Monday, May 2, 2011

Soleil Tan De Chanel Moisturizing Bronzing Powder in Bronze Rose

It finally happened. I have fallen victim to Beautyblogitis. This common condition occurs when an innocent reader of beauty blogs reads enough reviews of a product that they rush out to get it themselves. (Some people with MBAs call this marketing) After reading countless reviews and seeing countless pictures of the NEW and LIMITED EDITION Chanel Bronzer called Soleil Tan De Chanel Moisturizing Bronzing Powder in Bronze Rose I knew I NEEDED it.  Of course no one NEEDS makeup, but you tell me you don't NEED a lipstick or eyeshadow after reading the reviews...especially on here.  This NEED started with Christine from Temptalia. Then Karen from Makeup And Beauty Blog. Then I saw Amy's review at Cafe Makeup and finally, I read Sabrina's review of a host of different bronzers on The Beauty Look Book. I NEEDED THIS BRONZER!

If you recall a few weeks back I had a makeover by Giorgio Armani. It was not only wonderful, but it opened my eyes that bronzer did not have to make me look like an Oompa Lumpa.  The GA makeup artist used Armani Bronzer on me, and while it worked nicely I wasn't aware until later how much I could benefit from it.  When I got home from the makeover Mr. Sith said I looked well rested. I kind of put it on the back burner, but I was surely destined to buy a bronzer this year.  Then, when I was in Neiman Marcus the other day, my loverly Sales Associate Kathy Shoreman looked like she was glowing. She admitted her secret was the Soleil Tan De Chanel Moisturizing Bronzing Powder in Bronze Rose! AH HA! The light bulb went off and the seed planted from my Armani makeover and reading countless blogs started to germinate.  Then when the stunningly beautiful Janine Greenberg, A Product Specialist at the Chanel counter in Neiman Marcus, came up to chat with us, she showed me the display and lo and behold the Soleil Tan De Chanel Moisturizing Bronzing Powder in Bronze Rose has already hit pan!

Oh by the way, I had to educate these ladies on what "Hitting Pan" meant. They had no idea.  Can you believe it!? I also educated them on how special it was to hit pan, and how hitting pan on pressed powder wasn't as significant as hitting pan on an eyeshadow, and other nuances of the PAN PHENOMENA! I even told them there was such a thing as PAN PRON (reverse the r and o) and that women actually take pictures of their products that have pan showing and post them on the web. Yes. We are a sick bunch, but hey, when you have as much makeup in your personal collection as Neiman Marcus has in one store, you get pretty excited about finishing an item.  OK. Back to the matter at hand.

Both Janine and Kathy are fair skinned beauties and one has cool undertones (Janine) and one warm undertones (Kathy) and both looked beautiful in the Soleil Tan De Chanel Moisturizing Bronzing Powder in Bronze Rose!  This is what sealed the deal. I purchased it straight away.

The beauty of this bronzer is that it is just not ONE color. It has multiple stripes of bronzing color with a hint of pink (Similar to Chanel Narcisse JC Blush) to make the bronzer look all the more natural. Starting with a golden tan color with exquisite micro shimmer the bronzer shifts into an even lighter candle lit peach. then a rich bronze with similar micro shimmer to the tan and finally to a sweet matte pink reminiscent of Chanel JC Blush in Narcisse. Swiped together they blend into a perfect golden hue that, once applied to the face, looks like you have just come in from a nice relaxing day in the sun, without all the sun damage!  OK. I admit this does not give you a TAN per-se, but it does give the impression of having some color in your complexion and having a subtle glow.

The best thing about this bronzer can control the amount of color you use on your face by where you swipe the brush and what kind of brush you use.  It start I used my MAC 187 skunk brush to make sure I didn't go too crazy with the color.  The skunk brush deposited a light yet beautiful tanned rosy glow to my face.  The next time I tried the bronzer I used a big fluffy brush and swept the bronzer on and it looked much more pronounced but not overbearing.  If I had darker skin I would feel more confident about using an actual bronzer brush, which has more compact bristles, but as it stands, my fair complexion (read = CASPER WHITE) only calls for a subtle hint of color. The shimmer, like in any Chanel product, is understated and the powder seems to melts into your skin. It has not caused any breakouts nor has the color turned on me (Oxidized) and looked more orange as the day wore on. This was indeed a great choice as far as bronzers go, and I can see myself using this on an almost daily basis.

