Monday, March 12, 2012

Why I Unsubscribed from Beauty Army - It's Not As Bad As You Think

On March 2, 2012 my opportunity window to select my six samples from Beauty Army came open.  As I mentioned in the past Beauty Army reviews I was primarily interested in Cosmetics and Nail Care.  The last 2 beauty Army Boxes I received all had at least one, if not more cosmetic samples for me to use. I was pleased with them, although the second box wasn't as good as the first.  During the March 2nd window I noted that there were no cosmetic samples at all to choose from.  I understand that Beauty Army isn't going to have cosmetic samples ALL THE TIME, but my selection was incredibly limited this month.  So limited, in fact, that I decided to unsubscribe without getting through that Three Month Testing period I had set for myself.

I was given the following choices.
Eye Primer
Moisturizing Oil (for body)
Face Cream (for Dry Skin)
Face Cream (for Normal to Dry Skin)
Self Tanner
Eye Cream
Face Serum (for Normal to Dry Skin)

If you were to look at my beauty profile that I filled out on Beauty Army you would note that I disclosed that 
A) I have oily skin
B) I was exclusively interested in cosmetic samples.

What does the sample selection above tell you?
A) The beauty profile one completes as a subscriber to Beauty Army means practically nothing
B) Skin Care samples are easier to procure than cosmetic samples.

Let's face it.  Beauty Army is only three months old.  They are going to have some duds as far as Beauty Boxes go, in the beginning.  They also are just like every other beauty subscription service out there and they really don't take into consideration the beauty profile their subscribers fill out as strongly as the subscribers seems to think.

BUT!  Here is the thing I didn't expect.

When I realized that I wasn't interested in ANY of the samples for this month I e-mailed the appropriate contact at Beauty Army and asked if it was possible to cancel my subscription. Not only did they respond within 24 hours, but they responded with a "Yes" you can unsubscribe, and here is a refund of your $12 March Subscription fee. Beauty Army was incredibly professional and nice about the whole thing.  I honestly thought I was going to have to eat that $12 fee since I asked to unsubscribe after my March window selection sample opened up.

WOW!  Customer Service at its best!  I was so pleased with the response from Beauty Army that I would definitely sign up again, if I hear that their selection improves from just skin care to more cosmetics and nail products. I would also not hesitate to recommend them to people interested in beauty subscription groups.

So while I may not be a Beauty Army customer anymore, and while I may be fairly disappointed with the selection of samples available to me during my brief stint as a subscriber, I will still be a fan, because good customer service is invaluable.


  1. I agree with you. I felt the same about the sample selection so I asked to cancel and they were incredibly nice about it. Most company's give you some grief, but Beauty Army is nothing but nice.

  2. I wanted to subscribe to Beauty Army but the brands didn't appeal to me and just like you, I want more make up samples than skin care. Maybe I'll join after it's been around for a while.

  3. Wow, what great coincidence. I was actually going to do one month of Beauty Army since it just started and I loved the option of choosing your own 6 samples. I did see this month's samples and wasn't THAT huge of a fan so I didn't place an order yet. Hopefully next month will be better. I am a fan of trying out different skin care products so I'm glad!


  4. I wish I'd had your choices. I did pick some items but they aren't this good. I love to try eye primer and eye cream. My choices didn't include these. I expect to drop this kit soon.

  5. I unsubscribed this month as well. I may very well go back. I enjoyed them for the most part. But I kept finding maybe 1 or 2 products I wanted to sample and then settling for the rest. Like you I have oily skin so when everything that I can chose from is moisturizing for dry skin...ehhh not so much.

  6. I was very meh about this month's choices too. I like the idea of picking my own samples but I think I'm going to cancel mine as well. Glad to hear cancelling went well! It's a really nice service--and the boxes are cute! But with no makeup choice this month (I loved getting the eyeshadows) I'd rather use the money elsewhere.

    Thanks for the review--you're definitely one place I know I can get the whole scoop!

    1. OOOHHH Guess what I found--happened to stumble on this one--it's BeautyFix (done by Dermstore, ironically) and it's a quarterly sub, so it's more BUT you pick your samples and there is makeup, nailpolish, hair and face stuff (even makeup brushes).

      So GOODBYE Beauty Army--this is way, way better!! You pick 8 samples (some have a dropdown menu for color picks) plus you get a makeup bag and this is out of an entire page of samples--some are full size. Use code BFBLOG for $30 off first month.

      Hope this one is more to your liking, may the makeup force be with you :)

    2. Sounds interesting---thanks for the heads' up!

  7. BeautyFix sounds amazing ... I think I will check it out. Thanks!

  8. Just wanted to let you know, You can retake your beauty profile as many times as you want until you get products that you're interested in. In the side bar it will say "retake your profile" Just click random answers and see what other options you have for samples! I sometimes takes it 10+ times each month to view as much of what they are offering as I can, and then try to make it so almost all the products I'm interested in are in the takes a bit of practice, but it's worth it and I have ALWAYS loved my boxes from beauty army because of this.

  9. I just subscribed for June ! They have added lots of make up from what I can see. For my first box I got the option of choosing from foundations to mascara's.. Toners and perfumes! As for next month if I don't like my choices I will just skip before I unsubscribe. I have also subscribed to Myglam and birchbox for this month. I will be doing reviews of each if you'd like to subscribe else where :)

  10. I just subscribed for December and was also very underwhelmed by my choices. A lot of them also looked like foil packets from the picture, which I really can't stand. How do they expect you to fully try out the product if you only get a foil packet? I'm hoping when I get mine it isn't just foil packets. I'll give them a couple months but I'm cancelling if things don't improve.


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