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Besame Crimson Cream Rouge Review Pictures Swatches

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There is a movie by Quentin Tarantino called Inglourious Basterds.  In that movie, Mélanie Laurent, plays a character called  Shosanna Dreyfus.  This character is a Jew who has one time escaped the clutches of the SS and has been living in Nazi occupied France as a cinema operator without people knowing she is a Jew.  In one scene, Laurent's character must get dressed up for a film premiere at her Cinema because Hitler is coming to view his latest propaganda film. This movie is fantasy, not historical.  In this fantasy, a group of American soldiers, called the Inglorious Basterds, are on a mission to assassinate Hitler.  Their chance to do this is at the premiere, at this cinema with the help of Laurent's character.  Laurnet's character is getting ready for the premiere sitting at her spartan dressing table.She picks up a pot of cream rouge. She applies the cream rouge as if it is war paint.  I loved the imagery and symbolism of this scene, and of course, being the makeup addict that I am, it made me wish for a retro cream rouge.  I have issues.

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I'm not sure what it is about the 1930's-1940's aesthetic but something about cosmetics fashioned after that era, makes them irresistible to me. I certainly do not covet the formulas.  We have advanced quit nicely as far as quality of the cosmetics formula goes since then, but then again, things were simpler then in terms of makeup.  Maybe not simple, but thrifty.  Lipsticks were smaller, but you only needed a tiny bit to get beautiful color. Blush or Rouge, as it was called, was sometimes in a cream formula and usually was a dual purpose item for cheeks as well as lips.  Gabriela Hernandez, founder of Bésame Cosmetics Inc., has hit gold again with her new release of Crimson Cream Rouge.  

Packaging Side 1
The timeless and vintage inspired Bésame Crimson Cream Rouge is the ideal for instant rosy cheeks and lips.  Packaged in a vintage styled recyclable tin, this cream rouge provides a natural flush and perfectly stained lips.  As with cream rouges of yesteryear, they were slightly thicker consistency, but still imparted a natural flush, no matter what your skin tone.  Well Bésame has managed to take that vintage aesthetic and combine it with modern technology to bring a high quality product to the market.
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 The texture is light and easy to blend.  The cream is highly pigmented and applies best using your fingertips.  Just the mere heat from your body will melt the cream rouge under your fingertips allowing for a perfect amount of product to lightly liquefy and become the ideal amount for application to your cheeks and lips.  Just dot on the apples of your cheeks and blend with clean fingertips out and up to create that just been kissed flush.  Then the remaining Crimson Cream Rouge can be dotted on your lips and made into a stain or applied heavier for a full lipstick like effect. 

The Bésame Crimson Cream rouge lasted almost all day on my cheeks and though my morning cuppa on my lips.  I did need to reapply to the lips throughout the day but that's to be expected with almost any lip product.  No worries tho, because the tin is easily portable and, because if the design, won't open up in my makeup bag.  

The color was that of a blue based red with such an intensity that I could not photograph it properly.  It almost looks neon to me in the pictures, but rest assured that the swatch photos show a more true color.  As you can see below it is very pigmented but the color blends down to a rosy sheer wash that looks so incredibly natural.  And I cannot stress again how delightful the formula is. So creamy and fluid but so long lasting.


I couldn't resist purchasing a pocket mirror when I placed my order for the Crimson Cream Rouge.  I selected a traditional Spaniard  Lady with the High Black Lacquer comb in her hair. I think that was chosen because I just finished reading the children's book The Story of Ferdinand to Darthypie.  If you have never read it, it's a sweet story, but the illustrations (all pen and ink) by Robert Lawson, are amazing. 

I remember as a child how I would stare at the books for hours imagining that I was one of the Ladies in Madrid at the bullfight with the beautiful combs in my hair and tons of flowers cascading from my hair.  (Of course bullfighting is inexplicably savage and brutal and I would never ever in a million years ever condone it or go to a fight.  But I was a little girl back then and had no idea how barbaric, inhumane it really was)  Where was I? Oh yes. the pocket Mirrors.  There are 6 designs in total, and one sure to please you. At $8 a piece they would make excellent stocking stuffers for your friends.

Darthypie added the Spiderman Sticker. Very Retro!

Do you NEED the Bésame Crimson Cream Rouge?  YES! It's such a wonderful color and it blends so well I think it would flatter any skin tone. The formula is second to none and bests my Bobbi Brown Pot rouge for Cheeks and Lips as well as my BECCA Lip & Cheek Creme.  This is a winner.  I hope that Bésame comes out with more colors in the future, but honestly, I'm happy with the one I have.  Besame Crimson Cream Rouge retails for $22 USD and is available at

Besame Crimson Cream Rouge with a light balm over top

Besame Crimson Cream Rouge on Cheeks and lips


  1. Yeah, I'm going to have to get this. I just know I'm going to feel fancy while putting it on.

  2. So pretty! I just love the retro packaging :)

  3. I absolutely need this D:. One day when I get a vanity it will look spectacular on it too~

  4. this post is one of the reasons I love following you. You feature some of the most gorgeous makeup prodcuts. The packaging of this is just to die for. wow xx

  5. That is gorgeous! I love the vintage feel of it, too :D

  6. That looks amazing on you! I need this! OK now where do I find Besame in Canada...hmmm?

  7. Bests Becca, you say? I must try one! I especially love the pretty tin. I have never tried Besame lipsticks, but I always hear wonderful things about them as well.

  8. I've been eyeing this one and you have just pushed me over the edge to buy it!


    Besame is one brand that I feel really needs to expand their product line. Of course, I prefer quality to quantity, vanity needs to be covered in besame cosmetics.

  10. Want!!!! It looks so easy to use! The color is beautiful and I just have a feeling will make this stay at home mom feel a little glamorous! Great review!!

  11. It's a gorgeous color, and so very retro! I love it!

  12. Been thinking about getting these for a while now!love vintage makeup & think your review has finally swayed me. thanks!


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