Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Natura Bissé Pure Air Bubble At Neiman Marcus Tysons Corner on February 22-25th

Neiman Marcus and Natura Bissé will be presenting an exclusive concept in skin therapy by introducing a rejuvenating, pure air environment to showcase their exclusive Diamond White Facial.  The "bubble" facial and body treatments are performed in a 99.9% pure air bubble. This spacious, isolated area is specifically designed to enhance treatments, increase the efficacy of the products and transport the client to a state of complete tranquility.  Inside the "bubble", the air is 99.9% pure and free of polluting particles and bacterial agents. This clean air allows the skin and body to receive improved clarity, energy, and detoxification while providing the perfect venue for the launch of Natura Bissé's unique beauty ritual, The Diamond White Facial.

The Diamond White Facial is a renewing treatment that clarifies and evens out skin tone, revealing a fresh and brightened complexion.  This facial incorporates advanced ingredients that provide melanin-minimizing and non-aggressive exfoliation which lightens the skin and diminishes the appearance of hyper pigmentation.  A significant anti-inflammatory effect soothes the skin providing rapid and long lasting results revealing a revitalized skin texture and youthful glow.

The experience not only provides a world class facial and body treatment, but it includes invigorating breathing and relaxation exercises which is meant to leave you more refreshed and relaxed than ever before.

As a bit of background, Natura Bissé is a luxury skin care company that was founded in Barcelona, Spain, in 1979 by Ricardo Fisas Mulleras.  Mr. Mulleras ran a research lab dedicated to hydrolyzing collagen, elastin and keratin proteins. After a series of tests, he launched his cosmetic product, under the name Natura Bissé. Today, the company is still owned, almost in its entirety, by the Fisas family.  Since its beginnings in 1979, the company has been growing and is now in 35 countries!

Do you live in the Washington, DC area and want to experience the "Bubble" yourself? Well guess what...You can!  Natura Bissé's NEW innovation, the Oxygen Bubble, will be at Neiman Marcus Tysons Galleria for only a few days between February 22nd and the 25th.  To make an appointment for the "Bubble", call Denise Thomas, the Natura Bissé specialist, at 703-761-1600, extension 3305.  Let her know that you heard about it from the Pink Sith, A.K.A. Elvira, so you can receive special attention.  A minimum purchase of Natura Bissé products is recommended for this treatment.

Not sure what to get?  Well, if you don't discover some amazing products during the treatment and facial might I recommend Natura Bissé Inhibit-Dermafill?

I have only used complimentary samples but I must say that the effect was exactly as promised.  This is an anti aging alternative to all those micro-injections like Botox and Restylane.

image from neimanmarcus.com

Natura Bissé Inhibit-Dermafill actually relaxes muscle contractions and keeps expression lines from re-forming with a double dose of Octamioxyl™ at a 40% concentration.  It also has a Dermafill complex at 10% concentration, which fills in and smoothes out wrinkles through a layering process that works from deepest to the most superficial layers of skin.  I used this in targeted locations on my face; My smile lines and that number 11 that appears between my eyebrows.  Let me tell you.  It works!  After applying the Natura Bissé Inhibit-Dermafill the lines, they were significantly less noticeable and the effect lasted all day.  I don't find this product to have a cumulative effect but I did not use this product for more than 2 weeks, so your results may vary.

See you in the "Bubble"!


  1. Oh my, I keep having visions of a young John Travolta and The Boy in the Plastic Bubble or worse yet, Jake Gyllenhaal in Bubble Boy. Would be totally cool if it was filled with helium and have a floating spa!

  2. Helium floating spa would be funny b/c breathing helium alters your voice so that you sound like a munchkin from Oz! LOL

  3. It's completely ridiculous, but I still think it would feel lovely, if a bit claustrophobic perhaps!


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