Monday, May 9, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Colour Core Moisture Stain Lipstick in Monaco

Before I start gushing over how much I ADORE this new lipstick I have to note one negative thing. The color swatches found on line at the Le Metier de Beaute website and at Neiman are terribly inaccurate. I mean TERRIBLY. I purchased on of the Le Metier de Beaute's color core moisture stain lipsticks in a color called Monaco.  Ahh I would love to be a billionaire and stay in Monaco. Maybe meet some Daniel Craig look alike in a tux drinking a martini...but I digress.  As you will see from the swatches and photos below Monaco is a beautiful bright fuchsia leaning towards the red side versus the blue side of fuchsia.  The color you see on the LMdB and Neimans websites is BROWN. A pinkish brown, but brown all the same.

Swatches from and
Aaaaaaaand an actual swatch of the lipstick taken by ME!

And this is as color accurate as it could be with my camera.

Ummm yeah. Not brown.

But Thankfully (First World Problems) That's the only issue I have with this lipstick!

Oh my oh my. when I forked over $32 for this lipstick I was hoping that it would be among the same quality of Guerlain and Chanel because I pay that much for those lipsticks.  Imagine my surprise when I found it to last longer than any Chanel Rouge Coco or Rouge allure and to be as moisturizing, if not more than my Guerlain Kiss Kiss and Rouge G lipsticks.  I was thrilled!

The utilitarian packaging in the matte black ridged case is modern and elegant. The lipstick itself isn't heavy but feels sturdily made when pulling off the cap...which seems to fit tightly to the case.  The swivel is smooth and the lipstick rising up from the case makes the faintest sound of angels singing each time you swivel it up.* (*Hearing actual angel singing is an indication in a break in reality and possible schizophrenia and not a by product of this lipstick.  Those that experience hearing angels sing when opening a lipstick tube or any other makeup product should consult their doctor immediately.  In rare instances those with a break in reality have been known to hear angles singing for an extended amount of time whilst using this or any other cosmetic product.  If you hear angels singing for more than 4 hours please seek medical attention immediately, as this is an indication of insanity.)


With direct flash (and color accurate)


Without direct flash and slightly darken than normal.

Did you hear that?

This LMdB lipstick is delightful.  The products applied that even correct?  I guess so. It applies like a creamy lip balm but lasts as long as a lip stain. It NEVER EVER feels dry or waxy and does not bleed or feather.  I found myself peeking in the mirror every mow and then and being pleasantly surprised that I didn't need a touch up. This lipstick still felt dewy on my lips and still had amazing color a few hours after wearing it.!

Oh but the color.  The color is JUST what I was looking for! I wanted a bright pink lipstick, but with my pale skin anything too bright would look clownish on me.  LMdB Lipstick in Monaco is a subtle fuchsia.  Is that possible.  Fuchsia is always paired with word like HOT, FUNKY, BRIGHT, and HAPPY. And while this color still deserves all these adjectives and I feel hot, funky bright and happy whilst wearing this color, it is subtle enough to pair with a minimal eye and light cheek for the office.  This color may replace my summer reds.  That's how much I adore it.  The fuchsia has enough red in it that it looks warm but has enough pink in it that it looks bright. It's quite the paradox isn't it?

Do you NEED this?  HECK YES! Wouldn't this be the perfect color to pair with that glamorous black dress your wearing while you put it all on RED in a game of roulette in a Monaco Casino?  I think so.  It's also nice for running errands to buy adjustable in line skates for your four year old son too.

Since the color swatches are not as accurate as I would like I encourage you to call the loverly Lisa Corsino, the Le Metier de Beauty Product Specialist at my local Neiman Marcus at 703-761-1600 X-3306 or my super cosmetics Sales Associate at my local Neiman Marcus at 703-761-1600 X-3282 and they can help describe the color before you purchase from them. And for even more reference info Check out Lovesong For My Lipgloss Blog and see all LMdB lipsticks swatched!!


  1. I totally hear it. Such a shame I missed out on Le Metier de Beaute when it was here in the UK :( x

  2. love that color! and those online swatches do suck (cough but i have swatches of the lipsticks up cough) hehe

  3. WOW WOW WOW! That lipstick is HOT! I wonder if it would look too crazy on me though. My pale skin just seems to intensify everything so much. That is insane how off the swatches are! Sad for online only shoppers like myself.

  4. Beauty bloggers with accurate pics and swatches for the win!!!

  5. Beautiful color! I tried squinting and yet still the color looks fuchsia not brown at all.

  6. OMG, this is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Wish there was a store nearby that carried this brand so I could see the colors in person, but from your pictures and descriptions, I'm pretty much sold on this shade. :) Thanks so much. Of course, I truly have no need for another lipstick....sigh.

    Janet in Chicago

  7. Ruthy: That is sad. Perhaps if you hop on over to France one day, you can pick some up there.

    Musing on Beauty: Total swatch fail!

    Becca: Yes. You do need this!

    luv2smilexo: ::Cough:: I added a link to my review ::cough:: Thanks!!! your swatches rock!!

    PerilouslyPale: I'm as pale as you and if I can pull it off so can you. I wear a very simple eye and very light blush when I wear this color.

    Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup: Indeed! Gotta love accurate swatches!

    Diane: LOL. I know. I have no idea how they got this color for on line.

    Anonymous/Janet: No one NEEDS another lipstick but sometimes the line between need and want are blurred and you can justify buying another one. This lipstick is awesome and worth every penny. Oh and check the review again because I just put up a link to swatches of all the lip colors Thanks to Lovesong For My Lipgloss blog!


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