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Votre Vu SnapDragon Crème Pour Le Corps Review

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There once was a girl named Jane.  She was called "Plain Jane" by everyone that met her.  She didn't stand out.  She was a wallflower.  She had stringy, mousy brown hair and dull brown eyes.  Her skin could be described as dusty.  It was neither gray nor pale, but always gave a sort of dried out, old quality to it..  She was of average height and build. There was nothing remarkable about her.  She worked in an average office building, doing average work.  She lived in a big city and seemed to blend into the concrete as she went about her day.  No one really looked at her or paid her any mind.  He had a forgettable face a wan smile and a dull voice...that is on the rare occasion when she spoke.  Her small one bedroom apartment was in a nondescript building with nondescript furniture. She had no pets or pictures or trinkets.  Her bedroom consisted of a single bed with white linens, a utilitarian looking lamp and bedside table with an alarm clock set for 7AM every day and a plain glass filled 3/4 full of plain tap water.  This is how Plain Jane lived every day.  365 days a year.  That is until the doorbell rang...

One afternoon, I believe it was a cold bleak Saturday at the end of autumn, Plain Jane's doorbell startled her with a "ring, ring".  She opened the door and there stood the delivery man.  Jane signed for the package and closed the door without saying a word.  She walked to her plain white kitchen, took out a plain knife and opened the package.  Inside was fancily wrapped box with bright pink packaging paper surrounding it.  On top a note in a beautiful lime green colored paper, with large handwritten script in purple ink. It read:
Dear Jane:
I thought that you could use some body cream for the cold winter coming up.  I hope you are well. We would love to see you some day.  Please come and visit any time.
Aunt Anastasia
Jane’s Aunt had always been the black sheep of the family.  Always colorful with a hearty laugh.  Aunt Anastasia lived on a tropical island, which some sultan has gifted to her.  She had won the lottery…twice and was never without friends, money, pets and fun.  She was the exact opposite of Jane.  The Aunt adored Jane, for some reason, and sent her frivolous gifts from time to time.  The only splashes of color in Plain Jane’s apartment were found in a closet filled with presents from her Aunt.  She assumed that this would be another colorful knickknack to add to the collection.

She carefully unwrapped the box and neatly folded the orange wrapping paper for use another time.  She found a gold and aqua gift box under the wrapping. When she opened the box she found a round tub with a silver colored lid.  The writing on the tub said:

Votre Vu SnapDragon Crème Pour Le Corps*

Jane sighed.  At least it was something she could use instead of hiding in a closet.  She untwisted off the top to the simple jar. The aroma of the cream filled her nose with scents she had experienced before but never in this fashion.  The warm orange colored cream, resembling orange sherbet in color was smooth and velvety.  It smelled like pineapple and mango and coconut and papaya all blended into one.  Jane started to feel like she was sitting on a lanai in a tropical garden. The scent of the cream only served to enhance the luxurious feel of the product. 

The Votre Vu SnapDragon Crème Pour Le Corps was smooth and silky in her hands.  As she spread the cream over her dry skin an almost magical transition from the regenerative retinol, restorative marine collagen and Acai-derived citroflavonoids began to reduce free radical damage and boost collagen formation while jolting Jane’s skin cells back into top shape. Her reawakened cells triggered a physiological chain reaction that lead to visibly healthier, toned, and more youthful looking skin. The healthy dose of vitamins A, B, C and E combined with sultry bergamot; grape seed, grapefruit and polyphenols from red and green therapeutic teas further enhance the juicy potion’s antioxidant effects.

As Jane began to work the Votre Vu SnapDragon Crème Pour Le Corps over her entire body the crème covered her body with the benefits of ginkgo biloba, horsetail extract, calcium, foti, and aloe vera while quenching her parched skin with coconut oil and glycerin. Her skin drank in a serving of more than 95% naturally derived, fine French ingredients.  She began to feel softer, smoother, and sultrier.  The grey dour expression of her face melted away as the succulent aroma of the cream filled her senses.  Her dry, tight skin began to soften and her rigid exterior started to sway and bend as if she was a lithe dancer.  Her beige color walls and furniture dissolved into the flora of a tropical garden as hibiscus flowers and palm fronds began to sway from an island breeze.  As she worked the Votre Vu SnapDragon Crème Pour Le Corps on her dry and tired feet she felt them soften and smooth as if she was standing on baby fine sand warmed by the sun.  She closed her eyes, dank in the scent of the luxurious cream and sighed as she wished silently that she too could be transported in body as her spirit had been by the intoxicating scent and seductive feel of the Votre Vu SnapDragon Crème Pour Le Corps.

Jane closed her eyes to relax. She imagined the sound of waves lapping against a pristine beach as the rustling whisper of coconut fronds filled her ears.  She felt the warm sun on her skin and the smooth creamy touch of the air scented with tropical fruits…and then a kiss. As kiss from her Aunt on her cheek.  Jane opened her eyes and she was sitting on a rattan chair by the beach of her Aunt Anastasia’s tropical island. Her Aunt smiled her big warm loving smile and said, “I knew you would come and visit me some day!  Come, we have so much to do and see.  Let’s have some fun my dear!”
Jane stood from her chair in a colorful sarong; her brown hair shone red and gold highlights in the tropical sun. Her bright brown eyes surveyed the tranquil aqua sea and the vivid green jungle.  She smoothed her hand over the soft silky skin of her arm and pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming as she went off on her colorful adventure.
The End

*This experience using Votre Vu SnapDragon Crème Pour Le Corps was unique and you may or may not be transported to a tropical island upon use of said cream.  However the skin softening and delightful scent will be experience by all that do use the Votre Vu SnapDragon Crème Pour Le Corps.  A 3.38 fl. oz. 100ml jar of Votre Vu SnapDragon Crème Pour Le Corps may be purchased from the Votre Vu website or from a Votre Vu Brand Ambassador.


  1. Sith, you could so write beauty bedtime stories. I was so caught up in this tale that I read it twice. You are like gifted beyond gifted, woman.

  2. Loved your story. Have we not all felt like Plain Jane at some point or another? And is not the Snap Dragon cream just Delish? The color alone brightens up one's mood. Puts a smile on your face and hydration all over your dried out body. B is right write more beauty bedtime stories.

    NY State Esthetician and Vu gal.

  3. Hah! I loved the story. Now I'm off to google 'horsetail'. I'm hoping to not see any pictures of horse asses.

  4. Aunt Anastasia is one heck of a lady but you are the most amazing story teller around so she's lucky to have you.

  5. Hee I love your stories! They are awesome!! Every beauty company should hire you to write stories for them ;)

    It SOUNDS that amazing!!


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