Monday, July 25, 2011

Chantecaille Aqua Blush in Charming

I'm not even sure I should be reviewing this Chantecaille blush because it seems to me it is almost sold out everywhere.  However. I purchased mine in a store versus on line.  So Please read this review with the knowledge that this blush might not be readily available to you.  Also please do not curse my name when you fall in love with the description and decide you NEED to have it right away.

I was late to jump on the Chantecaille Auqablush Bandwagon. But now that I'm on, I'm not getting off.  Now many of you know what a freak I am for Chanel Joues Contraste blushes, but those are powder blushes and until Chanel actually develops a decent cream blush I'm going to shop elsewhere for my cream cheek color.  Thankfully the Chanel counter is diagonal to the Chantecaille counter so I don't have to walk very far.  

Aquablush is an oil free color stick gel blush is made with a new technology that blends ultra light and ultra fine powder with 50% water. This results in a cooling gel texture.  The color blends beautifully for a prefect dewy look and is enhanced with Vitamin C and natural UVA/UVB protection (SPF 8).  Best of all, it contains no animal, lanolin or mineral derivatives.  The packaging is a stout silver tube with a clear protective inner lid to protect the product from drying out.  The blush swivels up just like a lipstick and swivels down just as easily.

But the real seller of this product is not only in the beautiful natural dewy color it imparts on your skin, but in the amazing cooling sensation you get when you apply the blush to your cheeks.  The gel formula glides on effortlessly and is richly pigmented.  The act of gliding the Aquablush on your cheeks makes it feel like you are smoothing a cool gel on your face. It truly is remarkable.  In this incredibly hot weather we are having in Washington, DC, I'm attempted to put this blush all over my body like Amanda Lepore in the MAC Heatherette lipstick video (google at your own risk). But I don't because that would be wasteful and make me look like a pink monster.  A cool dewy pink monster, but a pink monster none the less.  Plus the cooling sensation is only temporary. I wish Chantecaille would come out with an Aquafoundation. I would buy that up in a heartbeat!

The color I purchased is called Charming.  It is a charming beautiful pink.  It's not too cool and not too warm. It blends so nicely it imparts a real natural flush to my face.  I do have a lot of pink and red in my skin so makeup artists are always telling me to stay away from pink blush, but I can't. I am instantly attracted to it.

I blame those Tinkerbell makeup sets I used to covet as a child for my pink blush fetish.

I have never had a gel or cream blush like it in my life. and I have purchased a lot of cream and gel blushes in the past. (Tarte, Stila, MAC, NARS, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, YSL)  There is no equal to this blush.  In addition, this blush lasted a long time on my oily skin in hot weather.  A little went a long way and lasted a long time.  I would say conservatively that the Chantecaille Aquablush lasted about 6 hours on my oily skin on a hot day and about 8+ hours on a 70 degree day.

Do you NEED this?  YES! If anything a s a sheer indulgence in blush. It's on the pricey side...but what Chantecaille product isn't?  I think it was worth every penny.  I purchased this during my Birthday splurge haul at Neiman Marcus.  If you are having problems finding the Chantecaille Aquablush in Charming try calling Kathy Shoreman at Neiman Marcus at 703-761-1600 X-3282 or Alicia Cortes, the Chantecaille Product Specialist at Neiman Marcus in Tysons Corner at 703-761-1600 X-3289 and one of them can probably track it down and have it sent to you.

P.S. Every time I see the word Charming I think of the show Sons Of Anarchy on FX, because they live in a town called Charming in California.  Hot damn I love that show.  They are all Anti-heroes but I love Ron Pearlman as an actor (he's so bad ass!) and What's not to like about Charlie Hunnam who plays Jackson "Jax" Teller!? Nom!


  1. Beautiful. Must check it out.

    Did you know that Charlie's first major role in the UK was a gay man? he was very good!

  2. Hi there!
    I think I now need to try Chanetcaille products in general! Your review has been really helpful, thanks so much.

  3. Like you, I'm a sucker for Chanel's Joues Contraste as well. I've tried the multiple from NARS but was unimpressed. Your review on this makes me want to run out and hoard them all! Thanks for the swatches and in-depth review. Will definitely visit a counter soon in search of these.

  4. Everytime you talk about something I instantly want it! Thanks! :P

  5. I think I had that same Tinkerbelle play makeup!

    I still have to check out this line. Ugh, I'm so behind.

  6. I would like the blush and the blonde dude, please.


  7. The feel of Aquablush makes you want to get rid of all other cream blushes but they do eventually dry out so keep the lid on tightly. (Of course it took about 2 years for mine to dry out so maybe this warning isn't necessary.)

  8. Excellent lemming-producing photographs and review. Of course I ran straight to Chantecaille web site in case you were WRONG, but nope. Out of stock. And when they're out of stock it can be months before they get it back. And Chante has free shipping right now, too. Waaaah. (Hmm, what else do I need?

    I really DO need that blush. It looks similar to RBR cream blush in Vermeer, but I am a bigger Chante hoor than I am a RBR ho, and I loves me some creamy pinks, red cheeks and all.

  9. I don't know if I will ever be able to buy that blush, but I am dying for SOA to come back! The season finale was awesome.

  10. I like the look of this colour, very wearable and neutral. :) Love Sons of Anarchy too, though admittedly I've fallen wayyyyy behind and probably should just start rewatching season 1.

  11. Jamilla Camel: You will love the blush. And Yes! I did know that Charlie's 1st role was as a gay man. I thought he was really gay for the longest time! LOL

    Catanya: Hi. Thanks. I'm glad I can be of help...but I doubt you will be thanking me once you see the prices. LOL

    Kristie: You're welcome. Le me know how you like them!

    LauraJean396: Humm I should talk about having you send me money, then you'll instantly want to do that! :-)

    lexi920: Wasn't that Tinkerbell stuff the coolest? And no rush. Chantecaille isn't going anywhere...that I know of.

    Joey: You can have both. The Blonde dude is too short for me.

    DigitalSxKitten: LOLOL. Glad I could help. *Bathes in your curses!*

    MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone): 2 years is a long time. LOL

    Zuzu's Petals: I believe that Neimans or Some other outlet has it for sale on line.

    jbrobeck: OMG. the SOA Season Finale was the BEST! I can't wait either!!

    SilhouetteScreams: Yep. It's a great neutral! You need to catch up on SOA!


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