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Review by Joeybunny - NYX Nude on Nude palette

There’s something magical about eyeshadow palettes. What is it about a large assortment of eyeshadows that makes my heart race, that makes the hoarder in me shake with near orgasmic joy? I need another eyeshadow like I need a hole in my head, yet I am admittedly a collector of eyeshadow palettes.

It’s no surprise, then, that when I first caught wind of the NYX Nude on Nude palette I had a near heart attack. I emailed Elvira, typing frantically about how I would commit cute baby animal genocide if I didn’t get it immediately.

How could I not want it? The NYX Nude on Nude palette has been touted as a cheap dupe of the Urban Decay Naked palette. I don’t own the Naked palette, because I own every Book of Shadows palette and had every eyeshadow (save for the three or four palette exclusive shades) contained in the Naked palette. Elvira has it, though, and reviewed it here. Whatever. The NYX palette looked better to me: twenty (TWENTY!) eyeshadow shades in a range of neutrals and a range of textures, and ten lip colors, all for $25USD. I could die.

I actually almost did died when the makeup fairies that be gifted me with the palette a week or so ago. Ah, the life of a makeup blogger!

I digress. The general consensus is that this palette rocks: check Wayne Goss’ YouTube review here, and Karla Sugar’s post here. As for my opinion? Well, This palette is a steal at $25, because the range of colors and the quality of the colors is top notch for something that isn’t high end. To be blunt, had I been offered the choice of this palette and the UD Naked palette, I would have chosen the NYX palette. Really, it’s that good.

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The top lid of the palette (which isn’t as large and bulky as pictures led me to believe it might be) opens to reveal twenty ( I really can’t get over it) eyeshadows. There is a healthy mix of mattes, satins, shimmers, and glimmers (the two or three shades that look glittery are in fact not, praise Hayzeus). Colors range from pure white to black to silvery taupe to a burnished gold. I love how varied the colors are, and how varied the undertones are: this palette is a healthy mix of warm, cool, and neutral shades.

(left side of the palette)

(right side of the palette)

In order to describe the colors, I’ll divide the palette in half and talk about each row of colors, starting with the top:

Top left row of five:

A matte nude shade. It’s the exact color as the underside of my arm, which explains why you can barely, if at alll, see the swatch.

A shimmery version of the matte nude shade. So, a shimmery nude (haha!).

A matte, pink-nude.

A very shimmery, burnt sienna.

A matte, yellowed ivory.

Bottom left row of five:

A pure white matte (this was crazy pigmented, which was surprising - most whites aren’t!).

A beautiful, shimmery silvery taupe. Love.

A very shimmery yellow gold.

A cool, deep, matte taupe-grey. Love this as well.

A very pigmented, very warm deep brown.

Top right row of five:

A pretty matte camel.

A warm, light shimmery brown-taupe.

A warm, shimmery corduroy brown.

A deep satiny gunmetal.

A matte black, which was the least pigmented shade in the palette but still pretty decent.

Bottom right row of five:

A deeper, cool silvery taupe. ADORE.

A shimmery peachy shade, so pretty.

A deep shimmery amber brown.

A deep brown with gold glimmer.

A matte dove grey.

All of the colors are silky, not very powdery, and with a good primer I had about 10 hours of wear while at work. I loved the variation in this palette - I could do very natural or incredibly dramatic looks. I especially love the matte shades in this palette; I can never have enough mattes! I was very impressed with the quality of these shadows.

The bottom drawer of the palette pulls out to reveal ten lip colors and two mini eye and lip brushes. The lip colors range from nudes to reds, and come in a range of textures - mattes, creams, glosses, and shimmers. The majority of the colors are in the pink range, but there are two reds and there’s this one matte mauve-nude at the far right that I absolutely love. Lasting power is better than I expected: a couple of hours!

(swatches done from L to R in the way they appear in the palette)

I know most people hate combination lip and eye palettes, but I don’t mind them. The lip colors are ingeniously segregated from the eye colors, and because the palette isn’t huge and too bulky, I can carry it around and touch up my lip colors.

All in all, I am so grateful the makeup fairies at NYX granted my wish and sent me this palette to try! I would have gladly purchased it; it’s worth the $25USD, if not more! The quality is surprisingly good, the colors are luxe and lovely, and the possibilities are endless! Give it a try!

NYX Cosmetics can be found at the NYX website, at Ulta (or the Ulta website), Cherry Culture, and other various retailers.


  1. i adore Wayne Goss and i love this blog, so if you both give it rave reviews it's going on my list! thanks for the swatches of each shade, especially.

  2. Yes, thank you for confirming that I NEED THIS!!

  3. I love how the lip is separated from the eye stuff! It's kinda fantastic

  4. Great review.

    I definitely appreciate the separation of lip and eye products. Nothing puts me off a palette more than when creams & powders are combined.

  5. Girl you're killin' me here. Now I have to have this.

  6. This seems like a much more affordable alternative to UD - thanks for the review!

  7. Thanks for the review! I could never bite the bullet and shell out the money for the UD palette (that is if I could have ever found it). But this price is more up my alley. I think I'm gonna have to get my hands on this at some point. :P

  8. Pssst... It's on sale for $20.99 at right now! Just bought mine from there. :) I'd been after this one for ages!

  9. I knew I should have gotten it in my last Cherry Culture haul!! Reading your blog is so bad for my wallet!

  10. Great. And I had just talked myself out of buying this haha!

  11. Thanks for posting the link on Nyx's facebook because I've found a new blog to follow.

    One question though my Nude on Nude palette is small and so is there more than one nude on nude palette?

    My palette has only 9 shadows and 2 lip colours and says Nude on Nude Natural Look.

    I believe this to be the only Nude on Nude palette by Nyx but if you have a bigger one then, why are there two palettes with the same name?


    1. nyx basically combined the nude on nude palette the smallers one to make a bigger one so you dont have to carry two small nyx palettes with you, if im not mistaken there are two- four palettes that are on the same range as yours, so i think nyx just combined the colors and make it to this wonderful piece ;)


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