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Giorgio Armani Beauty Rouge d'Armani Lipstick #516

I played the flute from early in elementary school to well into college. I like to think that I was quite proficient with the flue. I played in orchestra, band, quartets, solo. I did pretty well.  I didn't follow a career in music because, to be quite honest I hated to practice (and I liked to have money).  Yes. As long as I played the flute I hated practicing so much that I avoided it at all costs.  Thankfully I have a photographic memory so learning a new piece wasn't that hard, but I will be the first to admit that I know I could have done better. I wasn't passionate about it. I'm passionate about makeup and always have been. As long as I have been playing the flute I have been even more interested in cosmetics and beauty.  

The obsession with lipstick that I have severely interferes with flute playing.  Trust me. Nothing more disgusting than a headpiece from a flute covered in lipgloss.  Gross.  So to this day I'm still puzzled by my flute teacher.  Her name was Karen. She was a leftover from the 1970's. Long straight brown hair, parted in the middle. A peaches and cream complexion. Bell bottom jeans. Clogs. Peasant blouses. Minimal makeup except for some black eyeliner, mascara and this lip color. The lip color was bewitching. It looked plum but a brownish plum, but not too brown. It was glossy without being shiny. It looked like her natural lip color but better. It was THE PERFECT LIPCTICK.  My strongest memory of my flute teacher was her perfect lips.  That's kinda sad considering she was a great flautist. Yep. I was more focused on her makeup than anything else.  Would you all expect any less from me?  I searched for decades.  Yes DECADES to replicate that color.  I was indeed foolish for not asking her what she wore. I have no idea why I never asked, but I think I have enjoyed the hunt for this Unicorn over these past few decades.  I thought I found it in a Revlon lipstick back in the 1990's but looking at pictures it was too orange and brown to be the right color.  I thought I had it again in the 2000's but looking back that color was too pale and pink.  I am here today to tell you I think I may have captured the Unicorn, finally in 2011.

Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani Lipstick in number 516. This is a deceiving looking lipstick bullet as it looks extremely dark and matte when brand new. But once applied to the lips it transforms into the sheer and glossy perfect plum pout I have been searching for.

Before I wax nostalgic about lipstick in the 1980's flute teachers and everything else....huh? Oh yeah. I already did. Well then. I guess I should get on with telling you about the formula of this lipstick.  

Rouge d'Armani is the long lasting lipstick of the Armani collection.  The long-wear formula is said to last up to 8 hours.  While I have yet to find ANY lipstick to meet that claim, this Armani color does last a good 4 hours without need for touch up. Considering I have to touch up my Chanel & Dior lipsticks after every cup of tea, that 4 hours starts to look like an extremely long time.  The lipstick itself feels incredibly comfortable on. Its creamy formula is experienced upon application. There are no dry and crumbly bits, like with some long wear lip colors and my lips never felt like they were drying out except toward the end of the wear.  The shine and sheerness associated with this long wearing lip color are astounding!  Most long wearing formulas sacrifice shine for longevity but not with Rouge d'Armani. This lipstick looks shiny and new and had a sheerness to it that made it seem like a fresh application lipstick for several hours.

I also picked up the Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Lip Pencil #12 (Burnt Rose) this neutral/nude lip liner applied like a dream and went on smoother than silk...hey I guess that's why they name it that!  Either way I experience no lip line related breakout associated with this liner and the color was an excellent complement to the 516 lipstick

The case is wonderful as it is elegantly shaped twisted oval column in a black high shine lacquer container. It has a magnetic closure so you know your lipstick lid will always stay in place and won't cause any accidents in your purse.  Plus it's fun to hear the "click" and feel the magnet work. (Steer clear of ICP fans when using this lipstick because they don't understand how magnets work)
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Now back to my flute teacher. I haven't seen her since 1989 and to be honest I have no actual photograph of her lip color, it's all by memory. I must say that in my mind's eye I can still see her and I can say without a doubt that this Rouge d'Armani Lipstick in #516 is an almost exact copy of her lip color.  I say almost because hey, I may have caught the unicorn but there's no reason I can't be a catch and release type hunter. I mean there are millions of lipsticks out there. Perhaps I'll find another unicorn and this one will have rainbows coming out of his butt!

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Do you NEED this? YES. If not in the 516 color you can try it in one of the 37 other shades they have. That's a lot of choice. That's a lot of potential unicorns!


  1. These are a new discovery for me, and I am loving the formula! I do need more colors :)

  2. I have both the l/l and l/s :) you should get #9 l/l and #7 lip shimmer.

    You have an awesome taste in mu <3. I'd recommend 513 for a nice rose/berry color with a kick.


  3. I have that exact color on today, on my it's a very soft and moisturizing "my lips but better" shade. It really is a wonderful formula. I also have #600 (I think), which is very very violet and slightly scary in the tube, but works out as really wearable even for warmer skintones.

  4. Another reason why I love your blog - I played the flute too for some time. I keep thinking this is the reason I cannot properly form my lips to whistle very well - I immediately think I'm going to blow into my flute. My flute teacher looked like Cameron Diaz in 'Being John Malkovich' - very crunchy, 70's groovy but no makeup whatsoever. She was very nice, though.

    Also, you just make is so hard for me to avoid purchases!

  5. Gorgeous! And crap because I had no idea I needed #51666. I have only one Rouge d'Armani in Plum 606, and it is very sheer and not very plum at all. 516 looks right up my alley. I wonder how close it is to Edward Bess Night Romance, though.

  6. The backstory of this lipstick makes me reaaally want it. Like, even more than I already do because of the color.


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