Monday, May 16, 2011

Review by Joeybunny - Dior 5 Couleurs in Rosy Tan

I have a shocking beauty blogger confession: I don’t collect Dior quints.

Total shocker, right? As lovely as the Dior quints are, I have found that due to my skin tone (MAC NC40+), many of the permanent range quints and almost all of the limited edition quints have colors that are just too pale and frosty to be flattering. There was a period (Fall 2008- Fall 2009) when I bought almost every LE quint released that year, but that was the last time that happened. I haven’t been moved by a LE Dior quint since Smokey Crystal, which I reviewed here on Pink Sith. None of them looked good on me! I don’t know what it is. What’s worse is when there’s a quint that’s released and all but one color work. I’m sorry, Dior quints retail for $58USD (they used to be $56USD before they were reformulated) and that’s just too much money for me spend if I cannot utilize every color.

So, for the past couple of years, I have stared jealously at blog post after blog post from my lovely friends who do collect Dior quints, who have skin tones that are enhanced by the colors of the shadows, who can justify such pretty yet pricey purchases.

Until today! Finally, I am vindicated! Dior has finally released a quint that works for darker skin tones!

Let me introduce you all to Dior 5 Couleurs Couture Colour Eyeshadow Palette in #754 Rosy Tan. Isn’t it lovely?

(Haha, you can see my work checklist in the background!)

Rosy Tan (and its pretty but too pale for me companion Rosy Nude) is part of Dior’s spectacular Summer 2011 collection. Dior 2011 took the beauty blogging community by storm, wowing us with its gorgeous nail polishes, bronzers (how I resisted, I will never know), and quints. When I saw Rosy Tan, I felt a familiar stirring in my heart: the desire to succumb and hand over my credit card. However, I had to swatch it first; if it didn’t work, I’d leave the counter empty-handed. Lo and behold, every color worked for me! Rosy Tan came home with me, and became my first Dior quint purchase in nearly two years.

(Just too beautiful for words!)

What’s so lovely about Rosy Tan? Probably the universality of the colors - the shadows sit squarely in the neutral zone, flattering everyone. Yet, they are pigmented enough to show up on tanner skins, and they’re not overly frosty as to appear ashy on tanner skins. I wouldn’t have necessarily deemed these to be “summer” colors, per se, but rather these are colors for all year. Truly, this is one of the best Dior quints I have seen in years.

[PS - for a lovely comparison of Rosy Tan and Rosy Nude against past Dior palettes, please refer to Sabrina’s - of The Beauty Look Book - review of the two quints. She did an incredibly thorough job!]

The colors:

(Swatched in the same order that they appear in the palette)

  • Top left: A lovely, glowy light-to-midtone pink that hovers on the cooler side of neutral. I imagine that paler lovelies might have trouble with this pink, as it would probably appear brighter on them than it does me. However, I personally adore pink eyeshadows.
  • Top right: A rich coppery chocolate brown with gold flecks. This is the warmest color in the palette, and is intense upon first application. It’s such a lovely liner shade, and it pairs well with the other colors to warm them up and smoke them out.
  • Middle shade: A champagne-pink opal color. This shade is pinker and more golden than it appears in my pictures, but is different enough from the top left shade. I notice that often, the middle shade of Dior quints is very close in color to another accompanying shade in the palette, but is of worse quality. This is not the case in Rosy Tan. This color is stunning and complex, and would make a lovely topcoat shade over that chocolate shade. I was worried that this color and the pink would appear the same on my skin, but this shade is much more champagne than pink.
  • Bottom left: TAUPE! Enough said. Well, not really. This is a highly reflective, highly pigmented taupe with multicolored shimmer. This color leans warm, and I want to rub it all over my face. I love it that much!
  • Bottom right: TAUPE, AGAIN! This is a cool, mousy grey taupe. In fact, this is the same color as my new love, Estee Lauder Mochachino ShadowCreme, but in powder form. It has the same cool blue shimmer, and adds the perfect amount of depth to my lid. It seems as if it’s not pigmented in my swatches, but that’s because the color is pretty similar to my skin tone - just cooler, and taupe-ier.

Basically, this palette is the sex and you need it. Ok, yeah, it’s $58USD but you get 6g of product. That’s the same as, what, five MAC shadows? And don’t those retail for $14USD? The Dior is of a much higher quality, and you just cannot beat how pretty Dior packaging is. Unfortunately, I believe this is a LE quint, so you might want to pick one up quickly before it’s all gone! I’m personally considering a back-up.


  1. I'm so glad you loved this! I actually have it on the way to me now after much debate since, like you, I've had no luck with Dior Quints. Actually I haven't any luck with Dior period and had decided to steer clear of them but I'm loving the bronzer from the Summer collection Aurora. Hope Rosy Tan is successful for me to!! Thanks for the great review ;-)

  2. NC40+??

    I'm listening! That said, I'm going to have to check this out because I am searching for the perfect sexy summer eye palette!

  3. Yea! I've passed on Dior (and the new Edward Bess) shadows for several years for the same reasons. It has been particularly challenging to find a pink color with enough pigmentation for my skin tone. Is it any wonder Nordstrom has already sold out of it? Well, it has sold out in my local stores - I haven't checked online.

  4. I've purchased a Dior Quint before but ended up returning. I was just not at all satisfied with the pigmentation, no matter how smooth the eyeshadows were.

  5. Niceee! Dior quints always look like little play things because the eyeshadow tins look so small >< Maybe it's because I don't have a good comparison

  6. As an oldie but a goodie, I loved Dior quads way back in the 80's and they were at that time quite pigmented. Then the quints came and they were nice which I had a bunch of but after the reformulation of these quints, I never bought one. I can't get myself to open my wallet maybe it is time again.

  7. Being pale I chose Rosy Nude and am enthralled! I too still covet Smoky Crystal too! Glad you like it can we see a FOTD?


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