Wednesday, June 6, 2012 Sample Society June Box - Review Pictures Swatches

Yep. I joined up with another Beauty Sample Subscription Service.  I feel like I'm preforming a public service reviewing all these sample least that's what I tell myself so I don't cry myself to sleep every night thinking about all the money that I have wasted.  But that's neither here nor there. I need to tell you about the most recent sample subscription I signed up for. in association with Allure Magazine has a beauty sample subscription service featuring mid to high end brands. This service is called Sample Society. said that they channeled their obsession with prestige brands into the "perfect beauty cocktail: Sample Society."  The program delivers 5 fresh deluxe-sized samples each month for the fee of $15 a month.  With that $15 per month you receive:
  • 5 deluxe-sized samples from beauty brands like Murad, Stila, and Oscar de la Renta fragrance.
  • $15 gift code to redeem on a $50 purchase - when any product from the brands you've sampled is included in your order.
    "Expert beauty advice to accompany your samples from the editors of Allure."
  • and 
  • A bonus one-year subscription to Allure magazine ($12 value). 
You want to know what I got, so I'll delay no longer. I received:

This is just like any of those sea salt sprays to give you soft waves in your hair.  My hair LOVES these kind of sprays and hates them at the same time.  The salt is very drying, but the curls I get from using it is amazing.  I haven't used this particular spray before, but I'm excited to try it.  I'm liking another Alterna product I received from another Sample Box so I have high hopes that this one will preform as well.

I have never used a Jane Iredale product before.  If this is the quality of all her products I don't think I ever will use one again.  This "lip plumper" had such an obnoxious fragrance that I couldn't stand it on my lips for more than a few seconds. I don't really know how to describe it for you, but let me just say it reminded me of industrial public restroom air freshener scent.  GROSS!   Aside from the fragrance, the pigmentation of this product is weak.

In the swatch above I show you how one swatch is ten times back & forth on my wrist and the other is two times.  Look how light that color is.  It barely registers as color on my very pale inner arm. I can't imagine how non-existent it would look on my lips.  Granted it's supposed to add just a "kiss of color" while it plumps the lips, but for $25 for a full size, I want more pigmentation. That's just me.

This is a perfume mini.  It's described as a "A green floral bouquet" but I guess my sniffer was all out of whack from the Jane Iredale lip plumper because I noted no green nor floral.  I'll have to sniff it again later.

It's a small sample, but a little goes a long way. I have used this eye cream in the past.  This is actually a decent eye cream, I'm just partial to my Chanel Sublimage for evening and my Natura Bisse Eye Recovery Balm for day.

I'm sorry I forgot to take a picture of this on it's own.  I teamed it with the Alterna Boho Waves spray because of all the items in this box, these were the most usable for me.  I have not used this cleanser in the past, but I find many Murad products to be very good.  I'm a tad wary of irritating my sensitive skin with the Salicylic Acid, but I do have acne prone skin and breakouts so I'll try anything once!

Included in your $15 a month subscription is a Bonus Allure magazine subscription for one year. I had forgotten about the "bonus" Allure magazine subscription and was puzzled when it arrived a few months ago.  You see I signed up in APRIL, but it was the end of April and the boxes for May had already been sold so my first box would be sent in June.  Apparently Sample Society has a limited membership, but it looks like they are taking new subscriptions now.    My thoughts on Allure magazine.  Meh. Much better coverage for cosmetics than other beauty magazines I have read, but still a lot of fluff.  I guess I don't read magazines that often, because according to my friends, that's normal.  At least it isn't Cosmo!

Anyhoo!  You also get that $15 gift code to be used on any $50 purchase at as long as that order includes at least ONE product from the BRANDS you samples that month.  So as I read that, It looks to me that if I decide to purchase a By Terry Lipstick  I'll need to purchase ANY item from one of the 5 brands that was sent to me that month in order to get $15 off....AND of those brands that were sent to me the item does NOT need to be an exact match to the sample I received.  So If I get a Murad Cleanser in my sample box I can purchase a Murad Clarifying Mask and still be eligible for the $15 off code.  OK. I guess that's decent...I guess.

I am going to reserve judgement on if you should sign up for this subscription service until after I have received two more boxes.  It wasn't the worst box  have ever received (coughBeautyBox5cough) but it wasn't the best either.  The $15 monthly fee did make me think twice before signing up, but after the $21 fee for Glossybox (which I hear the first REAL box they sent out was AWESOME.  Darn it!) I figured I could try Sample Society a few times.

I will still contend that I believe saving your money at $10 or $15 or $21 a month, each month and then going out at the end of the year to buy makeup that you REALLY want is better than getting sample boxes.  I'll review another Sample Society box next month.
What do you think.  Do you think this was a good box?  Would you or have you signed up for Sample Society?

