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Lancome Maison Lancôme Gentle and Long Lasting Powder Blusher Review Pictures Swatches

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Today I have pictures for you of a blush from Lancome that has been reviewed a zillion times on other blogs.  It's from the 29 Saint Honoré collection. I reviewed the Le French Touch Absolu lipstick in 314 Rouge Saint-Honoré HERE.  The Maison Lancôme blush has a soft texture with a slight satin finish.  It is a true work of art.  According to Lancome, "...this blush tells the beautiful tale of Paris at the end of the 1940s. As for colour, Aaron De Mey has created a universal harmony of tender rose, decorated with a delicate sprinkling of gold."  It is by all means a beautiful thing to behold.  For those that don't want a sociology lesson, by reading the paragraphs below, let me say that a) this blush is very sheer and would show up more on darker skin tones, but I adore it for it's delicate sheer pink finish.  The blush is beautiful to look at in the pan, untouched, but it maintains some of it's charm even if you do use a blush brush on it.  It is limited edition and therefore may not be around much longer.  It's still available on and other retailers of Lancome cosmetics.  I think it's a must have simply for the sheer beautiful finish and the fact that looking at it every morning brings a smile to my face.

 OK.  Now for the sociology lesson.

Sometimes...sometimes you buy a blush/highlighter/eyeshadow for how it looks in the pan rather than how it looks on your face.  This is one of the first signs of a makeup addiction.  According to some, owning more than one blush is a sign of a makeup addiction.  I remember the look this woman gave me when I remarked at the Lancome counter how I was astounded that she "finished" a blush and was there to buy a "refill".  I was like, I don't think I have seen the pan on a blush since the 20th century. (not true because I did see pan on a blush in 2001, but that's not important right now... it was a cream blush with a rather shallow pan)  She gave me this odd look. It said: "WTF?" mixed with a sprinkling of "I've seen you on that Hoarders show haven't I?"  Then I thought, perhaps she was unfamiliar with the term "Seeing Pan" or "Hitting Pan".  Makeup Junkies or MJs have all sorts of terms for makeup.  Most terms are a secret language only other makeup addicts understand.  It's a sort of code we use to identify one another.

Allow me to pull back the curtain and let you in on some of the mysterious customs of the Aboriginal Makeup Junkie. 

Makeup Junkies : Shopping Customs and Linguistics Decoded

Shopping:  When you observe the Native Makeup Junkie (MJ) shopping you will notice a few things.  They carefully stalk their prey. They circle the lipstick display before they go into strike.  However, MJs have the attention span of a two year old child and are easily distracted by bright and shiny or glittery objects.  Like a magpie, a MJ will divert their original course to investigate said shiny object before heading back to their original task.  Once they have marked their prey they will usually inspect it by using fingertips or a disposable makeup applicator to sample some of a tester that has been placed as a trap on a makeup counter.  The MJ will swirl their finger or applicator gently over the as not to mar the surface.  Then, they will apply the product, whether it be eyeshadow, blush or highlighter to the back of their hands or to their inner wrist.  The best way to spot a MJ in the wild is to look for a woman (or Man) with an arm or hand that is covered in a motley of colors from lipsticks, shadows and blushes.  Many MJs hide their markings with a special elixir called "Make Up Remover", but the tell tale glitter signs usually remain.  Often mistaken for Vampires for the Twilight Series, the MJ glitter is actually cosmetic and the MJ does not suck as much as the Twilight Vampires.  (interpret that as you wish).  
At times you might see what you think is a MJ applying lipstick or shadow directly from the tester to their face.  Do not be fooled by such farce.  Real MJs will never apply shadow directly from the pan to their own face...usually because they already have makeup on, but mostly because they don't need to.  At times a MJ might apply a tester lipstick to their lips, but on these rare occasions the MJ will sanitize the lipstick by dipping it in or spraying it with rubbing alcohol.  They will then wipe down the sanitized lipstick and then apply.  This is usually done with the assistance of a "Dealer"...or in layman terms, a Sales Associate.

 You will never ever observe a true MJ applying mascara from a tester directly to her lashes.  The MJ may inspect the brush and might go so far as to swipe some of the mascara to the back of her hand, but she will never apply directly to her lashes...under no circumstances will she do this.  She will, however, submit to the application of mascara during a makeover from a Dealer or Dealer Artist (AKA Makeup Artist) but usually that is done with disposable mascara wands that are not double dipped into the product.
The MJ will sometimes purchase two of the same item.  This is usually done for items that are Limited Edition (LE) and/or speciality items that might be too precious to actually in point the Lancome Maison Lancôme Gentle and Long Lasting Powder Blusher. (see above and below).  The second item is referred to as a "Back up" or "BU". At times the MJ may purchase a BU because they fear they will "Hit Pan" on the item.  Hitting pan is a bittersweet occasion for the average MJ.  It means they they have used an item so much that they can now actually see the metal (or plastic) pan that the blush/shadow/highlighter is held in.  The reason this is a momentous occasion for the MJ is because they rarely hit pan on any one makeup item because they possess so many items in one category.  For a MJ to hit pan on a blush, when she owns over 20 blushes is indeed an accomplishment.  The bitter part of the experience is the fact that the MJ knows that their enjoyment of the product is now limited.  The more use it gets, the larger the amount pan showing will get. If it is a LE product some MJs will cease use of the product all together if they do not own a BU.  For in their MJ "logic" not using, but owning the item is better than not owning it at all.

