Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blushes You Can't Have - Chanel Joues Contraste in Turbulent

I'm back again with our Sadistic little exercise in desire.  It's time again for another installment of  < echo voice > Blushes You Can't Have!...Can't Have...can't have...can't have... < fades > < /voice >  Remember last year when Joeybunny and I tortured you with the best and most evil blog project this world has ever seen with Taupes You Can't Have? You know that 12 month series where we featured some of our best-est taupes, with the knowledge that most of you could never have them. Yeah. That's how we roll! Wanting to out do ourselves this year, we decided to bring you 12 blushes you probably can't have. As like last year, we will feed off your sorrow and anguish as each of you has a little piece if their heart die with each new post in the series: Blushes You Can't Have!  Muwahahahaha!

In January, I started the series with Chanel Joues Contraste in Poesie. In February, Joeybunny brought you MAC Powder Blush in Afterdusk and then I followed the next month with the Shu Uemura Glow-On in Sakura.  Last month Joeybunny tormented you with quite possibly the prettiest blush ever created with the Inoui ID blush in PK-1.  So How do I continue the anguish over blush?  Well quite simply with one word. Turbulent.

tur·bu·lent [tur-byuh-luhnt]
1. being in a state of agitation or tumult; disturbed: turbulent feelings or emotions.
agitated, tumultuous, violent, tempestuous, disordered. 

Chanel released their Joues Contraste blush for the 2006 Fall collection.  Quite the break from the subtle plums and mochas of fall, Turbulent was an instant success.....or that's how people want to remember it. But much like past presidencies, history has been re-written.  At first people were appalled with the neon pink of the blush.  The tried to compare it to NARS blushes and tried to find dupes because they (whomever they are) complained about the price. They complained about the smell (roses). The complained about almost everything they could think of, but when the blush dust settles down and all the Chanel Turbulent JC blushes are all sold out, you know what they do?  They whine about how they really loved it and how they wish it wasn't discontinued. Boo Hoo!  Some people don't know what a good thing they have until it's taken away.

I believe Turbulent was available for sale all the way up until Fall of 2007 When Chanel Introduced another cult classic, Narcisse. Regardless of the availability back 5 years ago, it's no longer for sale though Chanel now.  People must now go on the black market for this blush. Whether it be through Swap/Purchase (like I did) or though evilbay this it pretty much the only way you are going to get your grubby little well manicured paws on this blush.

So what's so great about this blush anyway?

Well my fine readers. It's PINK!  but not just any pink. It's like a neon pink, but with subtle blue undertones and the finest shimmer one could ever imagine.  This pink makes you look like you just stepped out of the cold. It makes you look like you just heard something naughty, it makes you look like you might be about to engage in something naughty. This is the ultimate hot pink, I look like a living human being and not a corpse, blush!

Admittedly this blush needs a light hand for application. I preferred to use a skunk brush to apply it to my fair skin, but those with darker skin tones could definitely use a regular blush brush.  The cool toned neon pink looks stunning and striking on dark skin and delicate and sweet on very fair skin. It is a blush that almost every woman could wear, if applied correctly.

The finely milled powder of this blush combined with the outstanding strong pigmentation make this a must have in any blush addicts arsenal.  If there is a way to swap for this or purchase one from someone I highly recommend it. It's just that lovely!


  1. Great shade! I don't have it but my friend does and yes, it's a gorgeous and amazing shade! I really don't understand why don't they re-promote this blush? :)

  2. YOU ARE EVIL!!!!!!!!

    I have managed to get Narcisse after discovering JCs after it's departure but this blush haunts me!

  3. Gorgeous! Love the colour - thanks for the lemming.

  4. Does Chanel every repromote anything???

  5. muahaha I seriously love you guys for your evilness. These are my favorite posts.

  6. meanie!!!

    ....or maybe it's in the stash somewhere? hmmmmmm

  7. It looks a lot like Fyrinnae's Charm blush which I own and use every day - the only blush in the world that, as you said, turns a corpse into a living person :)

  8. speaking of blushes I can't have, I was in love with Chanel's Cedar Rose! This is the only Chanel Item I ever liked. Do you know something similar? I even bought a tester of it and now I'm out!

  9. The introduction to this post was amazing. :-)

    Sigh... now I will leave and gently weep into my pillow since this is another beautiful makeup product I didn't know about until it was far too late.


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