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My Makeover With Mikey Castillo And Le Metier de Beaute Sunkissed Bronzer Reviews Pictures Swatches

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I recently had the wonderful honor of getting a makeover from the one and only Mikey Castillo, the Director of Makeup for Le Metier de Beaute.  While I was in his chair I asked him a ton of questions but most of the stuff I asked cannot be repeated on the interbebz.  For example I know what the holiday kaleidoscope is supposed to be, but I promised not to say....of course some other blogs might have already mentioned it, but I promised.  Wanna know? Well you can either wait until it's released or do a google search...It won't be hard to find.  The 2011 Holiday Kaleidoscope sounds amazeballs!  What I didn't do, while I was chatting with Mikey, was ask him the same old questions that every one asks him when it comes to an interview.  I figured that you all can find recent interviews with him from other bloggers and read those and many of those interviews are good!

So what did we talk about?  Well since Mikey and I are almost the same age we talked about past makeup trends that were wretched, we talked about music, we talked about makeup lines current and long gone, we talked about his plans for upcoming collections, why loving Taupe shadow means that you have GREAT Taste, why I have to give a silly name to almost everything. How he's all about low maintenance when it comes to makeup and how I'm all about the ritual of applying makeup.  The most astounding and yet embarrassing thing from our conversation was that Mikey Out Goth'd Me!  I was talking about how in the 90's I would do my eyebrows a la Siouxie from Siouxie & The Banshees and he mentioned some completely obscure goth band and some song from said obscure goth band and next thing you know I, the former goth turned corporate slug, had been OUT F*CKING GOTHED BY MIKEY F*CK*NG CASTILLO!  He even knew the Black Rose Dance and understood me when I said I was a shoe gazer dancer.  Of course this made me instantly LOVE him.

While Mikey brings over 20 years of experience to Le Metier de Beaute and has a wonderful philosophy of respect and kindness when interacting with all people, I'm not here to talk about Saint Mikey this whole time.  I mean. I did buy stuff from the makeover and I think you would like to see it.  No?

I picked up a beautiful Le Metier de Beaute Bronzer from my makeover.  After Mikey got over the initial shock of how absolutely pale I was.  I noted that he has obviously been spending too much time in LA with all the fake tans they have there. He worked on the color for my eyes and paid a lot of attention to them.  So what does that have to do with Bronzer?  Well I'll tell you what it has to do with it.  EVERYTHING.  Over done lips and cheeks when paired with an intense smokey eye  well that's just overkill and tacky.  Here's what Mikey did for me.

The Sunkissed Bronzer from Le Metier de Beaute the best color item for pale or, as Mikey says, "fair skin".  Since I have a lot of red in my skin naturally..which I'm thinking I might have rosacea after all these years, Mikey suggest that the Sunkissed bronzer is the perfect compliment to those who have a hard time wearing blush and bronzer without looking like they have rosacea. According to Mikey, the red and orange undertones in many blushes act to overly enhance the natural flush of fair skin. Also,many bronzers look muddy or orange when applied on fair skin.  The Sunkissed bronzer contains no red or orange undertone so it can be used as a blush when placed on the apple of the cheek.  The bronzer provides a more natural looking blush because of the sheerness of the product and the tendency for fair skin to show the natural flush more. I did object to the statement that it would add warmth to my skin.  I don't need warmth. I like my cool corpse like looking complexion thankyouverymuch!

The Bronzer is luxury in a slim and simple matte black case.  The powder is quadruple-milled and it has a velvety-soft finish.  It applies like silk and is sheer to allow my own natural color to shine through as well. The Le Metier de beaute website claims that the Sunkissed Bronzer is "Delicately scented with rejuvenating Rosemary and Lavender extracts." However I could not detect any scent from the product.

I'll bring you more items I purchased from my recent makeover in the weeks to come.  The time spent with Mikey Castillo was absolutely a blast.  I love his no fuss philosophy to makeup application and how he designs the Le Metier de Beaute cosmetics with that in mind.  You won't see cake liners and multi step applications...that just takes up your precious time.  What you will see are easy to use and apply products like felt tip liquid liners, Blushes that can double as shadows, and  multi tasking products like the creme fresh tints and Peau Vierge Anti-Aging Complexe.

Do You NEED this?  The Sunkissed Bronzer, Not Mikey....because we all NEED Mikey Castillo. That's a given, but if you are very fair and have yet to find a bronzer that works for you, you must check this one out.  It will leave you looking glowy and "sun kissed" not blotchy and muddy.  And if you do suffer from rosacea, no matter your skin tone, Mikey recommends using a bronzer instead of blush, and using a sheer one to allow the red undertones from your own skin work with the bronzer to create a flawless look.

I purchased my bronzer from Neiman Marcus.


  1. This product must be THE perfect bronzer for fair skin! Well done!

  2. This looks like a great bronzer & I like that it doesn't have red/orange undertones. I have tested Sundrenched, but I wonder if it's darker than this one. Being a 'fair' person I will probably get whichever is lighter! I think a trip to the LMdB counter is in order :) Thanks for the great post!

  3. Oooh, a bronzer for corpse skin? Sold! I'm having the hardest time finding one and realized a few months ago that one would make a nice subtle blush. Only one problem, all the ones I've found lately have silicones in them. And while silicones in powder means I might break out more slowly, I still have areas just populated with bumps and blemishes that previously *never had any breakouts ever!* And then I realized it was all these exact areas I had either applied bronzer or a shimmery highlight powder and "duh, both of those had silicones in them." Ugh....

    Whaddya say, Pink, can you scroll down the ingredients list and let a gal know if there is anything ending in -cone or -xane? FInding ingredients lists for high-end brands is insanely difficult, even with the intertubes at my finger tips.

  4. When my friends found out that I was reviewing a bronzer they were in shock but Sunkissed is perfect for those of us who were afraid of them before. Mikey picked this out for me and I've thanked him silently each time I use it. While I'm not knowledgable in your goth world I still do appreciate the makeup artists from LMdB like Mikey!

  5. Mikey picked this out for me too. My friends were in shock that I would review a bronzer but they never met Mikey and Sunkissed!

  6. I can't believe that even after my interview with Mikey discussing how this is THE product for us uber pale gals that I still haven't bought this!! If only my money tree in the back yard would start producing again. *sigh* So jealous you got to meet him in person!

  7. I wish I could have been part of that Goth conversation, since I had my Goth high school phase, albeit a brief one, myself.

    Thanks for reminding me that I need to introduce myself to this brand formally w/a makeover at the Neiman's counter.

    Loving your new lay out btw...

  8. He sounds amazing! I find it hard to like bronzers and this sounds workable, I wish LmDb were available in Australia! I will make it my mission to buy something from them soon :)


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