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Yagolicious Smooches Lipstick Palette in Take A Bow - Review, Pictures, Swatches

When I was asked to try out the Yagolicious Smooches Lipstick Palette in Take A Bow, I was indifferent.  I didn't know much about this brand.  I knew that it was founded in 2009 by its creator Yago Jones.  The Yagolicious website is still under construction on some pages, but you can still purchase a few lip products on the site.  Yagolicious Cosmetics says they are the the brand that feeds your skin in color. The formulas consists of active antioxidants and are enriched in vitamins A, C and E. With natural plant ingredients such as Soy Protein, Cucumber, Jojoba Seed Extract, Castor Seed Oil, Apricot, Chamomile and Sunflower, you literally bathe your skin in softness. Yagolicious Cosmetics is Hypoallergenic, Non Comedogenic, Fragrance, Sulfate, and Paraben Free. Yagolicious Cosmetics is NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS.

When my Smooches Lipstick Palette arrived, I let the package sit on my desk for a few hours.  I just wasn't all that hyped to open it up.  I have been burned by less than stellar lip palettes in the past. Waxy, hard lipsticks or overly gooey glosses along with that disappointing lack of pigmentation always make me wish I had just gotten a regular lipstick.  

click on picture to enbiggen

However, once I opened the Yagolicious package, I immediately kicked myself for not opening it sooner. An entire lips palette of RED lipsticks and a hot pink lipstick to boot?!?!?!  It was all I could do to stop myself from immediately diving in to test every shade.  Quickly photographed the palette in all of it's beautiful color, the perfect placid untouched surfaces of lipstick.  Each screaming to be swatched and applied to my lips.  Oh the waiting was painful.

When all of my photos were done I was finally able to swatch the five beautiful colors in this palette.  I swatched the first red on the left side of the palette.

1st red in palette on left

It was a true red. Neither too blue nor too orange.  
It was more than a nice color, it was pigmented beyond belief!  It was so beautifully rich in color I felt like I was swatching a very, very high end lipstick.

I swatched the rest of the colors using the doe foot applicators included in the palette.  As nice as it was to include applicators, I quickly got rid of them and put in my own lip brush. It fit fine. Oh and by the way. the swatches, with the exception of the last red on the right are all one pass. Not multiple swatches of the same color.  Yeah. They are that pigmented!

1st red on left in the palette

The real test would be to see how the color applied to the lip and how long it wore, how it wore and how it faded.

I started with the red hot orange-y red in the center of the palette.

Orange Red in palette #3 starting from the left

Not only did it apply like a dream. smooth, creamy, insanely pigmented, it had no discernible scent not flavor.  WIN!

It wore like a champ. I applied it at 9AM and it lasted for a couple of hours hours when I was just drinking water (though a straw.)  I had not eaten yet.  It looked as fresh and pretty as when I first applied it.  It did not bleed or migrate from my original lip line and it didn't oxidize (as some red lipsticks are wont to do).  After eating a small meal, my lipstick looked worn, but not completely gone.  I didn't retouch it because I wanted to see how long it took to fully fade.  By the end of the afternoon, around 3:30/4PM it was faded but my lips were stained the color of the lipstick, so it looked like a lip stain that was in need of a bit of retouching.  Instead of applying more of the same color I used a brush and applied the last red in the palette (A more metallic looking red).  This color had more of a gloss like finish (even though it really isn't gloss) and I was able to blend it in with the remaining faded original lip color to come up with my own unique color.

Here are some close up pictures of the lipsticks and two more Lip Of The Day (LOTD) pictures for your review.
Hot Pink in Palette #4 starting from the left.

Deep Red in palette #2 Starting from the left

Do you NEED this?  I say YES if you are a lover of red lipstick AND you like to mix colors OR you like the shades that are already in there.  I also say MAYBE if you are looking for the "right red" but haven't found it. This palette gives you 4 different reds to choose from AND allows you to custom blend so you can find the PERFECT shade for you.  The Yagolicious Smooches Lipstick Palette retails for $34.95, which may seem like a lot but remember you are getting 5 colors that are very nice quality and you have the potential for 120 different combinations (MATH IS FUN! 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 120) in just ONE PALETTE!  WIN!


  1. insanely jealous of your lips!

    1. Aww. Thanks April! My secret is Genetics.

  2. So excited to see a review of Yagolicious and that the colour is as pigmented as they sound - Even if I am in the wrong country to enjoy! I started following them on twitter ages ago and for a lover of bright colours like me they sound awesome. Really pleased to see they live up to my expectations :)

    1. You would love this palette. The formula is so nice!

  3. You are killing me. I LOVE pink and that one looks like freaking gorgeousness!

    1. Kylee!! OMG this palette is so portable too. You could bring it anywhere. Like Wondercon or Dragoncon Or Star Wars Celebration VI!

  4. So you KNOW that this palette was made for a red lipstick hussy like me! I'm heading right to the website to check everything out. Although I normally refuse to purchase palettes, this one may just change my mind.

    Thanks for the review!!

    1. Girl. You NEED this, Shannon! 120 different combinations.

  5. AHHH! I am in love with the orange-red in the center!

  6. Oh I may have to have this! Have really been struggling to find the right red, and having not only what appear to be Platonic ideals of true red, blue red, and yellow-based reds to work with, the idea of being able to blend to get them just right is really appealing.

  7. A *good* lip palette?! Hurrah! I love the pink in it.

  8. I think I *need* this. That orange color really cinched it for me... AND no scent/taste? YES PLEASE.

  9. These are colors, though, that a person needs very white teeth to wear-- otherwise, your teeth will appear yellow and snarly, even if they aren't! A neat palette.

  10. Oh my gosh, I have to have this palette!

  11. More things I don't need, but now I really do.


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