Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guerlain Rouge Automatique Lipstick in #125 Vega

image from Guerlain
Part two of my love affair with Guerlain's new lipstick formula and case today.  

As I already mentioned I am a sucker for packaging and Guerlain has some of the nicest packaging in the industry. Now it's all for naught if the product inside isn't as delightful as the packaging, but thankfully Guerlain lives up to expectations and delivers a new lipstick formula in the Guerlain Rouge Automatique that is superb.

While searching through the immense Guerlain archives, Olivier Échaudemaison (Creative Director for Guerlain) found a small Art Deco wonder created in 1936 that captured his attention: the original “Rouge Automatique.” Though the legendary lipstick’s craftsmanship and hand finishes were commonplace at the time, the lipstick packaging was a revolution in itself with its single hand push to reveal luxurious color.  Olivier now reinterprets Rouge Automatique for the 21st century – re-innovating the piece as the first lipstick without a cap and with an application technique requiring only a single hand.

Sure there are other brands that have has a 1 handed lipstick, but the formula of Guerlain’s lipstick makes those other brands look like crayons.  The new formula is innovative and delicately sheer. It has three objectives:

According to Guerlain:
"* OBJECTIVE 1: Second-Skin Texture
Sensory oils + waxes with different fusion points gradually liquefy during application, depending on temperature of the lips.  The result is a soft sensory film that becomes one with skin, offering impeccable coverage that is neither too oily nor too thick.  A lipstick so comfortable that you’ll forget your wearing it.

* OBJECTIVE 2: Boosted Colors
Cristal Pigment is a non-opaque pigment that makes it possible to obtain luminous, clear and pure colors.  The result is unprecedented light and luminous beiges and pinks that feature tailor-made shine with made-to-measure sheerness.

* OBJECTIVE 3: Long-Lasting Hold
Offering exceptional shine, stay-put and feather-proof color, the formula utilizes a complex of oil and resin that act in harmony to accentuate shine and hold.  The oil is rich, not sticky, with high refraction power."

The Guerlain Rouge Automatique in Vega #125 delivers in all aspects of the above. The sheer formula melts onto my lips and applies like a dream.  It's soft and smooth and I almost forget I'm wearing it. I never feel like I need a lip balm underneath or above once I have been wearing it for a while.  It fades evenly and that's after a fairly long time of wear. I did not experience the dreaded red ring of shame around my lips as the lipstick wore off nor did I experience any bleeding or feathering of the lipstick.  The color is a deep blood red that is somewhat sheer enough for every day wear. It reminds me of a less intense version of KissKiss 525 - Folie de Grenat. The neutral toned red has a tendency to pull cool on me but since warm colors turn orange on me and cool colors turn pink I have to believe that this one is the most neutral of the reds I own. All in all a win!

Now I will say that the case does not carry as much "heft" as other Guerlain lipstick cases so it can seem a little light when being held, but I'm sure my back won't complain since I end up carrying around a ton of lipsticks with me all the time.  As for the design, I love the on handed ease, but be careful not to slide the lipstick all the way up as the bullet might break off from the base if too much pressure is applied to the lipstick. Wile I have never had this happen to me using the Guerlain Rouge Automatique lipstick I know form experience that a fully extended lipstick is easy to break, not matter what the brand. Lastly the scent. Yes. Guerlain likes to scent its lipsticks. It's not offensive to me but can be to those with more sensitive noses.

Do you NEED this?  Well if you are a packaging hoor, YES! if you are lipstick hoor, YES! If you want something special to perk up a bad day, YES!

The 25 new Spring shades of Rouge Automatique are available in April 2011 for $35 at select locations of Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and at Bergdorf Goodman.


  1. Oh my, the colour, the packaging, the EVERYTHING! I need this in my life!

  2. Holy moly, it's like a switchblade! But a lipstick! Badassss!!!!

    When I finally get more money my way, I want this lipstick.

  3. This is pretty awesome. The color is really nice, and the packaging is so cool.

  4. youngonesgroan: Yes. Yes you do! You NEED it! So sayeth I. So sayeth All.

    The Bloated Ewe: LMAO @ Lipstick Switchblade! So cool it SHOULD be illegal!

    Yami: I'm wearing this color again today. It's so divine!!


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