Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadow #4

Last Saturday I needed some good old fashioned Retail Therapy, and what better place to get that therapy but at Neiman Marcus.  I was introduced to a spectacular Sales Associate at Neiman Marcus by the name of Kathy Shoreman.  Kathy was not only excited to meet me but energetic and incredibly knowledgeable about so many brands that Neiman Marcus carries.  You have NO IDEA how refreshing it is to meet a Sales Associate that actually KNOWS what she is talking about (I'm looking at you Sephora SAs).  If you live in the DC area be sure to seek her out at The Neiman Marcus in Tysons II. Shes the tall, striking, blonde with the great smile!

Kathy was at the Giorgio Armani counter when I met her and she showed me the brand new Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadows.  At first glance I thought they were a cream shadow, then I looked closer and realized they are a powder shadow. I was instantly attracted to Shade #4, a pewter grey with pink pigment mixed in giving a slightly warmer tone to an otherwise cool toned color.  

The NEW Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadows come in 13 shimmery, shiny shades!  The cutting-edge hybrid texture of these shadows, which are not powder, nor cream, act like a color film on the lid.  Each incredibly long lasting shade is intensified with a second color for an effect that is multi-dimensional and unique.  The powder in the glass container looks like it might be loose, but upon touching the product you see that is it more pressed...held together by sheer determination perhaps.  Giorgio Armani says that the technology behind this shadow is:
"The technology: Color-FilTM,  for the first time in an eyeshadow. A new high resistance bi-polymer enables the formula to perfectly fit the color to the eyelid with cushiony suppleness, for a never seen comfortable long wear."

And boy are they right. Soft, creamy, intensely metallic pigment clings to you lids like second skin.  While Armani suggests using your fingers or a specific Armani brush to apply I have found that using a sponge tipped applicator gives me wonderful control and results with little to no fallout.  The shadow is long wearing, crease proof, sweat-proof and apparently waterproof!  

The container comes with a black protective cap I assume to keep the powder in place while it is being stored and/or to keep it from drying out completely.

The one confusing part about this new product is that fact that Giorgio Armani has now decided to add names to their colors.  A company once reliant on only numbers, the number remain but the colors are also named...that's not confusing tho, the fact that the name on the GA website is different than the name on my product...that's what's so confusing.  According to the GA website my shadow #4 is Called Pulp Fiction.  But according to the bottom of my product jar the name is Noka.  I'm not sure I understand why they have different names, but as long as the color is the same I'm happy.

Oh that color. Shimmery, sparkly, glittery, glimmery, glam!  Granted, a light hand is needed if you choose to wear this to the office, but for a night out this is the shadow you want. Applied wet the result is an opaque metallic that looks like liquid metal on your lids. Applied dry you have control on the intensity of the shadow from heavy to light.  Regardless of your method of application, I have yet to find fault with this shadow line...except that it needs a TAUPE color!  I cannot rave enough about the texture the color and the overall look of this shadow.  The 0.14 oz shadow should last you a long long time as only a teeny tiny amount is needed to create beautiful color.

Do you NEED this?  YES! If you have been on the search for a liquid metal lid look then look no further. with shades of Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze, Pewter and Rose Gold, not to mention the blues, pinks, reds, and champagne colors you have your metallic arsenal all in one place!  I think  really want to get a Champagne color (they have two choices a gold base and a pink base) and perhaps another one.  Regardless, Kathy will be seeing me again in no time.

Eye Of The Day using only the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Silk Eyeshadow in #4 along with Chanel Nior Lame cake liner and Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara.

By the way, there was a lovely woman getting her eye makeup done by the Giorgio Armani Product Specialist (Alejandra) when I visited the counter.  I saw her finished look, using some of the new Armani Shadows and she looked stunning! This woman turned out to be a reader of my blog! I was a little embarrassed because I wasn't dressed super fantastic, nor was my makeup super fantastic because I had come to Neimans to test foundation, so this sweet reader probably thinks I'm a troll and my credibility is out the window.  Oh well. At least SHE looked good.


  1. I have been meaning to visit the GA counter next time I go to either Nordstrom or Saks...you are making this even more difficult to avoid!

    GORGEOUS color!

  2. Oooh, that looks wonderful! I don't even know if there is Armani cosmetics anywhere around here.

  3. I checked out the whole collection at my Giorgio Armani counter and "Noka" appears on the bottom of all the other containers as well. I personally wanted Lust Red because I have nothing like it!

  4. The pigmentation looks great ! Aww too bad GA has pulled out from Malaysia market T_T

  5. That was me! I was so excited to meet you last Saturday. I finally have a face to put with a name. I so enjoy your blog and will continue to read every issue. Keep up the terrific work and let me know if you want to go shopping! I am always ready to try new things.


  6. Thanks for the great review. I have been meaning to check out GA makeup in person, and this eye shadow will be the motivation to get me to the mall next week. So far I've purchased the mascara online and love it.

    Love your blog!

  7. I am laughing out loud! That's why beauty bloggers must wear dark glasses to hit the local stores.

  8. Gorgeous eye shadow, really suits you! I just started following your amazing blog, keep it up! :D

  9. Thank you so much for the great review!!! It is as equal a pleasure to converse with a customer who is as passionate about beauty products as I am! I could spend hours waxing poetic about cosmetics, skin care, hair care - wait, I already do. I really appreciate the hard work and passion of beauty bloggers, who I believe bring product reviews to a whole new level, and without the quid pro quo of the commercial magazine industry. Reviews are refreshing, honest, and egalitarian.
    You are welcome to hang out with me any time! Thanks Elvira!

  10. @ Lexi920 - There are some shades in this new collection you won't be able to live without. :-)

    @ Anon - Try doing some google image searches for swatch pictures and then buy on line from Neiman Marcus or Armani directly. If you want a real live person to help, please send me an e-mail and I'll put you in touch with the SA I purchased from at Neimans in DC.

    @Rosanna - A HA! Thank you!! I feel dumb now. Shows how little I know about Armani Beauty. This means I should buy more right?

    @AnnaYJia - Can you still purchase on line? Such a shame for you to miss out on these shades. they seem perfect for the Asian market because they are so sparkly.

    @kkc135 - HI!!! I'm really not THAT ugly in real life. I swear. It was such a thrill to meet you. I hope your daughter wasn't too mortified that we were gushing so much about MU. Maybe we'll see each other again...and hopefully I won't look like the walking dead.

    @Z - so Did you take the plunge? Did you get the shadow? I really like the mascara. I should pick up a tube the next time i run out of my current brand.

    @Charlestongirl - Lesson learned. Oh my. It was embarrassing.

    @youngonesgroan - Thanks! I hope you enjoy reading!

    @Miss Brahms - THANKS!!! you are so full of win! And never invite me to hang out with you because I so will! LOL

  11. I too have received great advice from Kathy at neiman Marcus in Tysons and highly recommend her. She's funny smart and friendly -- and she knows her stuff!

  12. Hey, I am pretty positive that NOKA is an alphabetic code, not a name for the eyeshadow ;) I have #4, #6 & #13 and they respectively have alphabetic codes NOLA, NOKA & NOIFA.

  13. Can someone explain the champagne colors to me. Which one is warm? Which one is cool? I have #3 and I love it! I understand it is a warm purple. Looking at the swatch online is hard.

    1. #8 Champagne is warm toned and then there is #11 White Punch which leans more cool/neutral because of the high concentration of white pigment in it. Hope that helps.

    2. Thanks so much for the help with the champagne tones. My #8 is on it's way to me. Can hardly wait. I think/know I'm over the top with these eyeshadows. They are so unique and at the same time so easy to use.


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