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Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigment in Caress Of Mink - Review. Pictures, Swatches

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Once upon a time, in a magical forest, lived a little Sprite named Caress of Mink, or Mink for short. She was all alone in the forest as she was the last of her kind....or so she thought.  For years the evil Orcs of the forest would hunt down the wee little Sprites and use the magic dust that they were covered in to season steaks.

During the day Mink could camouflage herself fairly well, for her magic dust shone like mica and pearl sparkles against a tree trunk or the rich soil from the forest in sunlight.  She could flit about while the sparkling taupe magical powder she was covered in, would fall effortlessly on the the forest floor.  However, it was nighttime that was most dangerous for Mink.  Her glittery loose magical powder would act as a beacon to the hungry Orcs.  The sparkling taupe of her magical dust would shimmer and shine like fireflies on a warm summer night.  Many times she would try to blend in with the fireflies but had to be careful. The Orc children would capture the fireflies and keep them in glass jars on the shelves of their caves.   Her sister Sprite, Night Wind Sailing or Night as she was called, was rumored to be trapped in one of those jars.  She had a gorgeous glittery grey green magical dust covering her. The Orcs realized she was a Sprite and quickly shook her on their steaks, and devoured her in one bite.  Mink was determined not to end up as a seasoning, if she could help it.

One evening Mink had traveled to a deep, dark part of the magical forest to evade a troop of Orcs that were grumbling about bland steak.  One proclaimed that if he could find one more like the warm ivory peach one he found or the sparkling turquoise blue one that tasted like the ocean, he would be very pleased.  Oh my, thought Mink, those were her sister Sprites, Sleeping Under a Mandarin Tree (Mandarin) and Spun From Sunny Seawater (Sunny)!  She hastened her flight and found herself lost in the dark reaches of the magical forest.

Mink saw a glimmer. It looked like a sweet pink sparkle. It reminded her of a Sprite she knew by the name of Eaten All The Cherries (Cherries). She flew a little closer.  Then she saw a sparkly lavender light that reminded her of a Sprite named Wishing for Wings (Wishing). She flew with determination towards the lone bits of light in the forest which seemed almost devoid of light. Then, almost before she got there, she thought she saw the sweet ivory cream colored dust of her Sprite friend, Embrace of Cashmere (Cashmere).  Had all her sister Sprites actually been hiding out in the dark forest this whole time?  Had they escaped the perils of the Orc's spice shelf and created a haven deep in the forest?  Mink pulled back a leaf from a tree she was standing on and saw a bevy a little tubes that gave off the glittering and shimmering colors of all of her sisters.  Before she knew it she was snatched from the tree by a green scaly hand. Popped in the head and knocked out.

That is the end of the story of a little Sprite named Caress Of Mink.  She was never seen again.

The End

In a related story there used to be an ugly and evil witch that lived in the deepest bowels of a magical forest.  She used to catch Sprites, roast them over an open flame, crush them into a fine powder and put them in tubes to use as makeup.  Once she applied the roasted and pulverized Sprite to her eyes she was transformed into the most beautiful creature in all of the land. 

The End...again.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Fire Drops Loose Glitter Pigment in Caress Of Mink is a beautiful brown taupe with multi-tonal micro shimmers.  The formula has a high percentage of pearl, which imparts a magical shine and luminosity. The feel is almost weightless and the added natural moisturizers makes the powder not only soft and creamy, the application is super easy as well. The product contains a sponge tipped applicator wand which is housed in a sleek plastic tube/bottle.  This way, the pigment is kept safely inside and won't come out unless you want it to.  Although these are labeled "Loose Glitter Pigment", these shadows are far from glittery and can easily be worn night or day.  The shadow lasted well on a primed lid and I found it easy to apply directly from the wand, or by shaking a little bit of pigment onto the back of my hand and applying with a brush or with my fingertips.  The retail on Zuneta is ~$35.

This is the third Rouge Bunny Rouge product I had planned to post about and found it was sold out on  So I apologize in advance fore creating a lemming for a product that is not in stock.  Hopefully it will be back in stock soon and you all can curse me for making you spend money rather than making you WISH you could spend money.


  1. I know this brand, and i love their pigments for eyes, very good Quality:)

  2. I keep wanting to try their pigments, but their price is off-putting to me. Still, looks gorgeous :)

  3. I won this and embrace of cashmere on the RBR FB page - both are beautiful and very easy to wear.

  4. I have a couple of browser windows open right now. One is about Star Wars and the other is about nail polish/makeup. When I happened to click on your site through a google search, I was momentarily confused whether it was a Star Wars site or makeup site. Glad to see there are other Star-Wars-loving, nail-polish-loving people out there.

  5. I sure hope Embrace of Cashmere and Abyssinian Catbird are back in stock soon! I really want to take advantage of the 20% off coupon code I saw on your blog but I'm not going to have the cash for a large enough order to qualify for the free shipping until next week, boo! >:

    From your experience, Elvira, does Zuneta holds this kind of sales often?

  6. I love the one about the witch! It's truly a fairy tale with a happy ending!

  7. Hey - I've been haunting this site, and these are now back in stock, so go, go, go....

  8. Love your stories. Your eye is really gorgeous with Caress of Mink!! x


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