washington, DC National Zoo, I have been blessed with being able to see the tiger exhibit every time I visit.  These amazing animals are being hunted to extinction and illegally sold to "collectors" around the world. TRAFFIC is trying to put a stop to this wretched practice and Chantecaille is trying to help them with donations through the purchase of the Tiger  in the Wild palette.

Before we get to the eye shadows, which are my favorite part of the palette and literally evokes a desire to HAVE IT that cannot be silenced until I go full on Gollum and stroke the palette whispering "We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious."  I'll talk quickly about the blush.  It is a sweet salmon color with no shimmer.  All Chantecaille palettes have an over spray that disappears quickly upon first use, but it does nothing to detract from the absolute lovelyness of the product underneath.  A soft and pigmented blush is easily attracted to your blush brush. It applies like a dream to your skin. Almost hugging your skin the blush caresses your cheek and melds to your skin giving an appearance of sun kissed skin on a warm spring day.  Have a waxed poetic enough about the blush to sate you?  Yes? Let's move on to the eye shadows shall we?

First of all the Tiger in the Wild palette has three shadows.  One of which is .....
you guessed it.  TAUPE!

Sure. Chantecaille calls it Pewter but you can't fool a taupe fanatic like myself. Call it pewter, stone, mica or zinc. That sucker is TAUPE!  And what a loverly taupe it is.  I used it as an all over lid shade, but could be used as a crease if you want a really light and subtle eye...That's the one thing about Chantecaille.  Subtle.  There are no HEY LOOK AT ME! colors.  even if they look bright in the pan, they blend into a silky symphony of understated glamor.  

Chantecaille is famous for having soft blendable pigmented shadows, and the Tiger in the Wild palette is no exception.  The first shade in the swatch picture above is the top left pan in the palette. It is well pigmented, but so close to my actual skin tone I had a hard time photographing it.  It makes the most wondrous highlight. It is not too frosty nor too matte. It literally melts into the other shadows on your eye giving a photoshopped finish of perfection.  The 2nd color in the swatch above is the taupe.  It's a grey based taupe that is not too heavy on the lid as an all over wash. It applies like superglue to your lids and allows other shadows to blend in effortlessly. It has some shimmer to it, like the highlight shade, but it isn't over the top frosty or cheap looking. It's pure beauty. I swear to the taupe gods that when I open the palette I hear tiny taupe angels singing. (Of course auditory hallucinations are usually a clue that one is experiencing a psychotic break, but let's focus on the task at hand.)  Last but not least is the crease/liner color which is a stunning and deep black based navy blue matte. It isn't so black that it looks sooty and isn't so blue that it looks gaudy. It is a perfect harmony of restraint and distinction. Oh and how it blends! It is one of the smoothest matte shadows I have ever used.  It is extremely pigmented so a little goes a long way. It easily blends into the taupe color creating seamless definition and color.  I adore it as a liner as well under the eyes because it doesn't migrate or flake.

Do you NEED this?  As will all Chantecaille palettes the answer is a resounding and orgasmic YES!  It is limited edition, but still available for sale on the Chantecaille website as well as other stores.  If you only buy one palette this week, make it the Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild palette. You won't regret it.

EOTD using the Chantecaille Tiger in the Wild Palette, Illamasqua cake liner in Zeal and Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara in blackest black.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA not in my budget. But it is very lovely and suits you to a T.

  2. awesome. i am getting the turtles for my B-day in March, can't wait!

  3. Must.Needs.Haves.Wants. Ugh, Their palettes are so goddamn gorgeous. But I just can't justify the price for something I would *never* use, lest I mess up the pretty, prettiness of it all. Thank you for reviewing yours! I never get sick of looking at their photos.

  4. I love the tiger print on the top.

  5. I haven't seen this. I have NOT seen this!

  6. *shove* Thanks I'm slightly closer to the edge now.

  7. I was literally laughing out loud through the post! I love your writing :) You've started this unexplainable need in me to purchase every taupe I see regardless of the fact that taupe shadows don't look so great on me.

  8. Well, crap. My birthday isn't for a few weeks, but maybe if I get this and not splurge on anything else, it'll be my early birthday present. We'll see. It's gorgeous.

  9. Omg! I love the cats and I love the look. The soft shimmer is glam but understated. I could see this at work and out at night.

  10. @beautifulmonday Thanks. (psst. I got it on Ebay for a total steal!)

    @jbrobeck OMG. I want the Turtles too. What a wonderful Birthday present for you!

    @Anonymous I thought the same thing when I got my 1st Chantecaille palette, but I got over it once I saw swatches on a blog and realized I was missing out by not using it!

    @Diana: Yes. The tiger is awesome!

    @Musing on Beauty That's right. I'll use The Force to have you forget about this palette. "This is not the palette you are looking for."

    @/lachesis Come on. Do it. It'll make you feel good! Everyone is doing it! PEER PRESSURE!

    @Bug LOL. I'm so glad you liked the post...and I bet one day you will find a taupe that looks good on you!

    @Tiffany It is beautiful and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    @kathie Yup. A very versatile palette indeed!


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