Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review by Joeybunny - NARS Cap Ferrat Eyeshadow Trio

Last week, I brought you the NARS Dogon eyeshadow duo, a stunning combination of a green-lavender-taupe shimmer and a satiny blue-black. This duo, part of the NARS Summer 2011 collection is gorgeous but has colors that are decidedly uncharacteristic of summer. When I think summer, I think gorgeous blues, teals, and greens - the colors of a pristine beach, full-bodied trees, and wild, wet grass.

Really, I think of something that resembles this place:

Do you recognize it? It’s Cap Ferrat, in southeast France. Cap Ferrat’s unbelievably lush landscape is home to numerous villas inhabited by people who are far richer than me, sigh! However, this summer I get to bring a bit of the plush and bright feel of this gorgeous aquatic escape to my face with the NARS Cap Ferrat eyeshadow trio.

Cap Ferrat is the third eyeshadow trio released by NARS, and the best yet. Similarly (and admittedly expensively) priced as the other two trios at $45USD, Cap Ferrat has the separating qualities of having: 1) three separate pans of color, as opposed to the sort of ombre, mixed pans of the past two trios; 2) equal amounts of the same colors, as opposed to the past two trios (the lightest color took up about half of the pan); and 3) three high quality colors with incredible pigmentation and a lovely texture (ugh, Calanque was such a chunky hot mess!).

So just from that brief summary, you already know you’re getting your $45 worth with this trio. Let me tell you about the colors now, from left to right:

*A lovely yellowed pale green shade. It reminds me of seafoam, that milky sort of green color. Or even a hazy sun, where the heat blurs the golden rays and darkens the overall effect of the light on the water. This is the sheerest of the colors, and the most shimmery, but I think it’s perfect as is. It works well as a highlight shade or a topcoat shade to the other two colors.

*A happy grass green color that isn’t too yellow or too blue. It reminds me of healthy grass or seaweed. A neutral midtone green is hard to find, but this color just hits the nail on the head. The pigmentation is superb and it’s bright without being loud or obnxious.

*A slightly tealed bright blue. This is the color of the sea - enough said. I think teals always make for the sexiest eye. This color would make an Incredible liner shade, or bright smokey eye look - it’s bright but still dark enough to not be obnoxious. It’s a grown-up blue.

Each color works with the others or alone, making this trio worth it for me. If you are a fan of greens/blues, or if you change your makeup seasonally, then I can definitely see you enjoying this. Even for those wearers who are more afraid of color, NARS’ textures make experimenting with shades like these easy - the colors can be layered or worn as washes.

Basically, this will be the go-to summer palette for me...and for anyone else who buys it.


  1. I hate you Bunny. Well no, I don't, but you get what I mean.

  2. It's beautiful. I want want want want, yet something is holding me back. I'm a slight neutral fiend, but these are all so wearable! I think I may swatch again and be painted all pretty by my favourite Nars MUA before I decide!

  3. Very pretty! Now I want to visit .....that picture is stunning!

  4. Oooh at first I was ready to pass this up because these shades always look a bit chalky on me but now I'm willing to give it a shot.

    Also, I am happy they are in separate pans instead of blended in one big shadow pan.

  5. It's so pretty but I wouldn't know what to do with it. I have '80s blue eyeshadow fear. lol It matches the water in that photo so well too!

  6. forget the eyeshadow, I want to go to cap ferrat :P

  7. Joey, can you show us an eye look with this trio? Pretty please??

  8. Ugh! Sooo pretty, man I hate summer collections because it makes me want to spend, spend, spend!

  9. This trio is so beautiful and so perfect for summer! Thanks for the review and the gorgeous photo :)

  10. Wow, reading your descriptions of the colors was like reading literature. It was so beautiful. o_o

    Great review!

  11. looks so fresh! like the best mint!

    looks nice and pigmented too!

    Do follow me for the love of bows, makeup and everything else
    Vinita <3


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