Monday, May 23, 2011

Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball Lipstick in Trance

Released in 2009 there's nothing I like more than jumping on the bandwagon almost 2 years after the the fact. OK. I admit. I was entranced by the 2009 line of Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball lipsticks when they were released back in November of 2009, but the fact that I have no lipstick queen counter near me and the fact that I wasn't really into sheer lipsticks at the time kinda made me put it on the back burner.  Then one day, whilst shopping online at I decided that my cart, containing one item looked sad and pathetic. You see I suffer from oneiteminvirtualshopingcart phobia or Lonely Cart Syndrome, (LCS) as I like to cal it. I can't just order ONE thing from an on line retailer. LCS is a serious problem affecting tens of women across the world.  The mere mention of a one item purchase...even if that one purchase qualifies for free shipping, sends such anxiety and buyer's remorse though an affected LCS sufferer that they will go great lengths to find ANYTHING to add to the cart to make the purchase a 2 or 3 item spree.  Countless makeup pencil sharpeners, cosmetic sponges, and nail files have been purchased by LCS shoppers all in an attempt to rid the crushing trepidation of ordering just ONE THING from a website. This time my LCS caused me to add a Lipstick Queen Lipstick to my cart.

Never in my life have I been so glad to suffer from LCS as when I received the Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball lipstick in Trance.  The attention to detail from everything to the case the color and the packaging was wonderful.  For example the packaging for the Butterfly Ball lipsticks were inspired by Edward Gorey drawings of insects.  Neat-o.  The cool purple matte packaging of the case gives a sweet calming ethereal feel to the lipstick and the shade names were inspired by Mohammad Ali's famous quote "I float like a butterfly sting like a bee.".  

out of focus to show the blue shimmer

The collection boasts a small 5 shade group of sheer lipsticks with a hint of turquoise shimmer when the light hits them. This blue flash is supposed to be very flattering and is alleged to help your teeth appear whiter.  I personally did not experience this when wearing the lipstick but your results may vary.

Trance is a Strawberry color that reminds me of fresh cut strawberries in the middle of summer.  The lipstick is sheer and with the blue shimmer makes it look cooler on the lips than usual. However this lipstick is not glittery, nor does it appear frosty or shimmery once applied.  These lipsticks are definitely more geared for those with cooler complexions in my opinion.  The sheer lipstick is so incredibly moisturizing and hydrating I felt like I was wearing amped up lip balm most of the time.  My lips never felt dry or flaky, nor did they feel sticky or waxy while wearing this lipstick.  The lipstick, being sheer, doesn't last as long as other more pigmented lipsticks but I'm OK with that.

Sadly, because this line is now 2 yeas old the availability of all five shades is scarce.  On they only have 2 shades available and on the Lipstick Queen website and on, only one shade (Trance) is available. Well I guess this whole post may be moot, but honestly Trance is such a flattering color that I think most people can wear it and look great in it.  (at least that's what I tell myself as the sad realization that I waited too long to buy and review this item for you all has finally hit home.)  A part of me hopes that the ever enchanting Poppy, the creator of Lipstick Queen, will see this post and decide to bring back all of the Butterfly Ball lipsticks so I can buy Float and Moment.  Then again, she has so many other products that are always in stock, that I'm sure I would love just as much, that I don't really need her to bring back the Butterfly Ball lipsticks...Oh never mind. Well at least I educated you on LCS and the crippling effects it has on me and my fellow brethren.  Thankfully I'm never at a loss for makeup pencil sharpeners.

What about you? Do you suffer from LCS?


  1. bwhaahhaahah this made me chuckle.
    Lonely Cart Syndrome = yes I do have it too and looking for a treatment for it. I adore the packaging for this lipstick (in fact more than the sheer lipstick itself)

  2. Haha, I am a horrible LCS sufferer. I love the title you've given it! It's a serious problem I have, and I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!!

    That color is beautiful, though! I've never heard of that line before, but now I may have to give them a try. :P

  3. I think I'm more of a NPS (never pay shipping) severer myself. I'll add stuff I don't need to the cart so I don't have to pay shipping. It's an illness I tell you!

  4. I "suffer" from LCS!! We must be on the same schedule because I am expecting an order from Lipstick Queen today! I too am a little late to jump on this wagon but I picked up Saint Pink in a small boutique in Atlanta a week ago and am hooked!!!! LOVE the formula, packaging and since one can never be enough..... order arriving today! :)


    **wonderful post!!!

  5. I too am afflficted with LCS and it's syndrom cousin NPS (never pay shipping). I love Lipstick Queen but like you have no access to it so I depend on QVC for my fix. I will heed your call on this one as I still love Jean Queen!

  6. It's an epidemic! I also have LCS, I think usually because I feel the need to justify the shipping cost. I'm not quite NPS, but do try to be often as possible, & then I too put more in my cart than I need, in order to 'take advantage' of the free shipping.

  7. Neat shade! I also suffer from Lonely cart syndrome. I always have to have more than one thing, and I always try for free shipping.

  8. liloo: Glad I'm not the only one that suffers from LCS.

    PrettyunDead(Kayla): You really must try them. The lipsticks are superb and Lipstick Queen only focuses on Lipstick and glosses so they pay attention to detail.

    Jeweled Thumb: LOL. NPS is another problem...but an expensive one if you end up buying more stuff than the actual cost of shipping.

    Stacy/Anon: Oooh Saint Pink! That's a pretty one. I want to pick up Saint Nude and Maybe a gloss soon! It's easy to get hooked on LQ

    Cindy (Prime Beauty): Same boat here. No retail outlet for LQ. I'll say that Trance it too cool toned for your tastes as I know you adore & look great in a coral lip.

    MissJupiter: We need to alert the CDC of this epidemic of LCS!!

    Phyrra: Thanks. The blue shimmer makes it unique in my opinion. Glad to see I don't suffer from LCS alone!

  9. Hey, I saw quite a few of these at my local department store today (I live in NZ). They were $NZ40. I would be quite prepared to buy some and send them over to you if you were able to send my some stuff from the States (we don't have Urban Decay, Too Faced, Benefit here and Nars, Mac etc is over the top expensive). Email me on


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