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L'eau par Kenzo Wild Kenzo for Women

When I was asked to sample the new Kenzo Limited Edition fragrance I was a bit hesitant because I'm not really a fan of fruit scents. But the added notes in the fragrance convinced me to give it a try.

As you know Joeybunny and I have DRASTICALLY different preferences for fragrance.  While she prefers a more hot sweaty man/musky scent, I prefer a more light as air/floral scent.  I'm not going to go out on a limb to tell you that if you LOVE Kenzo Jungle or Kenzo UFO you probably won't love L'eau par Kenzo Wild Kenzo for Women. However. If you like any of the Kenzo Eaux de Fleurs scents (My fave is the silk flower) or like Kenzo Summer, you will adore the new limited edition L'eau Par Kenzo Wild for Women.
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Dubbed a rebellious limited edition fruity floral I can see nothing rebellious about it, but that doesn't mean I don't like it.  It is very fruity. I mean we're talking white peach to the max.  But not that awful synthetic peach scent.  No, this is a nice non sharp, non cloying peach that sparkles.  But once the peach scent dries down the floral of the rose and lilly shine through mixed with a slightly spicy note of ginger, allspice or perhaps pepper.  Either way it calms down the fruit peach and makes it more of a floral peach.  The base notes are Musk and Cedar. Since I'm anosmic to musk (I can't smell musk at all. It smells like nothing, like air to me) the cedar base note is what stands out.  Now after a hot and sweaty day I arrive home to a package of the L'eau par Kenzo Wild Kenzo for Women and immediately spray it on me. It was lovely and smelled strongly of fruit and cedar. However, the next morning when I had showered the cedar scent wasn't present at all.  This saddened me as I really was starting to enjoy that cedar fruity scent. Oh well. I guess I could take a jog around the block and spray myself with some L'eau par Kenzo Wild Kenzo for Women so I can get that scent again.

So why do I bring up the fact that I was a sweaty mess and the perfume smelled differently on me than it did after I was clean?  Because no one fragrance will smell the same on different people.  Hopefully you can gt an idea of the fragrance and it will help you decide if you want to purchase it.  I will say that as hesitant as I was to buying a fruity floral I am so glad I have it. I have been wearing it all week and have already received  few compliments on it!  Since L'eau par Kenzo Wild Kenzo for Women is limited edition you might want to consider getting it now rather than later.

L'eau par Kenzo Wild
Top Notes


White Peach

Middle Notes


Jasmine Petals

Base Notes
Cedar Wood

3.4 oz $73, 1.7 oz $55, 1 oz $39 Available for purchase on and select retailers.

Creative writing based on fragrance, by Elvira.
I am walking on a clear warm summer day in a peach orchard. The dappled sunlight falls on my bare feet as I traipse on the soft grass from tree to tree.  A cluster of wild roses grows beside the orchard and fresh jasmine petals float to the ground after a sudden but gentle breeze.   The air sparkles with freshness as I see the tall cedars in the distance lining the forest.  I start to look up to the sky and twirl...I step on a peach that has fallen on the ground. It's kinda squishy and I lose my footing and fall on some more peaches. Now I'm covered in squished peach juice and my white cotton eyelet dress is ruined. I wonder why I'm not wearing shoes in an orchard. Then a few bees come to investigate the molested fruit and zero in on my feet and dress.  I run to the edge of the orchard and look for shelter from the that I look, they might be yellowjackets...not bees. Is that a giant wasp in with them? Nope. No shelter. What the heck am I doing in a peach orchard anyway?  I see in the distance a lake on the edge of the cedar forest. I figure that large stinging insects won't go underwater with me so I make a run for it. As if leading a Vespula parade I make a bee line (see what I did there?) for the lake. I strip off the peach juice stained dress and jump in the water. It's clear and cool and the yellowjackets don't follow me in. Instead the swarm my white cotton eyelet dress and feast. Stupid bugs ruining a nice afternoon in an orchard with no shoes. I walk home in my underwear and let the sun dry me. The peach orchard smells nice from a distance. I'm gonna remember that in the future...that, and to wear shoes.

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  1. At least you had on underwear! I like this fragrance too. I like fruity scents but not synthetic ones--I think what makes this one great is that it sparkles.


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