Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inglot Eyeshadows

I completely blame Joeybunny for this post and my lack of cash in my bank account.  You see, she told me a while back about Inglot shadows and how wonderful they were. She even posted on her own blog, here! Then, when I went to look for a place to purchase them, I found out that in the US there are only 5 places to get them in a store.  This would not do, yet it also created a huge lemming to get the shadows at any cost.  You see when I'm told (via lack of stores or by an individual) that I can't have something, I end up wanting it even more and will go to great lengths to get what I cannot have. I am stubborn and lack self control. Do I need 10 new eyeshadows? Of course not.  Did I need almost 5 of them to be taupe?  Nope.  But, did I do it anyway?  DUH! Yes.

INGLOT, the company, was established over 25 years ago by Wojtek Inglot, a young chemist working at that time in R&D department in pharmaceutical company.  He is still directly involved in the formulation and design process of all new Inglot products.They work with make-up artists and color consultants to bring the latest trends in color to the market. Inglot is constantly developing new products and offers a full range of cosmetics from base makeup to shadows and liners, to nail polish and makeup brushes.  One could outfit their entire cosmetic kit from Inglot and not want for anything more.  It's that awesome! Inglot's Freedom System, which I purchased, allows you to experiment with countless shades and color combinations, giving you the opportunity to create your own customized color palette.  Which is exactly what I did!

Now you may be thinking wow 10 shadows. That's a lot. But honestly the shadows cost less the more you purchase AND the 10 pan palette which retails for $20 USD drops to just $5 USD if you purchase it with 10 eyeshadows!  For example. Purchase 1 to 2 eyeshadows and you pay $7 each. Purchase 3 to 9 Shadows and you pay $5 for each. Purchase 10 or more shadows and you pay $4.50 each! Isn't that like $10 less than MAC shadows? UH-HUH It sure is.

Just because you are paying less doesn't mean you get lower quality. First of all the palette is sturdy as heck and has 4 little magnets holding the top on. The hard plastic is sleek and there is no wasted space. I found the Inglot shadows to be some of the most pigmented and most even textured shadows I have ever used.  My standby favorite shadow line in Bobbi Brown is blown out of the water with the Inglot brand.  Not only does Inglot offer a freedom system to customize your palettes it offers a variety of finishes and textures in the shadows.  Matte, Pearl, Shine, Double Shine, AMC and AMC Shine. Now don't ask me what an AMC shadow is because the website provides NO explanation at all. I could have e-mailed customer service or Tweeted to them, but I'm too lazy.  Regardless, the varying finishes and similar colors in the different finishes remind me of the Shu Uemura system...only with MORE color choice and MORE pigmented shadows. 

It wasn't easy but I managed to pick out 10 shadows for my 10 pan freedom system.  I knew I wanted at least 2 colorful shadows and 2 highlighting shadows. I also knew I wanted a nice even mix of warm and cool taupes.  After a lot of searching Google Image, makeup blogs and other sites like Specktra and Makeup Alley, I was able to find 10 shades I thought would look their taupiest best on me. But I still found a serious lack of QUALITY photographs showing the eyeshadow swatches. I did find 4 blogs that had some excellent swatches and pictures to share, and I'm sure there are more out there, but these are the few I found helpful.

Here is what I selected

DS496 - A satin white with subtle shimmer
P420 - A cool grey taupe
M351 - A matte cream
P402 - A warm Brown Taupe

P434 - A deep metallic grey taupe
DS459 - A cool brown with silver glitter
DS460 - A plummy brown with silver glitter
P423 - A metallic copper brown

DS459 (see above)
DS483 - A true deep blue with silver and aqua glitter
P423 (see above)
AMC73 - A warm bright purple with silver glitter

Top row swatched.

Bottom row swatched.

Each shadow was smooth and soft and blended beautifully. Each shadow wore wonderfully over my Too Faced Shadow Insurance base. Each shadow can be applied sheer or heavy depending on the brush and method of application. Each shadow was a total WIN!

Do you NEED this? YES. YES. A Thousand Times YES! For less than the price of a Dior quint you can have 10 Inglot shadows and a case to hold them! (But getting a Dior quint is nice too!)  Honestly I fell in love with these shadows so much that I purchased another 10 last week and I plan to purchase at least 5 more in the near future.  It's like potato chips. You can't have just one...palette.

Inglot is sold in 240 retail locations worldwide. In the USA you can find them in Las Vegas, Nevada, Miami, Florida, New Jersey, New York, Newport Beach, California and on line at


  1. I get so thrilled when people "discover" Inglot! I could quite happily throw out everything else I own and exist purely on Inglot. They make everything else look overpriced and shit.

