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Estee Lauder Pure Color Cyber Eyes Eyeshadow Review Pictures Swatches

Tom Pecheux image from Estee Lauder.com
I'm not sure what it is about Metallic eyeshadow but I'm drawn to it like a moth to flame.  Fortunately I have a tiny bit more sense than a moth so I don't get burned as easily.  One of the biggest problems with metallic shadows is that they tend to crease quickly.  I think it's something about the base that the pigment must go on, that makes the metallic qualities separate and crease.  Fortunately, for my sake and for yours, Estee Lauder's resident genius and Creative Director for Makeup, Tom Pecheux has devised 6 beautiful shades of metallic shadow awesomeness called Cyber Eyes.

The Cyber Eyes eyeshadow uses the Gelée Powder formula. It's a tri-blend formula that's gel, powder and liquid in one.  If you remember back in August my review of the Estee Lauder Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée in Modern Mercury was my first introduction to this revolutionary formula.  Now Mr. Pecheux has translated that sought after face powder into a shadow!  I think that Mr. Pecheux has been reading my diary because I have been wanting an eyeshadow that is exactly like the formula of the Modern Mercury Powder Gelée!  That cheeky monkey must be sneaking into my house at night and reading all my deepest darkest beauty secrets.  Well before Mr. Pecheux comes out with an all taupe makeup line, because I wrote about it last week in my diary,  I better tell you about the Pure Color Cyber Eyeshadow I picked up.

 Cyber Pink

Cyber Lilac

and Cyber Green.

Whoa!  That's not green...is it?  

It's almost black with gold pearl. It's a deep dark olive green if it is green.  I don't get why it's called Cyber Green, but I'm not complaining because I LOVE IT!

First of all. Yes I purchased PINK eyeshadow.  

Despite every makeup artist in the world telling me that I must avoid pink colors near my eyes, because my skin is so pink and the rims of my eyes are red most of the time, I threw caution to the wind and got it anyway. It's an awesome base color and I think I will be using it as often as possible! 
I also picked yup Cyber Lilac

because I thought the pink and Purple would look really nice together.
EL Cyber Pink & Cyber Lilac w/ UD 24/7 Liquid Liner in Retrograde
See how nice it looks with the Cyber Lilac in the crease? I forgot to do an entire Cyber Lilac EOTD, but trust me, it's a beauty all on its own.

Then there is the Cyber Green.  I rarely wear dark smokey eyes but when I do, I want the dark shadow to really be special.  THIS is that special color! It looks pretty black on my pale ass skin but it would look awesometastic on darker skin. The subtle gold shimmer gives the shadow some depths and dimension that normal black shadows just don't have.  I think this smokey eye is a hot mess, but I wanted you all to see what it looked like applied on its own.

EL Cyber Green up to crease blended w/ Inglot 395. EL Pure Color Liquid Eye Liner in Silver Zinc, LE (sold out)
I personally will use it more often as a crease color.  Here is a very basic application of Cyber Green used in the crease:
Inglot 395 all over lid, EL Cyber Green in crease, UD 24/7 Liquid Liner in Perversion
The neat thing abut these shadows is that they can be applied dry or wet.  When applied wet they bring an amazing metallic opacity that I just adore.  When applied dry they are smokier and easier to blend.  However, no matter how you choose to apply them, the shadows last forever (with a base) and they don't crease or fade!  WIN!

Here's an odd thing tho.  I found I got better pigmentation and application when I used a foam applicator than when I used a brush.. unless I was applying the shadow wet.  I think foam applicators are the way to go when doing the initial application and then blending out with a brush to finish and soften the look.

Do you NEED these?  YES. If anything get at least one.  They have 6 shades in total and I think the silver one (which I didn't get) is so incredibly pretty.  They have a teal and a copper one as well.  Obviously these are priced in the higher end ($24 USD each) but I think they are worth it.  Plus they are limited edition which make any makeup addict go all twitchy and grabby.

So are you all twitchy and grabby now?


  1. Wow that Cyber Green is gorgeous..I must get it.

  2. I just ordered the Cyber Silver from Harrods - I need to get my hands on the green! Gorgeous!

  3. Do you think cyber pink and modern mercury are dupes?? I can't find mine and am going crazy looking for it :(

  4. Vicki - aka- LVMAKEUP: I am confused. Cyber Pink is not a dupe for any color from the Modern Mercury collection. The Highlighting powder from Modern Mercury is the same formula as the Cyber eyeshadow. The closest I think a dupe to the Modern Mercury Gelee Powder I have seen is the Laura Mercier Rose Rendezvous Powder. Check Natural N Chic Makeup for swatches.

  5. I purchased the silver and it is exactly dead on as you have stated...these are beautiful shadows!

  6. I love these eye shadows!!!!!!!!!!!
    And the make-up is so gorgeous!Thank you very much for sharing with us.Keep doing it.

  7. Oh my D: All three of these look (and sound) really, really lovely! I'm afraid I'll have to give them a go; I keep hearing such good things about the Cyber Eyes line :/

    (But I'm on a low buy. You're not supposed to make me lem things on a low-buy; it's not faaaair!!)


  8. You convinced me! Estee Lauder needs to hire you to do their PR.

  9. I'm totally ordering these. And so glad to hear you are wearing pink. I was told the same and have been loving some red-tones from Le Metier. I still reach for our beloved taupes, but love throwing in a pink every now and then.

  10. I think I need more than just 1!

  11. OMG They are so pretty!

  12. Beautiful!! Now how will I ever decide which color to get... :)

  13. This post is making me regret not getting Cyber Pink and Cyber Lilac - although, when I swatched Cyber Lilac it didn't look as nice on my skin as it does on yours.

    I ended up with Cyber Copper which, on my skin, is TAUPE! =)


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