Thursday, January 5, 2012

Interviewing Tips and BeKnown Networking App and Giveaway

Believe it or not, my "real" job is as a Recruiter.  I hire engineers and rocket scientists...yes really.  When it comes to interviews, I think I can safely say what will and won't make a good first impression.  Did you know it only takes about 1/10th of a second to make a first impression?  Like it or not, judgments based on appearance play a powerful role in we are treated.  So how does one make a good first impression without uttering a word?

Here are a few tips: 

1. Make sure your clothing is neat, clean, free of wrinkles and appropriate. This isn’t the time for that neon pink suit. You want to be remembered as “that candidate with the great experience”, not as “that girl with the pink suit”.

2. Your nails should be neat and groomed.  Nothing says "I don't pay attention to details" than raggedy nails and crime scene cuticles.  Cary nail polish remover wipes with you. If you notice chips in your manicure make sure to remove all the polish before you re-apply or better yet go with bare, buffed nails.  An interview is not the place to test out that new crackle nail polish! 

3. Your makeup can say a lot about you. Repeat after me: Less Is More!  The night before the interview is NOT the time to test out a new facial mask or treatment.  You never know how your skin is going to react.  Cleanse like you normally do, exfoliate your lips and apply a good amount of lip balm. Interview makeup should be kept as neutral as possible. A TAUPE or beige shadow, simple liner and not too much mascara are ideal for the interview.  Keep blush to a minimum, you never know how red you might turn during an interview when you’re stressed.  A "your lips but better" gloss or lipstick is a great finishing touch to your "interview face".  Lay off the shimmer and highlighter too. Your stress might make you perspire and your shimmery face may end up looking greasy rather than glowy.  Keep your brows looking neat. Tweeze any stray hairs and make sure you put that mono-brow in check. No one wants to be remembered as the candidate that looked like Bert from Sesame Street!   Remember to brush and floss your teeth too.

4. Your hair, keep it simple.  Nothing says unprofessional than hair that is messy, falling in your face and just tacky.  Try to avoid using flashy hair accessories, keep your hair pulled back or styled in a way that you won’t be tempted to play with it during the interview.

5. Fragrances are awesome aren’t they? I bet you have a signature scent. I bet it smells wonderful. Guess what? Don’t wear any fragrance to the interview.  More people are reporting allergies to fragrance these days, so why risk offending the interviewer because your signature scent causes her to sneeze? Also, many interviews are conducted in closed offices. Imagine that fragrance taking over the whole room after you have only been in there for a few moments. I’ve been there, It’s not pretty.

Most important: Don’t forget to SMILE! All the planning in the world won’t help you if you don’t look excited to be there!

Of course looking your best is only the first step in making sure you extend a good first impression. You have to be qualified, have a great resume AND know the right people.  When it comes to job hunting, networking is key. recently launched BeKnown, a professional networking app for Facebook They also have an iPhone app too!.  BeKnown allows you to set up a professional profile directly on Facebook that is completely separate from your personal Facebook page. (ALWAYS A GOOD THING!) One of the apps newest features, College Pages, even provides a way for alumni to network professionally on Facebook and view job postings from their fellow graduates!

With BeKnown College Pages, any jobs that are posted by alumni on BeKnown are added to the College/University profile page and Alumni with job opportunities can post jobs to students and recent alums for free.  Students can follow their school and build relationships/connections with alumni working at top companies and discover alumni jobs.

In addition to College Pages, BeKnown also lets you conduct a job search of Monster's database of jobs without ever leaving BeKnown or Facebook. By tapping into the networks of their Facebook friends, you can easily connect, send messages, and see who among you existing contacts is connected to a company or job opportunity you are interested in.

You can take a guided tour of BeKnown to learn even more about the neat networking tool!

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This Blog Entry is part of a blogger contest sponsored by’s “Present The Best You” Online contest. I have been provided with a prize pack for distribution as well as other materials from Monster Worldwide.  I am participating in a contest as one of 15 bloggers to compete for the chance to win a $500 American Express gift card, an iPhone 4S, and have their blog post featured on the The BeKnown Blog.

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  1. What an awesome recruiter you must be!!

  2. SO SO happy you posted this re: BeKnown, as I'm currently job-hunting and can use all the help I can get! Thank you for this! <3

  3. Thank you so much for this post! I am only a college student but have already gone to many interviews and these tips are definitely spot on. I definitely am going to be bookmarking this! :)

  4. I knew it! That's why you love taupe shadow! BTW, I work in IT outsourcing so I know your pain!

  5. Good article, my personal peeve is the perfume. Also I would say if you smoke don't smoke right before the interview. I had one interviewee that smoked before then doused herself in perfume, I had a headache within the first 10 minutes. She got hired because she was good but it always sticks out in my mind.

  6. I am a nerdy health data analyst, but I do bring glam and fab to the job

  7. I'm trying to figure out what to do with myself because I don't know. I could actually really use a makeup kit for my job search!

  8. what a great post! i need new makeup so badly! and, for finding a job!

  9. in your about me it says "I work a full time job hiring really smart people to do really complicated things." umm... a headhunter??

  10. You said your a recruiter for engineers, and rocket scientists. Talk about awesome.

  11. You are a recruiter! And an awesome blogger!

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