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Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Collection Color in Pink Dusk and True Coral

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OK. It's no secret that Tom Ford is expanding his like of cosmetics.  I reported about it HERE in June.  That does not mean, however, you should just wait around for it to show up at your local high end department store.  It means you should snatch up the Tom Ford’s Private Blend Lip Collection colors right now.  Sure many of them will be in the new release of the Tom Ford Beauty line, but some of them wont.  Today I'm going to show you two colors that WILL be in the new line, just so you won't blame me for creating a lemming for a lipstick that is going to be discontinued.

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First, the packaging of the lipstick.  Pulling from Tom Ford's roots in Architecture the packaging for the Private Blend Lip collection is a striking white and gold with sharp lines and a nod to minimalism as far as decoration.  The Tom Ford logo engraved in the gold top of the lipstick case is the only marking on the packaging.  The heft of the packaging gives a nod towards luxury (I have no idea why I equate a heavy lipstick case w/ expensive/luxury, but I do.) and the overall aesthetic is pleasing to the eye.  But don't get used to it.  The new packaging from the new Tom Ford Beauty line will be black and gold.

Second, the texture and formula of the lipstick.  This lipstick is smooth and creamy. It applies like a dream.  It has been reported by others to be drying, but I have found that a well primed lip will not encounter this issue. (well primed with a lip primer from Guerlain or MAC and or a lip balm of your choosing)  I think the drying factor is from the incredibly rich pigmentation of each lipstick.  I know most people prefer to apply the lipstick straight from the tube, but honestly you get a more natural and better look if you apply this lipstick with a lip brush.  That's not to say that you can't achieve wonderful results straight from the tube, but being that the Tom Ford formula is so amplified, you might try experimenting applying it with a lip brush once in a while. The lipstick lasts a very long time on the lips. I can have my morning cuppa and the color still remains after I'm done.  Of course eating anything will take off the color, but that's to be expected.  Also, while the formula is VERY full of pigment the lipstick does not feel heavy or chalky upon my lips.  The finish is satin. While it looks like it could be matte it does have a hint of moisture like shine that stops the lipstick from looking dull.

Third, the color of the lipstick.  I could sit here and wax poetic about the pink and coral colors or I could just show you pictures.
Let's see a show of hands. Who wants pictures?
OK. Pictures it is.

The first is called Pink Dusk.  I prefer to wear a gloss over this to dress it up a bit and give a little sparkle to the look.  I love this pink because it is a neutral pink that tends warm on my arm, but stays true to color on my lips.  It's a great nude for a smokey eye and for a daily look.

Pretty yes? I should be smiling in my lip picture or something. It looks nice if I'm trying to smile.

The second is called True Coral. I have an issue with calling anything "True [insert color name here]" because I obviously have a different interpretation of what color coral is than Tom Ford does.  This looks like a bright orange based red to me.  It does have the ever so slightest implication of pink to give it a real BRIGHT coral like color but it leans really red on me and in the pictures as well. Trust me. this one was hard to photograph.  I had a hard time capturing the true color of this lipstick.  This color did stain my lips so it appears to war longer than the Pink Suck color.  It's far too bright for office wear. It looks practically NEON under the fluorescent lights, but when I apply it with a lip brush, blot and the apply a warm golden gloss on top I get a beautiful coral lip.

Do you NEED these?  Well, let's face it. These lipsticks are NOT cheap. I purchased both of them with birthday money, so they were gifts.  Would I have purchased them with my own hard earned moolah?  Probably not.  So you MIGHT need these lipsticks if you think there is a color in the range that you absolutely cannot live without.  However, you can wait and see if the price point for the lipstick goes down with the new collection.  I have seen a card with all the color names for the lipsticks and there is a much broader range of nude lipstick colors and pinks, so it might be worth your while to wait.  If you need a color RIGHT AWAY you can call Kathy Shoreman at Neiman Marcus and she will hook you up.  Her number is: 703-761-1600 X-3282


  1. Damn you, Elvira. I really don't need any Tom Ford lemmings on top of my super long wish list!!!! I usually alternate between Smoke Red and Moroccan Rouge.

    What lip brush do you favour (I've never owned one)?


  2. im glad that u feel the same way i do about these lipsticks...the colors are ok, but the formula and overall effect is lackluster to me.

    i hope that the other new items in the line are better than his lipsticks.

    thank you for your review :) <3 i always appreciate your honesty.

  3. I think both of those colors are gorgeous. I'm going to need that Coral.

  4. What kind of fragrance do you notice? His collection for EL had that fig fragrance, does this?

  5. YAY! something I already have... no new lemmings for me : )

    I have True Coral, Bruised Plum, and Warm Sable. These are some of the most pigmented lipsticks I've ever tried, each stains my lips well after they"ve wiped off. I def. recommend checking out at least one color. The colors I have are all pretty bold but they work great under lipgloss to be toned down a little.

  6. I got pure pink for christmas and I've worn it a lot since then. Its a great pick me up colour that looks great on cooler skins but would suit any skin tones.

  7. I need more lipstick. Thankfully, I usually go for deeper colors than the pink, and although the coral is gorgeous, the orange undertones won't work for me.

    Although now I have an impossible urge to check out the rest of the collection.

  8. This was total lip sex, WTF.

    Pink Dusk is insanely pretty. Gah!

  9. Lol!!! ITA with Joey!!!

  10. I was lucky to score a tube of Morrocan Rose at my local Company Store for $31? This is drying on my lips and it made my lips peel and itch the next day.

    But did I return it? HELL NO - it's Tom Ford and probably the only TF item I can afford. I like looking at my heavy, white tub of lipstick I can't wear.

    That sounded sickening, didn't it?

  11. Oh no, that coral has officially slain me!


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