Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating and Mattifying Pressed Powder in 01 Teint Rose

When Guerlain came out with a mattifying powder I was too excited. Because I have an oil slick for a face, it seems to reason that I would be excited over a mattifying powder...but when I found out the pressed powder was part of the Meteorites family I was ecstatic!  I adore my regular pressed meteorites as you can read HERE, but a mattifying powder for touch ups during the day?  Well let's just say that I ordered the compact as soon as I could.
Once it arrived in my greedy little hands I quickly took photographs and then set about testing it.

This is the story of my journey with Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating and Mattifying Pressed Powder in 01 Teint Rose.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away a pretty Pink Sith lord waited impatiently for her package from Nordstrom to arrive with her Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating and Mattifying Pressed Powder in 01 Teint Rose.  There are three colors available but 01 Teint Rose seemed to be the lightest for her pink based complexion.  After 10 full days of waiting the package arrived. Sadly the actual product was not wrapped, but just thrown into a padded envelope and mailed to me..uh her.  Upon ripping open the padded envelope the Pink Sith noticed that the packaging for the meteorites compact was crushed, but fortunately the product itself was in fine condition. A mental note to force choke the idiot that packaged this item was made.

While this Pink Sith's midichlorian count was very high she was still unable to use The Force or her powers from The Dark Side to control the oil production on her face. I mean if Darth Vader can't use The Dark Side to fix his face, what hope did she have?  Anyway. She set about testing the product.

The packaging was similar to the Meteorites Voyage compact but it had its differences as well.  The mattifying pressed powder case was not as heavy as the Voyage case. It was also thicker and more bulbous? If that is the appropriate term.  

The compact still comes with a velvet pouch to protect it in her purse, but unlike the Voyage compact, the Mattifying Pressed Powder comes with a puff for application.  After a wee bit of trial the Pink Sith found that a small powder brush was the best tool in which to apply the powder and quickly ditched the puff.

Unlike the Voyage compact this Mattifying Pressed Powder was NOT refillable.  I guess Guerlain assumes that because the compact is $56 USD versus the Voyage $170 USD consumers will "gladly" purchase a new compact once the old one runs out.  Guerlain assumes incorrectly.  At this very moment the Pink Sith  is using her powers to have Guerlain come out with a refill as there is a teeny tiny hole on the bottom of the compact in which one could "depot" the used product and slip in a refill....maybe for a nice retail price of $27 USD?  That's merely a suggestion. There is no refill that this Sith knows of for now.
OK.  So the Pink Sith is done with examining the packaging but the real big question is: How Does It Work?
According to Guerlain:
"This fine, ultra-light and imperceptible correcting powder delivers radiance in its purest form thanks to light itself. The secret of this powder case: a constellation of minuscule multi-coloured radiant pearly particles with yellow, orange, green, red, violet or white reflections to recreate ideal radiance on the complexion. Nestled in an elegant powder case, this compact powder slips into the palm of your hand, the latest “it bag” or your makeup pouch… It goes everywhere you do to showoff a radiant complexion in all circumstances. In a round pebble, decorated with the legendary pink rosette and adorned with an integrated mirror as well as a lovely and incomparably soft puff, these new Météorites will be instantly embraced to become the ally of a perfect complexion."
But How Does it Work?
Swatched and used 3X. No visible wear detected.
 Well the Pink Sith was somewhat disappointed to say that it works "Just OK".
It's not earth shattering. It's not cutting edge, it's not all that special to be quite honest.
It's a hard pressed powder that does not lose it's pretty design even after using her fingers to swatch, a brush and puff. I guess that's nice, but as far as performance goes, it's just OK.

Honestly the Pink Sith did not see a drastic improvement in oil control once applied in the morning and found the powder to look very cakey when applied with a puff.  Once she switched to a brush the powder looked better on her, but no better than any other pressed mattifying powder on the market.

Would the Pink Sith buy this again, or buy a refill should Guerlain ever offer one?  No.  It's not remarkable enough to repurchase.

The Pink Sith sat in her Deathstar with a solemn expression on her face because one of her favorite brands, Guerlain, had let her down.  Shouting at the top of her lungs:
"This Guerlain Meteorites Illuminating and Mattifying Pressed Powder is a traitor and part of the Rebel Alliance.  Take her away!"

Someone will pay for this injustice!


  1. ZOMG fave post ever due to the writing style!!!! *falls about laughing*

    I am very sorry that the product didn't live up to the dream though.

  2. LOL, I love it! I was wondering how this thing was. It's so tempting because it's pink. But, I shall (probably) resist the temptation.

  3. It's a shame that it didn't live up to your expectations, the packing is too cute.
    About a month ago I switched from Physician's Formula pressed powders to Hard Candy's Welcome Matte mattifying, transluscent powder and I've been completely satisfied. I also have an oil slick for a face :( but this product makes me happy (and it's just $8, YAY!) I featured it in a review on my blog and gave it 5/5, and on Makeup Alley it has 4.5/ 5.

  4. I was tempted to get this stuff because the theory behind it makes sense to me. Instead of some scientific claim that I could have no hope of understanding, it utilizes color theory. What they claimed made sense. Too bad it doesn't work :( I've used various mattifying powders over the years and I find them all to be quite similar no matter the price tag!

  5. The force is disturbed that a $56 powder just works "ok"
    Bwahahaha honestly Elvira I think you should write ALL your reviews this way xD

  6. Ahhhh I knew this would be a let down, it was all too good to be true =(


  7. So, most importantly: which nail polish are you wearing in pic 5? ;)

  8. Vedra make a wonderful point, lol :D

  9. @Vedra and @a girl named sam: The nail polish I am wearing is from a brand new brand created by a nail blogger. The brand is called Cult Nails and the color is called My Kind of Cool Aid Totally worth the $10. I did a wear test and that polish lasted 4+ days with only minimal tip wear!

  10. @beautifulmonday Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

    @Cheri Yes. Resist. Not worth the money and not all that pink.

    @a girl named sam I would love to try more Hard Candy stuff...if only I didn't have to go to my ghetto wal-mart to buy it. Have we done a blog link exchange yet?

    @beautyfromanotherplanet Yeah. In theory is sounds good. I would just stick with the Mythic Meteorite balls or pressed.

    @M.A.C.nunu LOL. I'm glad you liked the post.:-)

    @Karleigh Yeah. It's too bad. Hey, look on the bright side. I just saved you $56!

  11. I know what you mean- Wally World is not exactly known for being the classiest joint around, lol. I live in a small town, so ours isn't that bad, but some of the bigger ones I've been to make me wince. And use a whooole lot of hand sanitizer.
    I don't believe we have- I'm at http://chasingbluefeathers.blogspot.com/ . I just started it last month and there's not a whole lot to see yet, but it's getting there :)

  12. New follower, found you thru link love & am really enjoying your blog. That powder is beautiful...looking :)

  13. I found that with Guerlain in general, their pans are roughly if not all the same size so you could easily get away with putting in Voyage refill pan in there if you want. The only thing is though, unlike the Voyage refills which are sized perfectly so they don't slip out, there's a sticky...substance I suppose is the best word for it that keeps the pan to the compact with the pressed pearl Meteorites and the Terracotta compacts. As long as there's enough of that leftover (or you use somehow adhesive), you'd be able to use it like with any other compact.

    These pressed powders do resemble the newer Voyage compacts except in weight and obviously material (I swear if I was to use the new Voyage compacts as a weapon, I could certainly hurt someone; they're so hefty! These pressed powders not so much).

    I love your writing style for this ^^


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