Monday, July 11, 2011

Chanel Le Vernis Nail color in Peridot, Graphite and Quartz + The Stickey Sandwich Application

I'm a sucker and I'll tell you why near the end of this post.

I saw the Chanel Fall 2011 collection promo pictures and announced to almost anyone who would listen, and many who wouldn't, that I was going to buy the ENTIRE collection.  I lied. I didn't purchase the lip products (save for one gloss) and I didn't purchase the face powder.  But what I did purchase was amazing. I reviewed the creme shadows HERE and the eyeshadow quad HERE.  Now I'd like to show you the three beautiful Nail Polishes from the Chanel Fall 2011 collection.

Chanel Le Vernis if Quartz.
A TAUPE nail polish with a silvery white frosty shimmer.  This polish is nice and probably the least popular out of the three released this fall, but I still love it.  It's frosty taupe color works with pretty much any outfit I wear and is neutral enough to wear at the office...for those that work in an unusually conservative office like I do.  The Color was opaque in 2 coats as pictured above.  It wore well for three days with no chipping and no tip wear.

Chanel Le Vernis in Graphite.
Ah. a beautifully executed warm grey silver foil polish.  Foil polishes are ones that look like there are tiny glass flecks in the polish.  Some have a reputation for being gritty on the nail and requiring a thick base coat to give a smooth finish, but unlike most foils. Chanel Graphite is smooth as silk and applies like a dream.  The above is pictured with three coats.  This photo was taken two days after application and the shine ans wear are still looking like day one.  The color is deceiving. At times it seems dark grey and others it seems like a warm silver.  It's not duo-chromed per se but certainly a cousin of the duo-chrome type of polishes. This is a polish you look at in the bottle and think, meh. I don't need it, but it's a polish that will cause you to have a car accident as you are transfixed on your nails while wearing it and driving at the same time.

Chanel Le Vernis in Peridot.
Ah Peridot. The mustard baby poo swatch on does not do you justice.  This is the color of a Japanese Beetle, a peridot gemstone is a perfect analogy and name for this splendid metallic polish.  It shines green and gold and has such a wonderful duo-chrome effect that I certainly have no argument that this is the most unique polish I own.  The polish pictured above is with three coats but two made it opaque.  I wore this polish for a week solid and reapplied it after removing it because I loved it so.

So why am I a sucker?

When it comes to Chanel nail has a bad reputation.  First of all it's expensive. $25 a bottle is steep. I could get 3 OPI polishes (retail) for that much. I could get 25 Diamond Cosmetics polishes for that much.  Secondly, Chanel polishes are NOTORIOUS for chipping. I have applied Chanel polishes in the past and had them chip within HOURS of wear.  I took a risk. I purchased all three and I am SO GLAD I did.


The three polishes that came out in the Chanel Fall 2011 collection are unique enough and special enough that I could not find a dupe in my meager polish collection to deter me from purchasing them.  But also because I remembered to use the Stickey Sandwich method of application.  


You heard me. Stickey Sandwich.  CND brand Stickey base coat to be exact. 

Stickey is a base coat from CND (Creative Nail Design) products. This base coat has been in my arsenal for years.  I have been doing the Stickey Sandwich method of application for years.  Not with every polish I own. Just with the ones that chip faster than usual. 

What is the Stickey Sandwich?

It's a method of application using the CND Stickey base coat.  The application goes like this
On the bare, prepped nail apply 1 coat of CND Stickey.  Then apply 1 coat of your preferred nail polish color. Let dry. Then apply one coat of CND Stickey again.  Then apply a 2nd coat of your nail polish color. Let dry and here's the tricky part. Either apply a 3rd coat of polish if you need the color more opaque OR apply your top coat. I prefer CND Air Dry. Ever since I switched from Seche Base to CND Air dry my manicures have lasted far more days than usual and the top coat does not cause my polish to "shrink" exposing the tips of my nails like Seche did.  For a SUPER GREAT comparison of many different top coats, check out the Just Nice Things blog.  She compares a bunch of different brands and tells you which ones worked the best! HERE

OK. So just to re-cap.  The Stickey Sandwich is:
CND Stickey Base
Nail Polish
CND Stickey Base
Nail Polish
Nail Polish
Top Coat

The result. 5 days of chip free wear from a Chanel polish.  5 whole days.  Sure I had some minor tip wear, but 5 days of chip free wear from a Chanel polish is almost unheard of.  Your results may vary. I have known people to have Chanel polish never chip on them and others have other bands of polishes chip on them that never chip on me. I have not used a different brand of base polish in the "Sandwich" application however you may find that other base polish brands work just as well for you.  But in my personal experience CND Stickey and CND Air Dy is a winning combination to a spectacular manicure.

Have you ever used the Stickey Sandwich method?  What's your favorite top coat at the moment?


  1. Wow! Now that's some serious business you have there with your technique! Now I'm really sorry I have to say that but I do own a couple of Mac polishes that look just like these (and are equally crappy, but cheaper) so I'll pass.