  2. Oh no! Here we go again... You are the cause of many of my purchases!! ;) Gorgeous!
    Question... What type of camera do you use? Your pictures are amazing and so color accurate!!!

  3. I just made my first visit - got myself a grey trio for $17. LOVE their shadows. That bottom pic is OTT gorgeous.

  4. Beautiful taupes. I had never heard of the brand until I was sent a trio as a gift. Unfortunately all 3 colors were too warm for me, and I ended up giving it away, but the quality of the eyeshadows was excellent. Even the compact felt heavy and "expensive."

  5. Oh god Elvira - now I *have* to get a palette - blows BB shadows out of the water???? I'm helplessly in love with my BB Day to Night Warm palette so I can only imagine how freaking awesome these are. Thanks so much for the awesome swatches too! I want at least half of the shadows you picked lol.

  6. They look good. Really really good.
    Must combine something.

  7. I've been seing this brand featured alot on other sites - looks like I know what I'm doing next time I find myself in Jersey!

  8. Wow, Elvira...beautiful looks! You are just the master of the smokey eye, woman!

    And you're evil for creating another lemming.

    Lipstick Musings

  9. did you swatch those wet because if not dayum (thats right the 2 syllable damn)those are pigmented!

  10. I only got P402 out of the ones you listed. I'm baffled as to how I missed the others! But no worries. I'm definitely going back (I'm going to print a picture of your palette by the way.. for reference).

  11. That last look is GORGEOUS!

  12. Okay this is like the 8th Inglot post I've read and I've been filling my cart and hitting the close button for weeks now. That's it. No more. I'm gonna purchase. Curses! But such a good curse!

  13. What brush do you use to get your eye liner so thin? I bow to your liner ability.

  14. How is it possible that up until reading this post I have never even heard of Inglot and now I'm craving some in my life? When I saw how pigmented they were I was floored! Beautiful palette BTW.

  15. The Inglot thread on Specktra has a large amount of terrific swatches:

  16. Could you tell me what the Inglot ingredients are? I can't find an ingredients listing anywhere on their website-- not the About or the FAQ or any of the individual project pages I've looked at. :( I could just be missing something, but if so, they've made it incredibly difficult to locate. >_<

  17. I love the shades that you chose - it would definitely be a palette that I would love to try myself!

  18. Suzanne: I couldn't agree more. I have been using them exclusively for the past 2 weeks. I'm wondering why I have any other shadows. LOL

    Anonymous/Stacy: Yep. Sorry about that...but I think you might need to pick up a few of these shadows...for your own good.

    Becca: A grey trio sounds lovely! I bet you will be back!

    Zuzu's Petals: Aww. sorry those colors didn't work for you..hopefully you can find some cooler tones that will suit you!

    Catherine: Seriously. these shadows are so pigmented and last so long I haven't touched my BB shadows in weeks!

    lexi920: What will you do the next time you are in Jersey?...humm...Well aside from visiting Crumbs bakery I guess you'll be going to your local Inglot store!

    Lipstick Diva: Aww thanks hun! and glad I could instill yet another lemming!

    luv2smilexo: No baby! Dry swatched over TFSI using a sponge applicator. And yeah. Uber Pigmented.

    reen: Isn't 402 great?! Ohh. let me know what you end up getting when you go back!

    Phyrra: Thanks!! I appreciate that. And i appreciate your swatches on your blog too!

    Baroque In Babylon: I hope I was able to help. Let me know what you got!

    nLkky: For the purple & Blue liner I used the Inglot liquid liners that they offer and just used the brush that came with the liquid liner. For the brown liner I used a MAC 210 Precise eye lining brush. and a lot of practice.

    Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup: It's possible. I had the same problem when I read blog posts about Inglot! And Thanks!

    NeenaJ: Wonderful! Thanks for the link!

    femputer: I know! It's tauperific!

    Virginia Fox: I could not tell you the ingredients if I wanted to. I can't find them either. Their website is unusually devoid of information. I suggest e-mailing CS and hopefully they can get back to you.

    ~Cinnamon Kitten~: Thanks! It really is a fun palette!

  19. Ah Inglot. It is a Polish company that used to be small and produced only for the local market.

    They were cheap (even way cheaper than they are now) and all my friends and I first experimented with make up using Inglot products. Basically every girl who was a teenager in Poland in mid-90s grew up on Inglot.

    It was only recently when I saw their shop in Westfield in London that I realised just how big they became.

  20. Wojtek Inglot died last Saturday. RIP. I wonder what fate awaits his company.

  21. So...I've read about Inglot online and resisted. Now they're carried in Seattle. After seeing these in person, I'm so close to throwing out all of my makeup (eyes, blush and most lipstick). I'm obsessed. I think I need some sort of rehab.


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