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The Hold Me Bag - Review and Pictures

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I have a confession. I don't really get too excited about makeup bags. I have a ton of them from "gifts with purchase" (GWP) from the beauty counters, I just don't like them.  For one, they are IMPOSSIBLE to organize.  My brushes are mixed in with my liners and shadows and lipsticks. It's one big jumbled mess.  I even once purchased a new concealer because I thought I forgot to pack mine in a makeup bag and ended up finding it in the bottom of the bag when I unpacked at home.  Frustrating!  Another thing about some makeup bags is that they are next to impossible to clean. I will inevitably have a lip liner cap go rogue and lip liner will get allover the inside of my bag. Oh and when I used to wear mineral makeup?...fogettaboutit! There was so much powder in my makeup bag everything was coated with it.

So why? Why, after all these terrible experiences, did I agree to test out the Hold Me makeup bag?

a) It has a neat-o keen area to store my brushes so they don't mingle with my makeup
b) It has an interior that is WASHABLE
c) It has a removable liner that I can use to separate palettes or use OUTSIDE of the bag
d) The basic black "Knew Suede" (Not real suede) is easy to clean looks classic and luxurious.

I don't travel as much as I used to, but I know a lot of you who read this blog, do.  This Hold Me bag is THE PERFECT accompaniment to your travel gear.  If ONLY  I had then when I went to the hospital to have Darthypie, I would have been much more prepared for photos. If Only I had this when I went to Vegas I could have saved money by not buying what I thought was a missing concealer.  If ONLY I had this when traveling to visit my parents I could have neatly stored away my brushes so that my mother wouldn't have commented on how many brushes I have and questioned if I really need all of them.  (The answer is YES. I need all of them!)

The Hold Me bag is a unique makeup organizer with a wrap-around self-tie. Made of "Knew Suede", a high performance man-made fabric that is sleek and soft to the touch. It is easy-care as even the most stubborn makeup spills and smudges are quickly wiped away.  Choices include patterned versions that feature interior highlights made from fun, all-cotton prints that have been overlaid with a smooth washable surface, and an all-black version with entire Knew Suede interior. A zippered center compartment, "The Heart" of the bag, has a removable, reversible, thin bottom liner, 6.5" W x 9.5" H, which may be used to separate palettes or for use outside the bag. Exterior fabric of bag: black. Interior and exterior of bag have contrast stitching.  The Hold Me Bag measures a compact 10" H x 7" W x 2" D closed; it extends to 22" W fully opened. These bags are Hand Made in the USA.

The Hold Me bag's main compartment is approximately 7 X 10, depth is about 1.5 inches. It zips open on 3 sizes and the top flap opens and has a pocket on the inside of the flap.  Inside the main zippered area, the compartment has a removable liner that is suede on one size and printed and coated on the other. The coating allows for easy clean up of spills and such.  You can also use this as a divider for your cosmetics and it provides a bit of cushion for your items. The separator also can serve as a mat for your sink top, while you apply your makeup. I usually use a towel, but this makes it look better and I don't waste a towel in the bathroom. The Knew Suede material is thick and I believe it provides a better cushion/protection than those flimsy GWP bags we all get.

The Hold Me bag is large enough to accommodate palettes!  Now I normally don't bring palettes on my travel because I'm short on space or worried about them being destroyed.  Now I can carry my favorite Inglot 10 pan palettes (Plural) AND my UD Naked Palettes (yes They both fit!) with the security I need to know they will be safe.  Plus now I have that many MORE cosmetic options.

How many of you have packed your brushes in your makeup bag only to arrive at your destination with bent bristles and funky looking kinks in the hair of your brushes?  *Holds up hand*  Well the Hold Me bag  Brush Holder/Tool organization area on the right hand inside flap has a flap that lays over the area to protect your brushes and tools, There are 4 large brush pockets, 2 medium height brush pockets, and 9 various smaller pockets to accommodate many of your small brushes.  I adore this part of the bag because it even accommodated my largest Japonesque powder brush with ease! SCORE!

they even include directions on how to tie it!

OK. So not everything is Unicorns and rainbows with this bag. It is large. Almost too large to carry in my purse.  However the Hold Me Website shows how it can easily fit into a purse.  I guess I just carry a small purse.  I personally find that this bag is better suited for a carry on or luggage.  The other issue is the price. It's may be hard for some of you to justify spending $79 on a makeup bag, especially when you get so many free as a GWP from cosmetic counters.  I my self had a problem when I was approached about reviewing this bag, wondering if the price would be higher than I would be willing to pay for myself.  But after using the bag for a few days, after seeing how much it held and how it kept my brushes so safe, I was convinced that $79 was reasonable for the craftsmanship and functionality of this bag.  The Hold Me Bag is of such high quality I would have a problem finding its equal in a Nordstrom or Neimans for the same low price.

Do You NEED this?  YES! If you travel or if you need to carry a lot of of your cosmetics with you on a regular basis, I think this Hold Me Bag is wonderful!  It has excellent storage, it's well made, it cleans up easily and since it is made our of man made material, even your cruelty free makeup friends can appreciate this item!  There are currently 6 patterns for interiors to choose from on the website and they take PayPal.  You may purchase the Hold Me Bag through their website and through some small boutiques around the country. Heck, there are even places in the UK and Australia to purchase these beauties.

What kind of bag do you usually pack when you travel?


  1. I really love that you did such a thorough review of this bag. I have the same issues with makeup bags as you do. I hate that everything gets jumbled together and things get lost. It can be SO frustrating! This bag looks pretty great though. I might have to check it out.

  2. I've been eyeing this since last year,but I can't bring myself to spend approx. $80 on it. I keep telling myself that I NEED it.

  3. I really love all of the brush pockets. That's what makes it really different. I may need to invest in one!

  4. I've had one of these for about 5 months now and I love it. I travel weekly for work so it's fine in my suitcase. It holds the brushes separately and even can hold my LMDB kaleidoscopes without a problem. I've had a spill or two on it and it cleans up like dream. Best $80 I've spent in a long time.

  5. Could you fit all those little compacts AND the pallettes? Or did you put in the compacts, take them out, and then put in the pallettes?

  6. Julia: Those compacts were put OVER the Palettes and there was PLENTY of room. I could even fit my LMdB Kaleidoscope in it if I wanted to!

  7. oh wow! I love this!!! I collect makeupbags like I collect makeup brushes lol.

    Normally I stuff all my things into a smaller bag that I got from The Body Shop. I recently got a Sephora Travel bag that I LOVE (the large hanging bags usually have enough pockets to store all my makeup/jewelry/meds).

    I totally would get one of these just for makeup. I usually have a large purse when I travel anyway (which means going to my parents for a day or two).

    Thanks for the awesome review!

  8. Great review and pics ! I just simply can't afford it...yet:)


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