Since I have yet to determine if this service is worth signing up for, I have NOT included a referral link. All links to Sample Society and in this post will NOT give me credit if you subscribe.  I post this just a word of advice I have seen other reviews and they do not indicate if their link is tied to that "referral credit" or not.  As always, I will tell you if there is an affiliate link in any post I have.  If there is a referral link I will also inform you and I will also provide a link that will NOT give me referral credit in that same post. 

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  1. still friggin expensive per month!

  2. I got their first 3 boxes and then cancelled. It was so. Much. Skincare. And most of it was brands I wasn't interested in or made me break out horribly. They did send a generous sample of Dermalogica's Daily MIcrofoliant in the first box though and I am now hooked on that (and they actually sell it for $10 less than many other places).

    I also found it difficult to use the codes, and only used it once out of the 3 months I subscribed. It would have been nicer if there was a lower or no minimum.

    Looking back over my 3 boxes, I received only 2 cosmetics, and those were both in the last box. I cancelled and switched to Birch Box.

  3. I thought about signing up but the $15 price tag caused me to hesitate. I'm a fan of subscription services in general (being the product junkie that I am), but I wish that someone would allow you to choose a category you're interested in, ie. cosmetics, skincare, or a mix. I would love a straight up makeup subscription!

    1. My thoughts *exactly*. The skincare samples aren't even big enough to do a "full" trial, and though they may even seem HG, in some cases, the first few days, after a week or so, they may not end up working out. Of course I'm sure that's done purposely; the product works great for a few days, so you order the full size (because the coupon code makes it "worth it), and it ends up being nothing special. At least with makeup, you can get pretty much immediate results. I ended up with so many Sephora Beauty Insider points because *every* time I went in, the perks were skincare, and I can go in and just ask for a *free* sample any time. Lately, though, they've had actual makeup, so I've gotten some pretty good stuff to try, and at least I can see what I'm getting *before* I commit.

      Elvira, you are doing a great public service by putting yourself out there and trying these things, and I am sincerely grateful. Thank you.

  4. I got my first Sample Society box this month, too, and I feel pretty much the same way that you do about it. I'll give it a month or two more, but I wasn't wow'ed. I think I'm getting hard to wow, though, after trying pretty much every box out there.

  5. exactly. meh. all these sampling services are getting to be pretty much the same. But you know which one stands out from the rest (for me at least) New Beauty. I still think it gives the best samples so far! Hopefully when you try it out you'll feel the same way. Thanks for the heads up on this one, looks like I can skip it!

  6. I also got my first Sample Society box and am in the process of doing a review for a brand new blog that I am starting but, you and I are definitely in agreement on this box so far. I am a fan of the Oscar fragrance and I am enjoying the eye cream but the other products for me were a dud as I have short hair and normal/dry skin. I also get myglam and birchbox subscriptions. I cannot seem to get a glossybox subscription to save my life. What subscription service has wowed you, if any?

  7. I think I've been burned enough on the boxes. I'll wait to see how your next two go before passing judgment, though. The cleanser looked nice enough, although I don't have acne-prone skin, so it wouldn't have worked for me. I don't care much for fragrance samples, as I never end up liking the ones I'm sent. Sadly, the "beach wave" look doesn't work with my hair because it's thin, fine and just ends up looking tangled and gross. And I'm totally on-board with your assessment of the JI lipstick, although I will say I love her mineral foundation. I do, however, like the eye cream. But basically, that means I'd have gotten ONE useful sample out of that box. :*(

  8. mmm that Alterna sample looks really nice but the box, eh. I'm waiting to see how the new Birchbox turns out. They are saying it's fun in the sun/road trip focused. I can only imagine more skin care or sunscreen. It doesn't seem like any of the boxes you've gone through are exciting. Samples are supposed to be fun!

  9. Everytime I try to sign up for a box, they are sold out. so thanks for showing me yours. From what I hear, Teen Vogue has fun ones ... never thought about saving the money I spend on sample boxes and just buying full-size products. lol. Genius!

  10. You are saving me lots of money. The thought of these sample boxes sounds totally awesome. But there doesn't seem to be a lot of jumping up and down when folks get their new box. I was getting Birch Box but felt the number of products/samples was getting less and less.

  11. WOW! A sample box that looks like it is finally worth the money!

  12. I signed up for this too but didnt really pay attention so I missed this box. But you are absolutely right to the T about these sub fees. I'd rather save and buy products I really like than be surprised with mediocre products/samples. Murad used to be my HG pre-blogging days.I still use some, in particular the time release acne cleanser. Btw, I have oily skin and acne prone skin too, so I use products that have salicylic acid. Much aloha.xo

  13. I agree with you & will try one or two more. The perfume scent is barely noticeable, if I liked it, that one item would have made the box for me.

    I was also disappointed to receive an acne product when my profile does not specify that issue... For those with acne issues, this item would be a good value.

    The eye cream will be good for travel. Am interested in trying the spray, would love to hear your review on it when you get to it.

  14. love your reviews. straightforward and honest. xo


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