Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Review by Joeybunny - An Introduction to Concrete Minerals

One of my 2011 makeup goals is to expand my knowledge of independent makeup brands. I am already a huge Fyrinnae fanbunny, and my forays into Shiro Cosmetics and Sugarpill Cosmetics were both wonderful. There is something just lovely about men and women who pour their passion and love for color into homegrown, dedicated companies. I have a ton of respect and awe for these shimmer soldiers, who pour their time and energy into making my busted ass look a lot prettier.

Anyway, Joey’s latest adventure into Independent Line-Land brings us to Concrete Minerals. Concrete Minerals is a lovely little shop on Etsy run by Emily. Emily started Concrete Minerals in 2009 because she realized that everybody needed some punchy color in their lives. Thanks Emily, because I could always use some color in these dark days (if you haven’t noticed by my absence from Pink Sith/my Twitter account, I’ve been dealing with a lot of crap lately).

(clockwise from top L: Jezebel, Smut, Lolita, Seance, Deviant)

(same order as above, but this is with flash!)

I digress. Emily succeeded in creating an affordable line of loose eyeshadows...

Let’s be realistic, everyone. When do I ever care about a makeup line that’s taupe-less? Sugarpill might be the one exception to this rule, and that’s because Amy/Shrinkle succeeded in creating the world’s best pressed blue eyeshadow.

A fact about Joey: Joey’s favorite book is Vladimir Nabokov’s “Lolita” because she loves a good, twisted love story that’s fantastically written. “Lolita” is arguably one of the finest examples of written English EVER.
Another fact about Joey: Joey loves taupe. This is more of a Truth than anything else.
A third fact about Joey: If anyone ever thought to combine Joey’s love of “Lolita” and love of taupe, Joey would explode into an orgasmic cascade of happies.

Well, thanks for the long-distance O, Emily! Concrete Minerals Lolita eyeshadow is one of the loveliest and unique taupes I have ever encountered. If Le Metier de Beaute Jojo (a review of this shall be on the blog shortly!) and MAC Vex got drunk and hooked up, Concrete Minerals Lolita would be the resulting happy accident. Lolita has a gorgeous light warm brown-taupe base, with a lovely mix of green, pink, and purple shimmer. This results in a taupe that is light enough to be a lid color, but impactful and depth-ful (is this a word?!) to be a crease color. I am in love. I need a full size of this baby.

As for the other shades I ordered, I am happy with them, and will describe them:

Jezebel - a lovely and murky purpled red with red and blue shimmer.
Smut - is it brown? is it red? is it both?! I think it’s both. It’s sexy, and the gold and green shimmer in this color makes it a lovely and quick smokey eye shade. Look at how different it is with and without flash!
Seance - a pretty deep purple with rainbow shimmer. I want to try this as a liner!
Deviant - a browner and deeper version of Smut. It’s actually hard to tell them apart, but Deviant has a slightly more purpled edge.

(swatches in same order as the jars above, with flash)

(swatches without flash)

Now, do I recommend Concrete Minerals to you all? Yes, absolutely. My order shipped quickly, was packaged with care and thought, and the prices are right (full-sized jars are $6 and shipping is only $3!). Give Emily some love and support, and try the line.


  1. I ordered Smut and Lolita when Concrete had their FB excited now :)

  2. I KNEW you would love Lolita! I love that color.

  3. I am not usually very moved by mineral makeup, but I browsed this Etsy shop last night and thought almost all the colors were exceptional. I'll definitely be ordering from them.

  4. I love Lolita. Of course Smut and Deviant get love but Lolita is definitely a shexay taupe!

  5. great review! I loooooooove the look of lolita.. i actually checked out the shop before i read your whole review and lolita was the shade that jumped out at me the most!

  6. I love concrete, my package got lost coming to me so they sent me a replacement for free and included a free fullsize eye shadow of my choice. So nice!

  7. Naturalla Beauty, enjoy them! The colors are LOVELY.

    Phyrra, I know <33333 you are the best and my favorite lemming creator xoxo

    Carrie, let me know how Lolita goes for you =D


    Taupeisthenewblack, HAHAH! How could it not?!

    Lycanthropica, that's WONDERFUL customer service!

  8. I just checked out the site and basically want it all! Can't get it all, but still...I'm thinking I'm neeeeeding quite a few. Thanks for the review!

    Lipstick Musings

  9. OOOhhh, that taupe!!! I'd like it as a lower lid liner too. I love loose mineral makeup and I have been terribly lax in getting new shadows. I already have Concrete Minerals on that list. I'm making sure Smut is on that list. :)

  10. Lipstick Diva, you're welcome! The shades are so lovely - start with Lolita for sure!

    Kimberly, Smut is divine =D let me know if you end up ordering!!

  11. Smut is gorgeous! Try it with Jezebel!


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