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Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Couleur #6 Plum and Khol Pencil in 10K Review Pictures Swatches

image from www.makeupforever.com

I'm all for a smokey eye and for anything to enhance the green in my eyes.  But I'm not a huge fan of colored mascaras.  You see. I suffer from a touch of PTMD (Post Traumatic Mascara Disorder) from the Electric Blue Mascara incident of 1987.  In 1987 almost everyone and their mother wore electric blue mascara and I, like any good mindless teenager/lemming, jumped that cliff and applied that wretched mascara on myself.  It was only years later did I realize the horror that electric blue eyeshadow was.  Pictures from back then made me look like some sort of alien. I had blue flakes under my eyes and my lashes made my grey-green eyes look bizarrely strange...almost like a Wight Walker from the Song of Ice & Fire series.  I had seen enough.  It took months to get me out of my room from where I sat in a dark corner rocking myself slowly back and forth saying. "Can't Sleep. Electric Blue Mascara Will Eat Me!" Over and over again.  Once I was fully rehabilitated I was able to avoid colored mascaras for decades.  But then it happened  The loverly people at Make Up For Ever generously offered to send me a Khol liner and Smoky Lash Couleur Mascara from their New Smoky Couleur Fall Collection 2011.  Little did they know that they were making me confront my fears of colored mascara and by doing so making me a stronger and happier makeup fiend user.  I can safely say the the people from Make Up For Ever have saved my colorless mascara life.

Because I don't want to discuss one without the other I must inform you that The Make Up For Ever Khol Pencil in 10K and the Make Up For Ever Smoky Lash Couleur Mascara in #6 go together like peas and carrots, like peanut butter and jelly like ying and yang. 

To start, the Khol Pencil in 10K is a deep blue black plum...almost metallic looking.  It is soft, creamy and pigmented. It has an extremely blendable texture.  The Khol Pencil is easily smudged for the perfect smoky eye. Because of the soft texture, it is ideal for rimming the inner eye. One can apply above and below the lash line and blend to create a pigment-rich smoky eye.

But Wait. There's More!!

Why waste that beautiful color from the Khol Pencil in 10K by applying a plain old black mascara?  What you need is a colored mascara to ENHANCE the beautiful Khol Pencil you just lined your eyes with.  Yes.  That's right I said Colored Mascara.  Specifically, Make Up For Ever's Smoky Lash Couleur Mascara in #6.  This is no 1987 electric blue mascara. THIS is a Dark Plum color.  It looks lighter on the wand than it does on the eye, but trust me, THIS is not a trauma inducing mascara. The New Smoky Lash Couleur in #6 provides volume, length and curl.  I has the same lash boosting formula and unique elastomer fiber brush as the original best seller.  This Smoky Lash Couleur gives me those dramatic faux lashes I have always wanted within a few seconds. The Mascara in #6 is extremely concentrated with plum pigments so the mascara instantly coats the lashes with intense color.

The result:

Oh yeah baby!  Long wearing plum colored khol liner and non flaking plum mascara create a fantastic smokey eye!  Do you NEED this?  Well with all mascaras YRMV (Your Results May Vary) but I really had no issues with flaking or smudging.  My lashes looked longer and fuller when I used this mascara.  Make Up For Ever's Smoky Lash Couleur Mascara comes in 5 shades and retails for $22 USD.  The Make Up For Ever Khol Pencil in 10K is one of the softest and long wearing pencils I have ever owned.  Using this pencil is making me second guess my exclusive use of Urban Decay 24/7 pencils.  Yeah. They are THAT good.  The Make Up For Ever Khol Pencil comes in 10 shades and retails for $17 USD. Make Up For Ever products can be purchased at Make Up For Ever Boutiques, Sephora and other retailers

If you want to recreate the Make Up for Ever's Smoky Purple Eye look as seen below just follow these steps

  1. Apply Eye Shadow #7 White all over the eyelid and brow bone.
  2. Blend Eye Shadow #122 Copper across the entire crease carrying it all the way to the inner corner of the eye. Working inward, layer Eye Shadow #79 Plum halfway into the crease. Focus on deepening the plum color on the outer corner of the eyelid.
  3. Starting from the outer corner of the eye, smudge Eye Shadow #122 Copper along the entire lower lash line. Then, repeat with Eye Shadow #79 Plum.


  1. What a beautiful colour! The only plum mascara I've used is Benefit's Bad Gal in plum, which I really like. However, this looks even better. Drooling!

  2. Dear Pink Sith:

    I've just discovered you and I want you to know you're AMAZING. I've never seen such a funny beauty blog. (I'm really pleased because even if I'm spanish and i had not a very functional english level, I understand you!) I find you way of mixing "sithcity" and beauty, extravagant, funny and gorgeous. Thank you for those hilarious moments.

  3. absolutely gorgeous. oh and your eyebrows are perfect! xx

  4. I just ran and added it to my Sephora wishlist! Green too....LOVE colored mascara!

    Thanks so much for the review!!!

  5. The mascara + liner made your eyes so much brighter and green-looking to me. Like colored contacts! Very impressive.

    FYI my captcha is enexess LMAO I wish it would have actually been INXS though.

  6. This looks amazing on you. I can never get colored mascara to look THAT colored. All hail the Sith!

  7. I'm kinda scared of coloured mascara but this one looks great on you, especially with your eye colour. And please give me your eyebrows <3


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