Monday, June 20, 2011

Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss

I have one brand every few years or so that I constantly lose products from after purchasing.  One time it was Stila, another was Revlon, once it was even Chanel. Thankfully that was short lived.  Now this calamity has moved on to Hourglass cosmetics.  Remember the first Hourglass lip gloss I presented?  The Hourgalss Prodigy Hydrating Lip Gloss in Hypnotic?  Yeah. The one that was super awesome fantastic and I loved forever and ever.  Well the genius that I am put that lip gloss in a bag with a bunch of other stuff and that bag was mistakenly thrown out by no one other than.........ME!  I couldn't even blame Mr. Sith for this tragedy. I basically used that lip gloss 5 times and to the trash it went.  Its early demise at my own hands kind of scared me off of purchasing other Hourglass products for a while.  Until I found the Hourglass Rouge Velvet Lipstick in Embrace.  Ah remember that? It was beautiful, no?  I use the past tense because I have no earthly idea where it is.  I THOUGHT I had it in my Box 'o Lipstick and gloss but when I checked the other day it was AWOL.  I made a half hearted attempt to look for it, but I have a feeling Cujo the cat claimed it as his own and it is sitting with my limited edition MAC Barbie lipstick in the basement, sans cap and avec kitty litter and hair. Quel tragique, no?  I can't really blame the cat. He just wants to play. I should have taken better care of my things.  Again. My fault.  I had pretty much written off purchasing any more Hourglass lip products ever again.

That is until I was browsing one of my favorite nail polish blogs, Scrangie. I happened upon her Makeup Monday review of the Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Siren.  Scrangie's pictures are always lemming inducing but this lip gloss had something special to it.  It looks METALLIC and opaque and RED!. Not a blue based red but an orange based red.  On cooler skin tones it will look almost coppery, on warmer skin tones the color looks like a vibrant red that has a lot of depth.  I knew once I saw these pictures I HAD TO HAVE IT!

I recently had the pleasure to go shopping with Miss Panties herself, from The Black Panties blog a few weeks ago.  She was in town and we decided to meet up for some retail therapy.  We met at Nordstrom and decided that both of our tastes that day were more for Neiman Marcus. We decided to drive to Neimans but before we left the mall I needed to make a pit stop & pick up some eye primer & take a look at the Hourglass lip gloss.  Oh yes. Upon swatching that lip gloss was I not only in love but I actually did hear the sirens singing, wooing me. With each press of the soft flexible foam applicator against my wrist and each stroke of the brilliantly rich metallic orange based red the siren's voices called to me louder and louder.  It was so wonderful I even tried to get Miss Panties to purchase one, but she was deaf to the beautiful song emanating from the lip gloss tube.

I quickly put on my full Gollum and whispered "My Precious" whilst stroking the package waiting in line to purchase.  I'm not fully blaming Sephora for what happened next but I do believe they held a hand in the tragedy that was about to unfold.  Once I purchased my shadow primer and my Hourglass Siren Lip gloss the items were put into a small Sephora bag with no tissue paper to hold the items in place in the bag.  Once I got into the car Miss Panties was driving I put the bag on the floor.  I made a few purchases at Neimans and then Miss Panties drove me back to my car at the other mall.  Carelessness on my part, A Dark Garage and Lack of proper packaging all added up to the Hourglass lip gloss falling out of the Sephora bag and onto he floor of the car.  When I arrived home, eager to put this lipgloss on I realized it was not in ANY of my bags.  I texted Miss Panties and she said her sister had the car and was out but she would contact me later.  I sighed and chalked it up to the curse I have with Hourglass lip products, They are all super duper awesome but I can never hold on to them.  The Sirens song would be muted for some time now.

After several days of not hearing back from Miss Panties and not being able to find the Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Siren, I abandoned all hope of every having it.  Then Miss Panties texted me for my mailing address.  Ah, could it be my gloss was found?  Well Yes and no.  Her sister, who generously loaned Miss Panties the car, found my HourglassExtreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in the car and thinking it was her sister's, or perhaps because it was the girl's birthday, decided to open it and use it. You know what? I'm not upset about it. It was a honest mistake and my fault for not checking my bags before I left,  A few days later a package arrives from Miss Panties and in it is a brand new Hourglass Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss in Siren.  What a sweetie!  My mistake became her sister's birthday present and Miss Panties sent me a brand new Hourglass gloss to make up for it.

All was right in the world.

Now you have just read 5 paragraphs about just GETTING the lip gloss.  I know you wan to know all about it.  So here goes:
It's thick and richly pigmentd but is not overly sticky
The metallic red orange color looks amazing on fair and golden colored skin tones alike
The gloss is scented vanilla.
The gloss is creamy, long lasting and partially stains your lips which helps with the lips looking even when the gloss starts to wear off after a while.
The gloss did not bleed or migrate from my lips while I was wearing it.
The packaging is sleek and slender. The foam tip applicator is a tad too flexible for my taste but distributes an even rich application across the lips without being too goopy.
If I could marry this lip gloss formula I would. THAT'S how much I love it.

Do you NEED this?  DUH! I want to marry it. It sang songs to me. And I'm not schizophrenic...much. YES you need it. It comes in 12 colors, costs $28 each and is worth every single cent!


  1. Do you know what I need? I need more Gisele in my life *touches your boobs and booty*

  2. Oh dear, I think this is one of the lipglosses I swatched instore and immediately fell in love with, but had to put back for fear of how expensive it was in Australia :'( I shall live vicariously through you now!

  3. Okay, I had planned to go on a gloss no-buy in favor of actual lipsticks for awhile, but I think I'll have to break that one for this gloss. So pretty! So shiny! So pigmented! Sigh...I MUST HAVE IT!!!

    Thanks for the review!

  4. This screams gorgeous. I have avoided these for a while but I need to check them out now.

  5. Looks great on you. I have to try them now.

  6. oy i've fawned over this gloss at sephora many times. I don't know why I havent bit the bullet already!

  7. That is my fave red lip gloss...ever. I remember when I swatched it sephora. I look at the price,walked away, and proceeded to swatch every other red gloss in the store. That one out-shone all the others.

    I picked it up when sephora first started carrying hourglass products, though, so mine is in a round plastic tub with a brush applicator instead of the squishy tube with the long doe foot applicator. I find the brush is nice, but you have to be careful about over-applying the gloss and getting too much product on your lips.

  8. I didn't realize lip gloss had the power to turn girls gay! This is one smokin' hot color. Elvira, I'd kiss that red pucker-pout, too.

  9. Once I came home from work and was so tired I accidentally threw out my car keys, the fob with the auto locks and alarm. I've been using the valet key for two years now. Don't feel so badly about it.

    I really like the hourglass lipsticks, they have a beautiful bright barbie pink and it's so opaque and creamy

  10. wow that's a gorgeous shade. I've never really been interested in the brand but your post has really changed my mind. Thanks for the beautiful swatches and review.

  11. This is what Jessica Rabbit would wear :)

  12. this has got to be the prettiest lip gloss i have ever seen. wow. your swatches make me want to buy it now xx



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