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Le Métier de Beauté Creme Fresh Tints in Ginger Lily, Coral Nymph and Mystique Review Pictures Swatches

One upon a time there lived a Princess that couldn't blush.  Her pallid skin never once showed any notion of color.  Although she could be embarrassed she could never show that blush in her cheeks.  On the coldest days, when even polar bears come in from the cold with a rosy hue about their cheeks, this Princess only came in with the same dull, wan complexion.  Chemists from around the realm would present the sallow faced Princess with pots of color that looked so unnatural it looked like she was part of a mummer's farce rather than royalty.  Comedians and singers would travel from all parts of the kingdom just to tell bawdy joke or singe a salacious song in order to get the Princess to blush.  Alas, nothing would bring color to the ashen cheeks of this sad royal.  That was until....

Riding in on his gallant white destrier was a knight from far away lands. His fame preceded him as tales of sorcery and living among strange peoples in strange lands made up his biography.  Mikey the Knight announced that he had studied in far away lands the fine art of Le Métier de Beauté.  The King, unfamiliar with this foreign tongue that Ser Mikey spoke, and not wanting to look obtuse, nodded in familiarity and allowed him to try and remove the waxen tone to the Princesses' face.

Ser Mikey reached into his black velvet satchel and produced three rather common pots. Small flat and round the pots were matte black with the words Le Métier de Beauté in white scribed on the top.  The Princess, so far, was unimpressed.  Then the brave Knight opened all three of the pots with a flourish and announced to the Princess.  "May I present Le Métier de Beauté Creme Fresh Tints in Ginger Lily, Coral Nymph and Mystique!"

The Princess gazed that the beauty and wonder of the bright coral, cool pink lavender and warm nude colors that these Creme Fresh Tints held.  The Knight went on to explain to the Princess, "The Creme Fresh Tints are a luxurious hydrating formula of blush and lip color that imparts an instant glow to the lips or cheeks. These lavish Creme Fresh Tints could be smoothed over makeup or applied to fresh, but primed skin.  The creme-based tint goes on sumptuously soft and melts into the skin giving a natural glow to the wearer.   These natural looking, glitter-free Creme Fresh Tints are of a superior formula that is designed to evaporate on the skin. They leave no paraben or silicone residue and create the effect of a true, natural blush or just bitten lips."

The Princess had no idea what a paraben or a silicone was but lest she act the fool, she nodded and looked knowingly at the brave Ser Mikey.

Ser Mikey presented the first of the Le Métier de Beauté Creme Fresh Tints to the Princess.  This one he called Coral Nymph.

A bright and stunning coral color it reminded the Princess of Summer and the sweet fruits that came that time of year.  The Knight took the liberty of applying a bit of the Le Métier de Beauté Creme Fresh Tint in Coral Nymph to the Princesses right cheek.  The beautiful soft formula blended right into her pale complexion almost becoming one with her skin.  The Creme Fresh Tint in Coral Nymph gave an almost ethereal glow to the Princess as if she looked years younger than her actual age.  Ser Mikey confessed that many blushes of the coral family can give the appearance of youth, but this one in particular really stood out as a gem.  When a hand mirror was presented to the Princess the royal court heard a small gasp as the Princess caught sight of her reflection.  For once in her life she looked...well...alive!  Thrilled with the prospect of actually being rid of her bloodless complexion she turned to Ser Mikey and asked to see the other Creme Fresh Tints.

Ser Mikey presented the second Creme Fresh Tint in Ginger Lilly.  Although it resembled the Coral Nymph when in the container, once applied this warm nude blush took on the most natural look the Princess had ever seen.  It was the perfect blush for contouring and to render a natural resting blush or normal color to the skin.  This warm tawny blush was subtle but made a big difference in her overall look.  She could finally wear the obsidian black eye khols presented to her from an eastern prince, pair it with Ginger Lily Creme Fresh Tint and not look like a corpse!

Lastly Ser Mikey presented Le Métier de Beauté Creme Fresh Tint in Mystique.  This was so different from the other two the Princess wasn't sure if it would give her the same natural and glowing look to her blanched skin.  But as soon as the Knight patted on the creamy pink lavender blush it was as if she was reborn.  A pink as innocent as a a newborn babe gave her cheeks the most glorious flush.  Being that she was no longer a maiden, as she was four and twenty already, the Princess knew this was the sweet innocent blush she would wear when her suitors came to call and when she needed to solicit a few more hours of time with her suitor from her father, the king.

The Princess finally fit the saying "As pretty as a Princess" as she kissed her Knight and gave him thanks for the magical work he had done.  Ser Mikey was humble as he accepted his thanks and told his Princess "It was nothing more than Le Métier de Beauté, The Business of Beauty."

And she lived happily ever after.
The End.

In order for you to be "as pretty as a Princess" you can purchase Le Métier de Beauté Creme Fresh Tints from Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom or Bergdorf Goodman. The Creme Fresh Tints retail for $28 USD and come in 5 different shades.


  1. I didn't know I was a princess when I bought these. I wish I'd had you to guide my way. I love these and they do make my skin come alive.

  2. I think you need to write a children's fairytale book! Lots of cute short stories, like this. I would buy it and I don't have any kids to read it to!

  3. I loved this wonderful story!

    I feel like I need to be a princess too. Beautiful swatches!

  4. MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone): Anyone can be a princess when they use makeup from Le Metier de Beauty!

  5. jbrobeck: I would never write a children's book because the stories I write have no good moral lesson for children. Apparently people want kids to be moral and stuff...but not when they grow up (I'm looking at you Wall Street!) Oooh. Did I just get political? Sorry. Makeup is good. Is that better?

  6. Jian: Thank you! I'm glad you liked the story. I am really impressed with the quality of these Creme Fresh Tints. I think I might need Poppy as well. Have you ever used these before?

  7. Fabulous review! I love your stories! Aren't the creme fresh tints wonderful?

  8. Sheesh. people and their morals. ruin everything.

  9. Hilarious yet evil at the same time, as this Princess lives in faraway lands where mean tyrants like to put a tax on anything pretty that arrives from across the seas!

  10. Pray tell Princess Elvira, which shade is best for this Old Crone?

  11. using make-up for so long time, but still don't know how to deal with blush :(

  12. BEST REVIEW EVER!!! And I should know, I do book reviews ;)

    Seriously you have a gift and really should write fairy tales....they *do* make fairy tales for grown-ups ;)

    Oh and the makeup was very pretty too ;)

  13. Mmmmm....Le of those that has escaped me thus far...but not for long!

  14. Oh my goodness, you are one talented woman. Thank you for the beautiful review. I may have to bookmark to re-read as a bedtime story.


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