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Revlon CustomEyes™ Shadow and Liner Palettes

I recently had the privilege of receiving four of the NEW Revlon CustomEyes™ Shadow and Liner palettes. Priced at $8.99 each, these palettes come with four coordinated shadows and one liner shadow. I found the liner worked just as well dry as it did wet...although the packaging didn't indicate it was a wet/dry shadow.  I have never used Revlon for eye shadows before, but I do like their ColorStay Foundation and their polishes, so I figured that the shadows should be good too. Each palette is housed in simple plastic packaging with a dual ended sponge applicator. There is a helpful guide on the back showing you where you can place the shadow and they are numbered 1 through 5 running from right to left.  The shadows lasted mostly all day, but there was fading, even with an eye base, at the 10 hour mark.

Let's start with the palettes I received.

The first palette is #010 Sweet Innocence. It has mostly matte shades with a couple of satin shades mixed in. This is your basic neutral palette.  It reminded me of the TooFaced Naked Eye Palette I rejected earlier this year.  Revlon's CustomEyes™ #101 Sweet Innocence has a good mix of neutral, cool and warm shades to compliment almost any skin tone, however I feel that those with cooler skin tones may like this palette more. The #1 shade (according to the diagram on the back of the palette) is the pink shade on the far right. This satin color was almost identical to my natural lid shade and barely showed up on me.  The next shade, which is the crease shade #2, is a pretty neutral matte TAUPE.  It leaned cooler on my eye than it does on my swatch, because I placed it over the pink shade. I found this matte taupe blended poorly compared to other matte shadows I have used.  The #3 shade is a matte highlight shade! Kudos to Revlon for having a matte highlight. It's a soft ivory that blends fairly well.  #4 Shade is a warm satin peach. It is suggested to use as an inner eye highlight but I could see this working well as an all over lid shade too.  Lastly #5 is the liner shade. An almost metallic deep taupe-y brown this liner is incredibly pigmented and works well applied dry or applied with a damp liner brush.

The next in the palettes is one that I think many might find to be their $8.99 answer to the popular Urban Decay Naked palette.

Revlon's #020 Naturally Glamorous is a set of five richly hued metallic shadows. This palette leans warm and would look fantastic on warm skin tones and darker skin tones.  I think coupled with the #010 Sweet Innocence palette above, one might have all the neutral/naked colors one would ever need, thereby saving you almost $30 because you wouldn't need that UD Naked palette!  The colors are a #1 metallic beige #2 metallic copper #3 metallic champagne #4 metallic bronze and #5 metallic deep brown.  They all blended better than the #010 Sweet Innocence palette and the shadows looked much more pigmented.

This next palette is the real metallic palette of the collection.

#025 called Metallic Chic sports some very pretty and very metallic shades.  #1 is a metallic silver but it's somewhat sheerer than the rest of the shadows in the palette.  #2 is a beautiful warm metallic forest green. Many metallic shadows of the green persuasion tend to pull black when applied. This one reminds me of  Bobbi Brown Metallic Shadow in Bash with a warmer undertone.  #3 is a stunning metallic yellow gold. #4 is a rich metallic copper, slightly lighter than the metallic copper of the #020 Naturally Glamorous palette and also slightly more orange. #5 is a deep metallic brown that is leaning toward black with a very slight gold shimmer to it.

Last, but not least, is my favorite palette of the bunch. This one is called #030 Rich Temptations.

This sweet palette of pinks, burgundy and sage green really makes my grey green eyes stand out!  The shades are all of the satin persuasion with slight leaning towards metallic.  Sad to say but I think I had a palette with these colors in the mid 1980's. Thankfully eye shadow formulas have improved dramatically since then, and this Revlon CustomEyes™ collection applies a lot better than the shadows I had *gasp* 25 years ago!

Let’s have a moment of silence for how incredibly old I am.


OK.  Thank you.