To view a natural MJ in the wild is a thrilling feat.  Many times the MJ will shop on-line in the privacy of their own homes.  Large amounts of purchases are called "Hauls". Many times the MJ will take pictures or video of these hauls and post them on the Internet for other MJs to observe.  Proper MJ etiquette maintains that other MJs must comment on the haul with compliments or statements of mild jealousy mixed with admiration of the MJs purchases.

As a note of caution, if you see a native MJ in the wild, do not approach her directly.  this may startle the MJ and she may mistake you for a pushy Dealer.  Simply sidle up to her and remark about the product she is testing.  MJs maintain a wealth of knowledge on multiple beauty products, blogs and YouTube tutorials and channels.  Many will be happy to provide you with advice or their opinions on certain products.  They may use strange terms or acronyms like "Lemming", "MSF", "GA", "LMdB" or "EOTD".  Do not be afraid to ask what these terms mean, as most MJs forget that the layman does not speak the common MJ tongue.

I hope you have found this brief report helpful.  Tune in again when we will discuss the MJs rituals for photographing product and storage.

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  1. Seriously Sith-y (my nickname for you), coming to your blog is so effing refreshing. That said, I know EXACTLY what you're talking about when it comes to products that are so beautiful that swatching and wearing them more than once hardly ever happens. Such is the case with this work of art.

    You're the bestest. In case you didn't know.

  2. Yeah I love it but I'd be too prissy to use it. I'd just want to stare at it. I love Lancome, its my mothers first-choice brand so I grew up on it. Kind of like crack for makeup beginners.

  3. Loved this post! I was nodding in agreement all the way through :-)

  4. OMG loved this, so true! Only true MJ would know what this would be like...

  5. I love this. It should be used as a Noob guide for MUA'ers!

  6. If you write a book can I get an autographed copy? You have described me perfectly!

  7. I think you just described me ;-) Excellent post as always!

  8. Ha ha, I laughed the whole way through this - it is so true! You described me perfectly!

  9. How did you know what I look like while shopping?! Are you stalking me?! That's it, everybody back!! *eyes the room wildly and threatens with nail file* Nobody touch the blush!!

  10. LOL too funny!!! but you forget one thing (that might not applied to you but definitely to a couple of MJ like me) Makeup sale or warehouse sale!!!! those usually come twice a year some are open to public others need invitation. MJ will fight for those invitation and wait for hours to have a chance to purchase those LE objects that slip thru their fingers .... Once they hear about the event you will see them becoming all flush, their pulse quicken and suddenly they will have the impulse to call their friends and share the happy news! At the event it is another story. It is the rough place to be in, you will see some pushing, even screaming but at the end it is all worth it. :D

  11. Isn't it strange that I have never encountered another MJ in the wild? I always get those "she's weird" from other customers and "she's here!" from the SA's b/c they know I'll drop some cash--they all know me by name--in like 5 different stores uh oh

  12. You are so awesome! I am glad to report that I did take advantage of the last day of the Sephora F/F sale by only buying two items I needed (okay I only really needed one of the said items). But yes, even though I had what I needed I circled other areas and even second guessed what I was there for.

    Yeah I'm not approached by MJ's in training but yes, I am known at my local Nordstrom beauty department. The ladies at the MAC, Chanel and NARS counter know me by name and shade preferences!

    I am interested in this Lancome blush for sentimental reasons - it's the first serious cosmetic brand I used as a teenager, when my mom actually bankrolled my makeup addiction. Lancome is like POT, it was my gateway makeup drug! hahahahhaha

  13. Too, too funny, and validating as well!

  14. Makeup Anthropology, coming to a university near you!

    I snorted through this entire post.


    Oh the weird looks from those "muggles" and the stink eye the "dealers" shoot when they realize you're not buying anything in-store...

  16. I *almost* love this post more than that adorable blush....OMG and I thought I'd be afraid to touch Guerlain's Parure de Nuit...this is a freakin work of art!

    Brava, m'dear you are SUCH an awesome writer :) You really should write a book.

    Can you still be a MJ and not know what "all" the acronyms at the end of your post mean? *noob*


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