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Rouge Bunny Rouge Colour Burst Lipstick in Word Of Mouth - Review, Pictures, Swatches

image from anime.desktopnexus.com
Far off in the kingdom of Cherry Pop lives a beautiful princess named Elysium.  Her hair was raven black, so black it looked blue.  Her eyes were violet and would darken and lighten like her mood.  Her skin looked like it was made of pure porcelain. Not a blemish in sight. Her cheeks radiated a subtle pink hue that seemed to make her perfect skin look like it was glowing from within.  Her features were perfection like they were chiseled out of the finest marble.  Her lips...oh her lips were a thing of beauty.  They were perfectly formed, full and supple. Not a line or wrinkle.  They were the color of the name of the kingdom. A Cherry Popsicle.  Her lips were full and glossy and looked as if she had just been eating a cherry popsicle.  Aside from her beauty, Princess Elysium was kind of heart, intelligent, and talented. She spoke 15 different languages, was excellent in mathematics. She rescued injured small woodland creatures and nursed them back to health and she was sweet to all her servants ad people in the land.  She was, the perfect princess.

But this story isn't about her.

image from forum.minitokyo.net
This story is about a pig farmer's daughter named Eunice.  Eunice was ... well plain.  She was fairly average looking as girls standards go, but among pig farmer's daughters she might even be considered pretty.  She was neither tall nor short. Neither fat nor skinny. Her hair was neither straight or curly. Her skin had the pallor of dishwater, her eyes were dull and her hair duller. Not everyone can be a Princess Elysium, right?  Despite looking just average, and having just average intelligence and being pretty average at taking care of pigs, Eunice had much grander plans for her future.  Eunice wanted to be a princess.  Of course when ever she mentioned that people would laugh at how ridiculous that notion was.

One day a traveling band of performers made their way into town.  Eunice loved watching the plays and marionette shows and the jugglers, but what really caught her eye was a dried up old crone that sat in a tent made of fantastically colored silks.  This crone would sip tea all day and swirl the tea in her cup, toss out the liquid and then study the leaves inside the cup for hours upon hours.  Eunice got up the courage to approach the crone and ask her what her business was.

image from arneylon.wordpress.com  from the movie "Spirited Away"
The crone looked into Eunice's dull eyes, she looked at her dull skin and dull hair and dull dress and said. "My dear Princess Eunice!" "I know what you desire."  The fact that the crone knew her name was scary but the fact that she called her a princess, was...well...something out of a fairy tale.  Speechless, Eunice's doughy lips hung lose as she tried to form the words to question the crone.  But before a single syllable was uttered by the plain pig farmer's daughter, the crone produced a glossy black tube the length of her palm.  She handed the tube to Eunice and said, "This is what you desire." "Wear it and you will be the princess you long to be."  In a trance, Eunice took the glossy black tube from the crone, turned around and walked out of the tent.  When she turned around to say something to the crone, to ask her what it was, how it worked, how she knew, the tent was gone, the crone was gone and the only thing remaining was a chipped teacup.

Spooked beyond belief, Eunice ran all the way home and hid in her room.  Shaking she slowly pulled the glossy back tube from her pocket. The hefty weight made it seem like something very important, indeed.  There was lovely white script on the top of the tube, in the middle were precious flowers and at the bottom were the words:
Rouge Bunny Rouge, Colour Burst Lipstick - Hues of Enchantment, Word Of Mouth.


As a long stream of obscenities the poured out of Eunice's mouth, she finally said, "You have got to be kidding me."  Lipstick will not make me a princess, thought Eunice.  Angry and tired, she threw the lipstick at the wall, lay down and cried herself to sleep.  That morning Eunice woke up puffy eyed and red nosed.  She brushed her dull hair, washed her dull face and dressed in her dull clothing.  She then spied the tube of lipstick the crone gave her and decided to open it up.  What's the worst that can happen, she thought to herself.

As she opened the lipstick the subtle fig like scent welcomed her.  The lipstick was a stunning shade of muted cherry. Not a red hot red. But like a cherry baked in a pie. It takes on this dusty red translucent quality. It's not too bright but not too bland.

Eunice then applied the lipstick.  The lipstick was so soft and felt so great on her lips.  It had an easy glide to it and the conditioning oils and botanicals from Orchid Flower Extract, Meadowfoam, Manoi Butter or Inca Inchi Oil made her lips feel soft and smooth.

The color...the color was...well perfect. It wasn't  too bright and it wasn't too dull. It wasn't too opaque and it wasn't too sheer. It was JUUUST right.  (Eunice's friend Goldilox used that term all the time. She found it annoying at first, but after her friend was eaten by a sleuth of bears, Eunice did find herself a bit nostalgic for her friend's fetish for all things medium/average)  

Eunice when down stairs to break her morning fast and as if time had stopped her entire family froze at the sight of her and stared.  Her mother dropped a plate on the floor and her siblings looked at her with mouths agape.

"Your Grace!" bowed her sister and pulled out a chair at the table.

Her mother scurried to fix a plate of food and set it on the table and brought out the good linens and silver for Eunice to dine with.  Her father bowed, got on one knee and removed his hat. He spoke, "Your Majesty, Princess Eunice. Thank you for gracing us with your presence.  It is truly an honor."

Gobsmacked, Eunice looked at her family genuflecting before her.  Was it the lipstick that transformed her into a princess?  Had the old crone really done it by handing her a Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipstick in Word of Mouth?  Eunice happily ate her breakfast, reapplied her Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipstick in Word of Mouth, and skipped out of the house to play among the flowers and butterflies that surrounded the modest pig farm.

"Do you think she'll snap out of it by lunch time?" asked Eunice's mother?
"Nah." "Let her have her day." replied her father. "She can go back to slopping pigs while wearing that lipstick tomorrow."

This Rouge Bunny Rouge lipstick was purchased from Zuneta.com. The lipsticks costs about $30 depending on the foreign currency conversion rate. Zuneta has 9 of the 17 colors available at this time, Word Of Mouth being one of the most popular colors and being known as The Little Black Dress of Lipsticks. It goes with everything and would look great on anyone. YES, you need it.


  1. That. Was. Brilliant.
    The lipstick's great too! ;)

  2. Ha! Love it, every review should be like this. FANTASTIC!

  3. Hahaha :) Goldilocks is obsessed with all things medium!

  4. This is the ultimate bedtime story for adults!

  5. That's a nice shade of red. LOVE the story!

  6. This is the best review I've ever read!! I want to steal you, lock you in a box and make you write for me *evil cackle*. hehehe JK ;)

  7. Elvira, You.Rock.

  8. I vote for an online petition to be sent to Rouge Bunny Rouge Corporate appointing Elvira as the writer of all marketing stories for their products! They are so much more entertaining than what is on the Zuneta web site.

  9. What a fun story, and a lesson with it! The lipstick is a very, very nice color. It is, coincidentally, my favorite shade. You're right---I do need it. As soon as I can afford it. ;+)

  10. +1 Vernacular Power Upgrade for using the word "genuflecting"

    Brilliant writing in this review. Not my shade of red as I prefer more of a bold color, but certainly entranced by the story you wove :-)

  11. I didn't want the story to end! And, yes WoM is my favorite RBR lipstick. To date, anyway. ;)

  12. Really wish someone in the US would carry RBR - love the colors!

  13. Okay. I have and love Raw Silence. Now I. Must. Have. Word. of. Mouth.
    $30 for a lipstick is beyond irrational, but we inmates don't care! :)


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