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BECCA Professional Make-up Brush Soap - Review Pictures

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I'm not really sure why I bought it. I'm not really sure why I'm reviewing it. I'm not really sure if I know exactly what I'm doing, so I'm just gonna plow ahead.  Forgive any ramblings or off topic discussions. I mean, how much can one talk about a brush cleanser.  Either it works or it doesn't work.  Right?  

I know for a fact that most people use baby shampoo to wash their brushes.  Heck I have been known to use anti-bacterial hand soap from time to time.  But it hit me the other day.  Those soaps are designed for a specific purpose...washing hair or washing hands.  My brushes may be made out of hair, but it sure isn't human hair, and some of the cleansers in hand soap can be so harsh that I might actually damage the brush hair.  After all the money I invested in brushes the last thing I want to do is have to replace them. 

I saw a review on Modesty Brown about the BECCA Professional Brush soap.  I'm not sure what it was about the product that drew me to it.  It might have been the simple old time-y tin that the soap is housed in. It might have been the fact that BECCA is a cosmetics brand with outstanding brushes so it stands to reason they know a thing or two about keeping them clean. Or it could have been that my beloved Japonesque #333 Powder Brush (Yes. The brush for which I actually wrote a POEM!) was starting to look a little less than awesome from all the washing in harsh detergents.  Regardless. I decided I had to purchase it.

The BECCA Professional Brush Soap is formulated to clean, condition and sanitize your brushes. This solid formula soap is made from plant oils to ensure it is gentle on brush fibers but still able to tackle tough product build-up.  It works on both natural and synthetic fibers and will handle almost any brush size or shape. The less harsh detergents will help lengthen the lifespan of your brushes. Let's face it, clean brushes just work better.  We all know that unwashed brushes can be a common breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause a bevy of skin issues.

This is how I use the soap: (actual instructions in bold)
  1. I first look at my makeup brushes in disgust because I have neglected to wash them for well over a week.
  2. Then I look at the clock to see what time it is and if I have enough time to wash all of my brushes.
  3. I determine that I certainly do not have enough time to wash ALL of them so I select a few that I will need the next day to complete my makeup look.
  4. I then make sure that Darthypie is asleep because the last time I started washing my brushes when he was awake I had to stop in the middle and never finished.
  5. I turn on the radio in the bathroom because I can't stand the silence.
  6. I open the BECCA Professional Brush Soap vintage-style shaving tin and admire how sweet that little soap looks.
  7. I decide that the soap is too little and I'll probably use the whole thing up cleaning all of my brushes.
  8. I turn the tap on to cool to lukewarm water
  9. I try to clean as much powder from the brush as possible on a towel and then run the water over the brush to dampen it.  
  10. I then swirl the brush on the soap long enough to create a small lather.
  11. I get anal retentive about the pristine soap now having makeup residue on it.
  12. I then place the brush in my hand and work the soap and water into a lather
  13. I rinse away the soap from the brush and swipe it on a towel to see if I have any makeup reside left
  14. I then am surprised that not only are all traces of makeup gone from the brush, so are all traces of soap
  15. I pat dry the brush on a clean towel, reshape the bristles and lay it flat to dry
  16. I move on the the next brush, and the next and the next.
  17. I'm giddy that this brush washing took mere minutes to complete so I start to wash other brushes and the next thing I know I have washed all my brushes and I have not had too much time pass.
  18. I then decorate the bathroom sink with clean towels and lay the brushes down on every flat surface I can find.
  19. I rinse the solid soap off to get rid of remaining makeup residue, shake off the water and place it back in the tin. 
  20. I notice that very little of the soap has actually been used (a little goes a long way) and decide that I did make a good choice buying this soap!
 There you have it! 20 (read 8) simple steps to cleaning my brushes!

Size comparison

Do you NEED this?  YES!  The BECCA Professional Make-up Brush Soap works very well.  You only need a small amount to effectively clean the brush, even with stubborn concealer and foundation!  The soap rinses cleanly without any residue. The time it takes to wash my brushes is MUCH shorter because I don't have to bother with multiple rinsing to rid the brush of soap that has become trapped in the bristles.  My brushes are clean and they almost seem to dry faster.  The best part is that they are left soft and as AWESOME as the day I first purchased them.  That, my dear readers, is what a good brush cleaner should do!  The BECCA Professional Make-up Brush Soap retails for $15 USD on the BECCA Website. 

I purchased my BECCA Professional Make-up Brush Soap from Zuneta. Thanks to Perilously Pale for alerting me to an incredible sale at Zuneta! Right now, with the promo code ELLE20  you can save 20% on your purchases. This sale will last until February 28th, 2012! Now you have no excuse not to try it!  Oh, by the way, don't flip out over the US prices on Zuneta. They look higher than they actually are because Zuneta US Prices include the British VAT (a tax). If you are shipping outside of the UK you shouldn't have to pay that. Happy Shopping!

Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Aqua (Water), Sucrose Cocoate, Glycerin, Sodium Chloride, Parfum (Fragrance).


  1. I loved your review... currently I'm using a combo of antibacterial dish soap and extra virgin olive oil... but I'd love to replace this duo with just one product. This sounds really great.

  2. Thanks for the reviwe, I'll make sure to buy it asap!

  3. I'm not going to lie, I want this mainly because it's housed in a tin. I have a thing for tins.
    However, I cringe at the idea of $15 for soap. A mini bottle of Dr. Bronner's is about $2 and lasts me for literally, years now that I don't use as many brushes as I did before.

  4. I use Savon de Marseille for cleaning my brushes, it works really well and is really cheap. It has 72% oil consistency so it's good for brushes too.

  5. Your instructions totally cracked me up! I always end up washing more brushes now I use this, I will actually go on a hunt for more dirty ones! It's a marvel :D

    1. You are the reason I purchased this darn soap!! Your review was compelling enough that I HAD TO have it!

  6. I think I might actually need this... I have tried so many soaps but they all kinda suck so I never really wash my brushes as much as I should.

  7. Perfect timing! Gonna use up my brush cleanser soon. Thanks =)

  8. Ha,how pathetic am I that I got excited when I saw you review this little tin of joy because I ALREADY own it!!Sad I know,but since I trust your opinions this gave me total permission to have a self satisfied smile while I read your post.And there's no 'almost' about it,my brushes definitely,100% dry faster when they've been washed with this magic soap.Also I have been using mine now for almost 3 months and there's hardly a dent,thank goodness,as I was shocked at how small the tin was when I first got it.

  9. I LOVE this soap. All traces of makeup are gone and as you said, all traces of soap are gone! It rinses so easily so you can just whip right through all your brushes! I saw Modesty Brown's review as well and bought and reviewed it months ago and I'm never going back!

    1. I love your review as well. And thanks so much for posting the discount code!

  10. I use the Once Opened Beauty Expiration Kit to mark my products with the date I open- nice kit and the labels are self laminating so the date doesn't smudge (permanent markers will smudge because of the oils/creams in makeup - only resistant to water). Comes in a nice keepsake box with mini marker, life expectancy guide and self-laminating labels.

  11. I'm sold! But not it's SOLD OUT everywhere...blasted!

  12. Oh good lord - this sounds too good to pass up! I'm currently using a lavender shampoo from Whole Foods and it's nice, but I could use a real timesaver! Thanks!


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