  2. A serial nail polish killer, I think I'm duty bound to give the Stickey Sandwich a try! Let's see how quickly I can destroy it! ;P

  3. Oh I've got to give that CND Stickey Base a try. I love Graphite and Peridot but they have chipped on me faster than other polishes which sucks.

  4. Thanks for the sticky sandwich tutorial! I'll have to pick-up some CND and give it a try. As for the Chanel np, for $25 a bottle, the formula should not be that crappy. Nubar has too many beautiful duo-chromes to have to endure the chiptastic Chanel.

  5. I'm loving Peridot, the only one I purchased--although I'm still considering Graphite.

    I'll have to try the Sticky Sandwich method--where can you find CND polish?

    Your nails are lovely, by the way!!


  6. I wanted to love the Stickey sandwich method, I really did. When you mentioned it in a tweet a few weeks ago, I immediately looked it up and bought the necessary materials. But... No dice. I have extremely oily nails, and even with a coat dehydrator and the Stickey Sandwich method, I can't get a manicure to last more than a day or two without chipping. It's infuriating. Does anyone have any suggestions I can try to prolong my manicure?

  7. I have been using CND Stickey for years as well! In fact, my current bottle is still in the old packaging. I am in desperate need to get a new bottle soon. CND's Stickey is one of the primary reasons my manicures last so long.

  8. Peridot is my next manicure. With Out the Door top coat I usually get a wear out of Chanel but I do get my nails done and that always lasts much longer than when I do them myself.
    I'll pick up the sticky next time I'm at Ulta though for my own sandwich time.

  9. Oh, I think I remember reading The Girly Show back when I first started blogging - was her name Jude? (she's since disappeared from the internet, but I bet you remember who she was!) and she wrote about the Stickey sandwich. I don't often apply it but I do use it for my OPI glitters, which peel off in a sheet on the first day if I don't use it!
    And actually, I was tickled with Helen's experiment because I recommended Air Dry to her - I heard about it from Diana of Painted Lady Fingers, and it's become my HG. It may not be as quick drying as Seche Vite, but it's pretty fast and like you said - no shrinkage! (YAY)
    Okay, I wrote a book in your comments. O_o Your photos are LOVELY.

  10. I use a different vresion of the sandwich method. I use one of three base coats: a DC Chanel basecoat, Butter London, or Lippmann's rehydrating basecoat. Paint tips with polish, then apply two coats. Apply Seche Vite or Dior quick drying top coat to tips first, then apply one coat. The tips may wear a bit after 7 days, but doesn't chip.

    Chelsie- Lippmann's 2 Second Primer is designed to remove cuticle oil on the nail bed before applying base coat. Maybe that will work for you.

    Graphite is amazing. In the bottle it looks like other silver foil polishes, but it is so much warmer.

  11. LOVE! Quartz will be mine! Maybe Graphite gorgeous.

  12. So pretty! I bought Quartz and Graphite... and I'm not seriously tempted to get Peridot as well (but $75 on polishes in one collection.......^^;;).

    And... perhaps I'm just lucky, but Sally Hansen's Miracle Cure for Severe Problem nails + 2-3 coats of Chanel polish + Seche Vite keeps my nails chip free for 5-6 days. I do have a silicone jelly cover for my keyboard though (Macbook).

  13. Ahhhh! Peridot is so pretty and way out of my league, but love these pictures and this post was thoroughly entertaining!! :)

  14. Musing on Beauty: LOL. It takes a commitment. But I totally understand. Not worth buying such $$ n/p if it;s gonna chip. I get it.

    ModestyBrown: Let me know how it works. I heard the Stickey Sandwich method does not work for everyone. :-/

    Crystal: Let me know once you have tried it.

    KatieM - Thanks. And I agree. I'm a bit of a crazy person when it comes to Chanel so I allow for inadequate wear, but I agree. Nubar n/p is far superior!

    Shannon (Lipstick Musings) Thanks! My nails look good once in a while, which is why you rarely see n/p posts from me. As for purchasing CND. I have seen it at Ulta and other nail supply stores.

    Chelsie Matthews - Feel your pain. If I hear any suggestions for oily nails I'll let you know.

    Mandy: My Stickey is in the old packaging too. Isn't this stuff awesome?

    The Mighty J - Thank you! It was a good day for my nails. :-)

    MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone)- Ah yes. having a pro do the manicure always helps!

    Nicole: YES! I remember Jude. I miss her so! She caused me to become addicted to OCC Lip Tars. And THANK YOU for reco-ing the Air Dry. I never would have tried it. It's totally a HG!

    Ava: Wow that sounds complicated. But I think I'll try that for some WnW polishes that I have that chip within seconds of drying!

    Daly Beauty: You need both of these polishes in your life!

    Catherine: I know what you mean about the total cost of the polishes. I try not to think about it. Denial is best. And I think the silicone keyboard it probably best. Mine is an old fashioned one with very hard keys. :-(

    Tina @ My Highest Self: Peridot is soooo pretty. Perhaps Revlon or another brand will have a dupe some day. :-)


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