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Rouge Bunny Rouge Sheer Lipstick Succulence of Dew in Fluttering Sighs - Review, Pictures, Swatches

According to Rouge Bunny Rouge, this lipstick range, Succulence of Dew, is "...inspired by the translucently delicate butterflies from the Enchanted Garden. Their finesse is captured and cradled here for you in a sensuously sheer lipstick which acts with the power of a gloss."

When I think of the name of the color I selected, Fluttering Sighs, I don't think of butterflies.  Of course butterflies flutter but I think more of women from the 1800's. An almost Scarlett O'Hara type woman from Gone With The Wind. Scarlett played the part of a gentile Southern belle, with "Fluttering Sighs" when a suitor approached her at the 12 Oaks Barbecue, 

but underneath was a strength and light that would outshine all around her.  When push came to shove Scarlett was a strong, independent woman that was confused by the role she was told to play in society.  She understood that she was to be subservient and rely on a man to take care of her. She was prepared for a life of looking pretty, afternoon naps, big cotillions, and corsets.  

But what she wanted, what she got...well that was something different entirely. She adapted to her situation, although not in the most practical ways, nor in the most appropriate either, but even though she still gave off the appearance of "Fluttering Sighs" She was a solid and strong woman underneath...well except when it came to Rhett...but that's another lipstick entirely.

The Rouge Bunny Rouge Sheer Lipstick Succulence of Dew in Fluttering Sighs is a sheer peach color. Almost transparent, this soft peach with golden shimmer is the perfect compliment to a dark smokey eye.  I'm usually not one for sheer lipstick. My lips lack pigmentation on their own. I don't need a lipstick devoid of pigmentation to contribute to the corpse like effect that my lips naturally have.  There is however an exception.  Isn't there always an exception?  When I do a dark smokey eye I don't want a lipstick that is very bold to compete with the eye makeup I'm sporting.  That's when I turn to a more neutral or nude shade for the lips. Since my lips are devoid of color I could simply apply some clear balm and be on my way.  But as we all know. That's not me. I need a tiny kick of color to really complete the look.  

The Rouge Bunny Rouge Sheer Lipstick Succulence of Dew lipstick formula is positively luxurious! The formulas bathes your lips in Manoi Butter, Hop Extract and Vitamin E. These ingredients protect your lips from dryness and aging. There are other ingredients that are supposed to fill in fine lines and wrinkles and also firm and "re-sculpt"the lips as well.  But all I know is that my lips feel bathed in moisture when ever I wear this!

The sheer but incredibly glossy finish of the lipstick is the prefect accessory for your lips.  It gently clears it's throat with a delicate "Ah hem" rather than other bolder lipsticks that shout "Hey Y'all!"   Yes. By all means the Rouge Bunny Rouge Sheer Lipstick Succulence of Dew in Fluttering Sighs is the embodiment of the gentile Southern lady, but underneath is a strong woman!

Do you NEED this?  Well YES!  Yes you do.  This is the first sheer stick gloss type formula lipstick I have worn that actually lasts longer on me than regular gloss.  Even though the color is subtle it can be built up without looking cakey or waxy.  The shine is stupendous and the moisturization is bar none.  Yes, it is scented (maybe a fig scent) and it is soft (be careful it might melt in hot weather) but the result on your lips is so worth it.  This lipstick is always in my purse.  It is the perfect swipe on and go neutral.  I purchased this from

Below is my favorite outfit that Scarlett wore in Gone With The Wind.  I liked the 12 Oaks Barbecue dress a lot and the red one she wore near the end of the movie as well...Oh heck. Let's face it, Vivian Leigh was so absolutely beautiful she could make wearing curtains look pretty...and she did!!


  1. Bugger me, that *is* glossy!

  2. "...well except when it came to Rhett...but that's another lipstick entirely."

    Indeed, though I'd love to see it ;)

    This lipstick looks really tempting. Hmmm.

  3. I think that's the most beautiful color I have ever seen!! I think my heart skipped a beat when I came to the picture of the swatch. Gotta have it!

  4. Lovely shade <3 Great review!!!!

  5. I love reading your reviews about RBR. I'm glad I didn't order this color, as my lips are rather pigmented. The color looks fabulous on you!

  6. Ok, this is the third outstanding review on these I've seen! Convinced now!

  7. Holy freak a leak I want this....

  8. The curtain dress was my absolute favourite as well. I want a dress with those exact shades of green. And that lipstick is a lovely, dewy cantaloupe/peach colour. Your lip swatch makes me ALMOST want to pick it up, even though I almost always wear bold lippies. Well, they have the refined southern belle down pat. Maybe next they'll make a nice, slick, trampy shade of coral red for mountain gals like me that like to shake things up a bit when venturing into town XD!

  9. Woohoo! Another Gone with the Wind fan!!! GWTW for me is like taupe is for you. I collect the books (I have a 1936 but NOT a 1st edition. Yet), I have various editions of the movie (one w/ Vietnamese subtitles), figures, ornaments...I even have the dress patterns! It has always been my dream to have the red dress made custom for me :)

    My 16yo begged me to watch GWTW this week over spring break. Who am I to say no? :D


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