Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review by Joeybunny - An Introduction to Shiro Cosmetics

Given my deep and involved love affair with Fyrinnae, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that I have a hard time bringing myself to order from other independent makeup lines. Fyrinnae is everything to me, and I love those boys like no other.

However, my shopping addiction sometimes overpowers my loyalty (ha!), and I feel the need to spread my shimmery, loose powder-covered wings and try something new.

My latest something new is Shiro Cosmetics.

If you’re not an avid reader of Ana at Lipsticks and Lightsabers or Phyrra of the eponymous blog, you should be and I think you smell. If you are, you smell lovely AND you should know a thing or two about Shiro Cosmetics. Both Ana and Phyrra have done lovely and comprehensive articles and interviews with the beauty, brains, and nerd-dom behind the line herself, Caitlin Johnstone. Caitlin is not a real person. Caitlin is probably the world’s most efficient cyborg: she’s around my age, she’s in college, she has the CUTEST BABY ALIVE, and she created her own highly successful and soaked in awesomesauce makeup company after way too many nights of reading Ana’s blog. I mean, really: I can barely tie my shoes on a normal day, let alone run a business, take care of a kid, and better myself. Caitlin is not real. Don’t let the cute face and warm messages that she sends on Etsy fool you!

I digress. Both Ana and Phyrra have been raving nonstop about Shiro’s pigmented and pretty colors, and after one long night of chatting with Phyrra, I caved. With her help, I picked five lovely mini jars of shadowy happiness (which cost me a measly $13.50, or something like that).

A word about Shiro Cosmetics: Shiro is a makeup company devoted to nerd-dom and geekery. Caitlin’s original two eyeshadow collections were based off of Pokemon and The Legend of Zelda. Her most current collection of lip colors is meme-based. As a nerd myself, I completely appreciate how terrifically nerdy this makeup line is. In fact, I was pushed over the proverbial edge when I discovered that Caitlin had a Jigglypuff eyeshadow in her Pokemon line - Jigglypuff was my nickname in middle school!

Can you guess WHY my nickname was Jigglypuff?

When I received my order, I was blown away by how cute the packaging and presentation was.

Caitlin’s business card, which had a sweet note written on the back, is a nod to Super Mario Bros., and I appreciated the two generously-sized free samples I was sent.

I ordered four colors from the Pokemon-themed collection (Meowth, Mewtwo, SS Anne, and Jigglypuff) and one color from the Zelda-themed collection (Zelda). My two samples were Porygon (from the Pokemon collection) and Master Sword (from the Zelda collection).

Here are color descriptions (in the same order as they appear swatched on my hand from L to R):

Porygon: A shimmery, silky fuchsia color that could probably be worn as a blush but I like it as an eyeshadow.

Master Sword: A very sparkly sheer sandy taupe color.

Mewtwo: A sheer-ish but buildable smoky grey plum color with a golden shimmer.

SS Anne: A slightly burnished bronzey shade with multi-colored shimmer. In person, it is a shade or so darker than my swatch.

Zelda: The most gorgeous and lovely satiny shimmery coral-melon shade ever. This is eye brightening perfection in a pot!

Jigglypuff: My reason for ordering, this shimmery lilac-y blued purple is officially one of my new favorite eyeshadow shades EVER. I truly cannot get over how lovely this shadow is.

Meowth: A lovely shimmering champagne beige that makes a perfect all-over color or highlight shade.

Every shadow is easy to work with (even the sheer but dark Mewtwo), and Caitlin packs her jars to the brim so you receive plenty of product to play with. I literally cannot find one complaint about Shiro’s products besides the fact that I have yet to order every other shadow...yeah, I have issues. Seriously though, the colors apply and blend beautifully, they wear like iron, and come alive over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy.

Honestly, give Caitlin’s store on Etsy a check out! She offers generous sample baggies, mini jars, and full-sized jars all at affordable prices, and her color range is impressive. Plus, HER BABY IS ADORABLE. How could you not want to try something from Shiro?

An after-note: Correcting blog posts is really annoying because Blogger always messes with the format, but I'm glad people point out my errors! I clearly suck, y'all.


  1. What a great review!!! As a self-proclaimed geek myself, I must try out this line!!! Love your blog and writing style!!!

  2. SS Anne isn't from Zelda, it's a boat in Pokemon.

    I so wish I had some money, I want these so bad. I want the full size though since they are sent in Poke balls so I can "Catch them all"!

  3. Meowth is so fantastic <3 Glad you love Shiro & Caitlin as much as I do!

  4. Pammy, thanks! Give Shiro a try! Caitlin is the best.

    Donna, I HAVE SHAMED MYSELF AND MUST BE EVICTED FROM THE COUNSEL OF GEEKERY. God, I'm an idiot. To be fair, I never got into Pokemon. I've been asking Caitlin for a Naruto-themed collection =D I do want a full-size of Jigglypuff though because I agree, the Poke balls are SO CUTE.

    Phyrra, I LOVE YOU <3333333 and Meowth has become my go-to highlight since I received it!

    Cosmetics Aficionado, they are SO pretty!

  5. I don't know about shaming and all that, but there is no balance. I think this means that you must order more Zelda!

    Well, I'm 47 years old and should not have any interest in Pokemon at all, but I bought my son his first Pokemon games when he was only 6. I'm a nightowl, I'd stay up late leveling up his Pokemon for him and got hooked. I remember one time looking for "my" Charmander while playing and it was missing, asking him about it, and "Oh yeah mom, I traded that for another pokemon." I don't even remember what he traded for, it was some crap Pokemon. I was so pissed and had to bite my tongue and remind myself that it's his game and his Pokemon. I did tell him never to trade with his sneaky conniving rat bastard cousin ever again though.

  6. I've been thinking about making an order from Shiro for a long time now. Been eying their Pokemon and Zelda collection. I think the color names are cute but I'm a bit worried that the owner may run into trouble if the makers of pokemon and zelda decide to sue her or something

  7. Dear Joey, Of course you make me want things. Its the way of the internets. *runs to check out Shiro*

  8. I love Shiro! I just got my first order from them a few weeks ago and I loooove the shadows. I'm planning my next order soon, and I even heard something about samples of the new Intertubes, so I'm all over that!

    Also, I guess when you corrected your S.S. Anne faux pas, you forgot to switch the number; it still says "3 from the Pokemon collection". I was a little confused since you listed 4 shadows. Just in case you're a perfectionist like me and want to correct that as well, hehe ;)

    @Sugarbumpkin- Caitlin has giving plenty of reasons in the past about why she's not concerned with being sued over the Nintendo names. I trust her completely, and am not at all hesitant to buy from her. However, I just read on her blog today that she does plan to change the names a bit because so many people have apparently voiced their concern. So I guess for the good of her business and to put our minds at ease, she'll change them. You can read the post here: http://shirocosmetics.wordpress.com/2011/01/25/intertubes-and-moar/#comments

  9. P.S. I hope none of that sounded snotty, it just occurred to me it might :( I'm not at all a snotty know-it-all kind of person, I just wanted to help since I too love this company! :3

  10. I first tried Shiro Cosmetics a couple months ago. Totally love them! This is a great post and you just reminded me how much I want more, haha. Thanks for the post!


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