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Le Metier de Beaute Ken Downing's Lipstick & Nail Lacquer Ken's Korals

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When I first heard that the very handsome Fashion Director for Neiman Marcus, Ken Downing, had collaborated with one of my FAVORITE brands of cosmetics, Le Metier de Beaute, I just about peed myself.  I reached for the Depends undergarments to read more about this enchanting collaboration. The dapper Ken Downing created a new color for fall. After falling in love with all the orange he saw on the spring runways Ken worked with Le Metier de Beaute to juj up the orange to a universally flattering shade of red hot coral.  This collection is not for the shrinking violets of the world.  This lipstick is for those that want to announce their arrival and the nail polish (a.k.a. lacquer) says in no uncertain terms that this is not your first time at the rodeo!  

Stylish Ken Downing. Fashion Director - Neiman Marcus
This collection is what I had been lusting after since the end of MAY!  When I found it had arrived on Tuesday the 14th at my local Neiman Marcus I was ecstatic yet in dismay as I would not be able to get to the store until Friday.  Surely, a Neiman Marcus exclusive would be well stocked right?....RONG!  Upon arrival on Friday the last lipstick had been sold around Wednesday night/Thursday morning.  I was told that someone even tried to buy the remaining stock when they showed up on Tuesday to purchase their lipstick. I don't blame them. It's a beautiful color, worthy of a shrine built in it's honor!  My Neiman Marcus in Tysons Corner was sent a measly 9 Ken's Korals Kissable Koral Lipsticks.  That is a shame.  As of last Friday, the 24th they still had not received replenishment.  Well my hopes and dreams of being THE FIRST to introduce you to this loverly combination of red hot red and Coral was not to be.  But that's OK.  Sometimes it's better if you wait.  I quickly hopped on to and ordered the lipstick and nail polish ASAP!  Delivery set for Wednesday the 22nd and once I was able to test it and take pictures it wasn't until TODAY that I am able to share with you this gem from Le Metier de Beaute.

First the Nail Lacquer.Ken's Kontagious Koral is formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) free.  The thin consistency of the polish allows for an even application. I used three coats and still has the slightest visible nail line (but I am uber picky) but the color...oh the color.  It reminded me of the bottom of a Louboutin heel.  It was red but coral. It off set my pale skin beautifully and made my hands and toes look stunning.  I know this is a fall color, but hot damn this rocks in the summer too!  I managed to wear this shade of polish with my Creative Nail Design (CND), Stickey nail base and CND top coat for 4+ days without any chipping. I did experience some minor tip wear but nothing that was overly noticeable.  

The bottle. Oh the bottle is abut 3X the size of the typical Le Metier de Beaute nail polish bottles and since I have only had experience with one other nail polish from this brand, Kontagious Koral was much more fluid and easy to apply than the one small bottle I have. This is a polish, if I wasn't such a nail polish HOOR I would buy a back up of.  In fact I might just do that because of all the reds I own, this is one of the few reds that is Orange based versus blue based and a straight creme versus a shimmer or glitter.  All in all this Sith thinks that Ken's Kontagious Koral is sophisticated, stunning and stupendous!

Now on to the Lipstick.  I believe i have already waxed poetic about Le Metier de Beaute's Color core Moisture Stain Lipstick. This newest edition is NO exception.  Richly pigmented, smooth as silk and moisturizing, this lipstick would be my new boyfriend if Mr. Sith was not in the picture.  I have never felt so confident about wearing a red lipstick this bright as I have with Ken's Kissable Koral Lipstick. 
 The orange based red reminds me of a sweet rockabilly red for summer and fall.  Not mired down in the blue based red that turns fuchsia on some. This red makes people take notice. It makes the room halt all conversation and then a slight murmur rises as people try to figure out who this beauty is with the striking complexion and fabulous lip color!  This is a coral based red that lasts and lasts and does not fade with the dreaded ring o' death around your lips. It fades evenly and true turning not yellow, orange or pink in the process.  This I would call a Marilyn Monroe red. Bright, happy and smiling. 
You just can't help but smile when you wear this lipstick.  Not only does it feel great on your lips it looks great too!

OK. So what do we have, Swoon Worthy, Shrine Building, Smile Inducing, Sophisticated color for lips and nails. Need I ask the question?  YES YOU NEED THIS! This collection is limited edition. As of right now the Neiman Marcus website still has the lipstick and polish in stock. You can purchase them HERE and, if you do so by June 28th, you get Free Rush Delivery with the code: NMFREE (no minimum purchase).  You need both pieces of Ken Downing's Koral Kollection, if only to experience the power of wearing a red lip so bold and nail polish so beautiful that you feel like Joan Crawford at a Pepsi Cola Board meeting. "Don't fuck with me fellas. This ain't my first time at the rodeo!"


  1. So beautiful!! I received my KK nail polish a week or so ago from NM, but I didn't buy the lipstick. Now I am sorry; it looks so gorgeous on you.

    I don't know why I have been waiting to wear the red on my nails. Probably because I am the monarch of delayed gratification, but I'll definitely be taking this hot red little mama with me on vacation!

    Thanks for the great review and swatches.

  2. I have the nail polish arriving any day and I'm dying in anticipation! It looks incredible on you. I still need to get my order placed for the lipstick.
    Great review. Thanks!

  3. Gorgeous. Looks out Neiman's...I hope they have LeMet here in Phoenix.

  4. Wow, what a perfect pinup pout you did with that lipstick! Truly, you have great lips, Elvira. Perfect for reds.

    I ordinarily shy away from orange-based reds, but I'm actually on an orange kick right now, so I'm thinking I may NEED this.

    9Goes off to check closet to see if anything will work with new lipstick...)


  5. Aha! Now I remember why I didn't get the red lipstick when I ordered the nail polish. Orange reds look good on me until I open my mouth ... when the color turns my normal looking teeth into yellow corn kernels. Not a good look for me any day except Halloween.

  6. Looks gorgeous on you! I wish they were available in Canada dang it!

  7. Hot Damn, that is stunning! I've been drooling over the nail varnish but this is the first time I've seen the lipstick. It looks amazing on you!

  8. Beautiful nails and lips, you really pull them both off very well!

  9. there is only one word for this collection and that is HOT. I have and lovee the nail polish. Even the BF complimented it!

  10. That does look incredible both on your lips and fingers! I'm glad you were able to snatch up both!

  11. That does look incredible both on your lips and fingers! I'm glad you were able to snatch up both!

  12. I bought the lipstick yesterday while in LA! There were out of the polish so I had to order--love, love love!


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