Do you NEED this? Well in a word, YES! If you are fair skinned you need not worry about the orange hue that many bronzers give, if you are fairly dark skinned you might want to shoot for the Bronze Corail version which is darker and has a stunning coral shade that mixes in. But regardless of your skin tone, this bronzer not only blends well, it looks NATURAL and that is most important when considering a new product.

P.S. The best way I have found to apply bronzer is to sweep the brush from your cheeks up to your temples, then back down again and then down to your jaw. Basically you are making the number 3 on each side of your face. You can slightly dot your nose with the bronzer if you wish as well.


  1. The question is: do you STILL need this IF you got Dior Aurora last week?

  2. Lovely review! I'm glad you've converted to the Bronze Side. I sensed a joyful shift in The Force and thought this was the reason!! Some days it seems like too much trouble to add bronzer, but then (later in the day, catching myself in a mirror). I realize how much I need it!! (also, thanks for the link!!) :)

  3. Oooft, this looks GORGEOUS! I've only really just started to wear bronzer regularly, but think it makes such a difference. You should tell the sales ladies about the mission that is 'Project 10 Pan' and the celebrations once it is achieved :P

  4. I am going to sound like a dork, but how do you apply bronzer and where? I am terrified of bronzer, but cautiously curious lol.

  5. LMAO @ the pan lesson

    I felt the same need to buy either this or the Dior bronzers but somehow managed to resist. (It helped that I went nutso with other products in advance.) Enjoy your bronzer!

  6. So glad you love it! I fell victim to Beautyblogitis too and now own and LOVE Chanel Rose Bronze, Dior Aurora, and Edward Bess Daydream. I'm very pale and these all work so well with fair skintones!

  7. Oh, and Musing On Beauty....yes you do! They are completely different. Aurore results in a peachier look than you get with Bronze Rose which is well...bronze rose!

  8. Uh-oh....this is only the first time I've seen this product reviewed, and I think I've already caught the "itis"! Was it expensive? (Duh, it's Chanel, so I'm assuming so) Looks like it's worth it though! :)

  9. I am suffering from beautyblogitis. I bought this and the dior aurora and they are both lovely! And Guerlain's Inca bronzer. I now have much more bronzer than I need but I love them all and they giver different looks for each mood. lol at lteast that's what I tell myself!

  10. @Shimmer: This is my first time as well seeing this kind of product reviews. I bet these ones are expensive but they looks all worthed with your money though!

  11. This product reviews looks quite expensive for me but nicer than the ones Ive seen already. Sure they will worthed the money on your pocket :)

  12. So curious to see how this looks on you! So glad you caved into the wonderful world of BRONZERS!

  13. This bronzer is so beautiful! There are some really gorgeous bronzers available this season & it's so tough narrowing down the choices, but this one looks like a definite must-have! :)

  14. Do you need this? Yes, if you are fair like me and don't want to look deathly pale come summertime. I like that this looks natural on my MAC NW 20 skin and not too bronzey oh and the fact that it is by Chanel doesn't hurt either.

  15. Musing on Beauty: In my opinion, no. You don't need both, but I'm not a bronzer person. I have purchased 4 bronzers in my entire life and have only used up one. so you might find you"need" both.

    Amy: No Thank you for steering me to the path of bronzing! LOL. I wouldn't have done it if it were not for you and Sabrina!

    Beauty's Bad Habit: Oh next time I see them I will, but they had a hard enough time grasping the concept of being happy about hitting the pan on one product. I might blow their minds if I tell them about Project 10 pan!

    Tammie: Don't worry. I didn't know either. Basically you draw a number 3 with your makeup brush on the sides of your face. starting with the temple down to the cheek and then out and back down to the jaw line.This Video helped me a lot.

    Liz (Beauty Reductionista): How I wish I had your self control. I'm now thinking I might "need" the Armani bronzer or Edward Bess one now!

    PerilouslyPale: GAH. Don't tell me that the EB bronzer works well with us pasty whites! See!? Now I need it!

    shimmer: Sorry to infect you. Yeah. It's Chanel so it won't be cheap. I think I paid $50/$55 for it.

    Evelyn: Ooh 3 bronzers! Well fortunately for you they are all different and since they are powder they won't ever go bad if you store them properly. That Guerlain Inca bronzer is beautiful!

    lexi920: Welcome me to the world of spending even MORE money on Makeup. Yeah.

    Makeup Magpie: I think it is a must have. you NEED it!

    Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup: YAY! Glad you agree and like it as much as I do!


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