So Revlon's #030 in Rich Temptations has #1 shade as a cool toned pink. This color actually shoes up better on me than the #010 Sweet Innocence but be warned, those with pink eyelids may find that this set of shadows gives you a albino bunny rabbit look (PINK EYE). This is easily corrected with a warm toned flesh colored liner applied to the waterline...which I forgot to apply in my Eye Of The Day picture below, but do as I say, not as I do!

Anyway. #2 shadow is a sweet satiny plum #3 is a cool toned beige champagne #4 is a subtle metallic sage green and #5 is a deep black based metallic burgundy that reminds me of MAC Beautymarked without the glitter and with less black base. 

As you can see in my less than expert application of the #030 Rich Temptations palette the shadows blended decently but I think I could have done a better job.

I used #1 pink shadow all over the lower lid to the crease, #2 plum shadow from mid crease to outer V, #3 shadow to highlight to brow bone, #4 on inner eye to mid crease and #5 to line under eye and partially lid and outer V.

Do you NEED this?  Well I was less than impressed with the quality of #010 Sweet Innocence but I found that the metallic formula worked really well and #020, #025 were real winners as far as pigmentation and quality. #030 is my favorite but the sage green may not work for everyone.  Revlon CustomEyes™ Shadow and Liner palettes come in two more color combinations, so there is a decent range to choose from. If you are looking for a inexpensive eye shadow palette this may be one for you. Personally, I liked the shadows but felt that if I spent a little more money for another brand I would get a lot more in quality and wearability.


  1. Beautiful palettes, too bad Revlon products are more expensive in Greece compared to us prices...

  2. these remember me of fall, but not spring at all :) but a lot of wearable colours, though!

  3. These look nice. Like the other commenter, these look more like Autumn colours than Spring, but I don't think it alters my opinion of them.

  4. It's too bad you liked the first one the least, because that would have been my pick for colours.

  5. I may have to pick up #020 since I am the only person to not have picked up the UD Naked Palette.

  6. Wow! They look much more pigmented than I would have guessed them to be.

  7. Wow looks really good, have to try it my self

  8. I follow your blog whenever I have the time , its so fun and taupe-tastic!

    If you may, what eye care cream do you recommend for a 25 year old that spends too much time working and has severe bags and dark circles? I worry about premature aging due to little sleep.

    I have noticed that your skin around eyes has improved since last year, to me it means that you must have found what works for you, and its shows so well.
    I look forward for your recommendation. Thank you!


  9. Yes indeed, VERY old.. ugly too, don't forget that part.

  10. Yes indeed, VERY old.. ugly too, don't forget that part.

  11. makeupattitude: That's a bummer. But I bet you have some wonderful MU from Greece that we don't have here in the US!

    ketoglutarat and Skulda: Yeah. Me too, however the hot colors for spring are earth tones in browns and corals so at least a few of those colors go. But I think it's more a new product than a line specifically for Spring.

    Tracy D: I was sad about that too. Not the best quality of the 4. Definitely skip that one.

    lexi920: #020 This would look awesome on you!

    KittenMittens: I know! I had the same reaction!

    oriflame: If you do, please let me know what you think!

    Anonymous #1 (Anne): Thanks so much for the compliment. I really appreciate it. I have been using 3 different eye creams over the past year and all 3 of them are targeted toward a more ..ahem...mature skin type than 25 years. However I am a firm believer in sunscreen and good sunglasses to help prevent wrinkles. A nice BASIC eye cream is one by Bobby Brown called Hydrating Eye cream. Until you actually get older I would avoid retinol products or other eye creams that are specifically for anti-aging. However if you refuse to heed my advice you can certainly spend your money on one of the three eye creams I use.
    1) Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye
    2) Kate Somerville Phytocell Eye
    3) La Mer The Eye Balm Intense
    Hope that helps!

    Anonymous: Not only are you a coward for posting your lame criticism of me under an Anonymous moniker you are also an idiot for posting it twice.

  12. i'm eyeing on the sweet innocence palette =)


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